3DXChat – 3D Porn Game Review

Quick and Easy: Is 3DXChat worth it?


  • Beautiful animation
  • Erotic character modeling and graphics
  • Nice range of avatar customizations
  • Interactive game with an option to chat
  • Nice variety of sex positions
  • VR and teledildonics support


  • VStroker is the only teledildonics supported
  • VR Controls needs some improvement

There are some really awesome and not-so-awesome VR Porn Games around. While some start with interesting premises, they fail to evolve as time moves on. Next in line for our review is 3DXChat, an interactive multiplayer 3D adult game that looks to create online community of sort for those who want to meet new people and have sex with them (virtually of course). So, no more talk, let’s get down to business.

3DXChat Content

3DXChat is a virtual 3D adult game that operates in an interactive multiplayer niche. The game is created by the same guys who brought us Juliet Sex Session and can be found on the SexGameDevil website.

The game is supported by an easy-to-use tutorial, which makes it easy for anyone new to start with the game. You’d generally start by creating a profile and selecting an avatar. The profile bio only fits a limited number of characters and is supposed to work as a short bio. An interesting aspect of the game is that it allows a single user to create multiple player profiles. There’s a great community to be found in the 3DXChat Forums.

3dxchat beach environment

The premise of the game is that you can carry out your deepest sexual fantasies with REAL PEOPLE in a virtual environment. Think of it like sex chat from the days of Yahoo Messenger. Only this works in a 3D virtual environment. There are multiple arenas in the game. There are public areas like the sin club, beach or night club. Additionally, everyone gets two homes with spectacular views that come with varied furnishing options.

3dxchat avatar customisation

The reason why I say ‘options’, is because you can move around the furniture in the house and customised it to your own taste. You can also customise the skin tone, body shape (arm size, hip size, leg size, head size etc) and clothes of your avatar. Once you are happy with your avatar and have setup your home, you can head out to the public spaces to meet new people and have sex with them. The game gives you the option of having sex in the public space or bringing your date back home.

You start off by messaging the user you want to court and then invite her for a sex session. As soon as that happens, a range of sex position opens up for you with a pleasure meter (your pleasure) appearing at the top of the screen. Depending upon your position, the pleasure level rises and decreases. When at its full, you’re ready to spray your load. That is the basic premise and content of the game. An interesting point here is that the game does not only allow you to have sex, but you can kiss, cuddle or even dance with your partner.

3dxchat orgasm

The focal point of the game is how you interact with people. It makes it easy to chat, make friends and get in groups. If you want to travel from one place to another, you just need to click. While if you want to stand, sit or dance, you need to select the appropriate option. Dance for example, comes with three preset options. If you want, you can also present virtual gifts to your partner. All the gifts available right now cost 300 XGold. When a user sign up, they usually get 1000 XGold as complementary, but then onwards, its upto you to buy new coins.

Graphics of 3DXChat VR

One of the things that work for the game is their graphics. I really liked the graphics and thought it was quite good. The game gives you control over the positions and let you control the viewing angle by moving your mouse around. If you want to zoom, you simply need to scroll up and down.

3dxchat realistic graphics

The various environments are really well created and the fact that they have tried to keep it erotic, yet immersive, is evident. The game is supported on PCs and currently does support VR. But the controls are a bit clunky. This obviously should be something to work on in the near future, since such games have a nice following in VR porn.


The team needs to work in taking the game forward. There were talks of supporting teledildonics earlier and the game currently supports VStroker. Also, it would be great if they could get it VR ready. The game does support Oculus Rift DK1, but the future incarnations are not supported. It does not support any other headsets either.

Supporting Lovense and Kiiroo would bring this game up to a whole new level and could seem some interesting inter-play between the characters.


The game is currently available for download on SexGameDevil website and 3DXChat website and costs $19.99 per month. Monthly subscription is the only option currently available.

You can purchase more XGold online for $0.83-1.98 per thousand coins.

System Requirements

You need a minimum of:

OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 64bit
DirectX: DirectX 11
Processor: Intel Core i3  equivalent or greater
Memory: 8GB+ RAM
Storage: 1GB
Equipment: Mouse, Keyboard

VR Headset: Oculus Rift CV1


3DXChat is quite an interesting adult game. It tries to mix social interactions with virtual sex and has some really nice graphics. The online community can keep you interested in it for the long run, but the makers need to think of supporting other teledildonics and VR headsets.