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  • 1$ Trial Option!
  • Free Google Cardboard
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Is Virtual Reality the future?

Before diving into VR porn, I want to emphasize the importance of Virtual Reality itself. I firmly believe that Virtual Reality will be a central part of our lives in the future. However, it is difficult to understand without having tried it out yourself. I can merely try to explain the effect Virtual Reality has. To understand it fully, you have to experience it for yourself! Check out the “Quick & Easy: How to watch VR porn“-Box. It will give you some easy guidelines on how to try it out.

Quick & Easy: How to get started with VR porn
  • Bookmark VR PornMania (Crlt+D)
  • You need a Smartphone (Android 4.1 or iPhone 5)
  • Buy a Google Cardboard or get one at BadoinkVR.
  • Sign up at WankzVR, our test winner.
  • Download and watch all the VR Sex you desire!

Virtual Reality is, like the word implies, another reality. You can move around in it. Furthermore, you can interact with this world, and you will feel like being in this reality. However, it is computer generated and not physically real. And the way you experience this virtual World is through a VR headset like the Oculus Rift or the Google Cardboard. I myself didn’t think it was possible until I tried it out myself. And then realized the vast implication this technology will have for all of our lives.

The first time I tried Virtual Reality, I had goosebumps. I was literally laughing at the possibilities.VRPornDave

The available VR headsets are just a glimpse of what will come. Even so, they are already a fascinating piece of technology. Hence, the first time I tried VR, I had goosebumps. I was literally laughing at the possibilities. After playing around a bit, I knew what to try next: The infamous VR porn. After just watching one scene I instantly made a decision: I will dedicate my Free-time on making a great website to inform the world about Virtual Reality pornography!

What is VR Sex like?

Tailgate Tag Team Picture

The result of the research is fascinatingly realistic Virtual Reality sex.
You can create another world and you can use this world for anything you want. What could you possibly be using it for? Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is a virtual classroom! Nah, just kidding: Of course, it is porn! The porn industry eagerly grasped the new technology and integrated it into its business model. The first once to produce professional VR porn were VirtualRealPorn, our price-performance winner. In the beginning, a lot of research had to be done. However, the result is fascinatingly realistic VR Sex.

Describing VR sex is pretty easy: It is just like real sex. At least, the way you watch it. You will see the women out of the man’s point of view. The realism is created through special lenses integrated into the VR headset. Your brain will be made to believe that you are looking in a room. Or, to be more precise, in another reality. The recording of VR sex is pretty expensive and complicated. A lot of factors have to be considered, like the scale, clarity and resolution. Furthermore, the best VR sex videos will always be recorded in stereoscopic 3D which is necessary for the full effect.

Your brain will convince itself that you are the one having sex with this girl!VRPornDave

Imagine you could decide when, where and with whom you could have sex. Current VR sex gives you this ability to a degree. As a result, if you like any pornstar you find on VR porn sites just get a subscription. I guarantee you, you will find that having sex with her is absolutely amazing. It is nothing like regular porn, even POV porn. You will feel like you are intimate with the pornstar. Not just watching her on a screen. I can’t emphasize enough how astonishing and new this experience is.

Watch BaDoinkVR!

Are there free VR porn videos?

There is almost no high-quality free VR porn. VirtualRealPorn does offer, in addition to their vast library of cheap paid videos, some demo VR porn. Getting the Trial and all their videos is the better option, however. The quality is way better. Taking the step and getting a Trial is so worth it, it is easy, cheap and totally anonymous. Furthermore, I have sad news for you: That’s basically it. Free VR porn is extremely rare. Most other VR porn videos you will find are trailers of approximately 3 minutes that link back to a professional site. Also, I found sites claiming to have free VR porn on them. However, the redirected you with every click to scammy sites. Leave immediately. You do not want a virus.

You should just save yourself the trouble. Go with a subscription. You won’t ever regret it.VRPornDave

Paying for porn is way easier than you imagined and it is totally anonym. I was so glad when I finally took the step. No more searching endlessly for every bad quality piece of VR porn I could find. Instead, I had the best VR porn videos available at high download speeds or even streaming. You can get most brands at cheap trial prices for 1$. Like BaDoinkVR. They are our Quality-Winner and really worth it!

In the end, I suggest you save yourself the trouble of searching endlessly for some good free VR porn videos. Just go with a subscription at one of the major brands in the Virtual Reality market. You won’t regret it. There are cheap and easy trials to test the sites. You will find all the information you need in my reviews.
Two girls sucking

Where to find full-length VR porn

Poppin the Hood Full-length VR porn videos are 20-40 minutes long and include a full sex scene. The Virtual Reality porn market is new. Hence, you will have to realise that there isn’t much good free full-length VR porn out there. This is simply due to the fact that VR porn is extremely expensive and difficult to produce. Even top professional sites sometimes struggle to make it a perfect experience. However, they have been able to produce some movie-like awesome videos you have to watch.

With a subscription, you can download all the full-length videos on the site.VRPornDave

If you want to watch the best full-length VR porn you will have no choice but to get a subscription. I’m sorry. However, a subscription is cheap, anonymous and safe. Don’t worry. Furthermore, with a subscription, you can download the whole site with all the full-length videos on it. This way you will have enough to watch even after you cancel your subscription. Also, I never had problems with canceling my membership and you won’t have either. The companies behind the Virtual Reality porn sites are professional and bound by US law.

Full-length brings with it a quality standard that has to be upheld by the providers. On VRPornMania you will find the currently best providers for full-length VR sex with extensive reviews. They are carefully selected to be the best. In addition, you will find more information about full-length VR porn in a separate post I’ve written by pressing the button below.

Virtual Reality porn sites

Reviewing Virtual Reality porn isn’t quite as easy as regular porn. Because there are many more factors to consider. And, the experience is sometimes highly subjective. So, keep in mind that my reviews and expressed opinions might differ heavily from your preferences. Never the less, I will try to be objective and give you a good overall idea on the quality of the respective VR porn site. There are many different approaches to this new technology. Hence, the major brands differ strongly in quality and the sex scenes themselves.

VR porn sites differ in many aspects. From the technology to the sex scenes.VRPornDave

My VR porn sites reviews go into detail about every aspect of the experience. Including, the amount of content and its visual quality. The pornstars and the sex itself. And the website design, structure and usability. Especially, the visual quality is of utmost importance. Virtual Reality is all about immersion. About convincing your brain that you are in the same room with that hot girl. If something is off, like the scale the colors or the clarity, you won’t be able to fully immerse yourself into the experience.

Seeing office through lenses

The other differences between various VR porn sites include the talent and the genres they mainly produce. Some providers like BaDoinkVR have lots of top-notch European talent and vanilla sex. Others, like WankzVR, focus on US talent and have a more story driven approach. Even so, right now there isn’t much variety even between the various VR porn sites simply due to the technology being so young. The providers try to cover the major market first which is standard hetero vanilla sex. You can find more information regarding VR porn sites below.

VR Pornstars

VR porn features everything from amateur to top pornstars.
 There are vast differences in the quality and origin of starred pornstars between various providers. CzechVR, for example, is starring almost exclusively amateur Czech girls dreaming of becoming a famous pornstar through VR. BaDoinkVR has mostly European VR pornstars and WankzVR American. You will, however, find some top-notch talents in various VR porn videos from different sites. Some major VR pornstars are Riley Read, Piper Perri, Alex Grey, Aidra Fox, Naomi Woods, Gina Gerson and Dillion Harper.

An impressive list of VR pornstars. Most produced VR porn is professional.VRPornDave

Those are just a few examples but you get the idea: Virtual Reality offers the same high-quality talent as regular porn. What’s really great about Virtual Reality is the intimacy that comes with it. As you watch VR porn you are, at least that’s how your brain perceives it, sleeping with that girl. Meaning that if you ever wanted to fuck a pornstar, you absolutely can’t miss out on VR sex.

Dillion Harper Dream Girl

VR Porn Devices

VR porn devices let you watch VR porn or enhance the experience.
Currently, there are two types of VR porn devices you should take a look at. Obviously, the VR headset is one of them. Through the use of the headset, you can see into the Virtual Reality and watch the VR porn videos. In a separate article, I go into detail about the various available VR headsets you can use for porn. Still, keep in mind that you need nothing more than your Smartphone and a Google Cardboard (20 $) to get started with VR porn.

I have written separate articles on Google Cardboard or even the new Daydream. Daydream VR porn has to be of excellent quality to fully experience this great new VR headset.

The other devices are a very interesting new tech on the horizon: VR sex toys or “Teledildonics”. Virtual Reality sex toys are designed to engage on you at the right moment in the right place. This makes watching VR porn one of the greatest experiences ever. It comes close to real sex with the addition that you are actually able to control it yourself. There are currently two main providers of VR sex toys: Kiiroo and Lovense. Both offer solutions for men and women.

The best VR Porn Players

Desktop PlayerDepending on the VR headset and the operating system you are using it on, you will use different VR porn players. These Virtual Reality video players will play a huge role in the perceived quality of the VR porn videos. The players differ in features and usability. I made a list of the best VR porn players for each operating system. This list is constantly changing as new players are released.

One other major problem is that some VR porn providers seem to want to push their own players. Recently, VirtualRealPorn changed the quality of their videos so that they are best viewed with their own “VirtualRealPlayer”. The quality is good but the user interface of the player leaves much to be desired. Right now this isn’t much of a problem because it is free to download and available for all devices.

For most providers, the listed VR porn players are absolutely sufficient. The players will provide you with a high-quality experience. Whether you use Android, iOS or Windows, you will find the whole list and more details below.

 Is getting a subscription worth it?

Right now there is no alternative to a subscription.
I often hear that people don’t want to pay for porn. I totally understand where they are coming from. It is notorious. However, right now there is simply no other way to get you hand on quality VR porn than to pay for it. And to be honest, I myself couldn’t care less. The costs are low, and everything about getting a subscription is anonymous. From the payment to the account name and email.

You will need nothing more than a one-time-use email and a way to pay. The payment is processed safely in third-party payment sites like Epoch or CCBill with no connection between you and the VR porn site. Don’t worry. In the end, you will be happy to have taken the step of finally getting a subscription. Now you can watch all the VR porn you ever wanted in its highest quality. With no worries whatsoever. And canceling your membership will never be a problem, too. Those are professional sites, not some scammers. I never once had a problem!

VR Porn for Women

Finally! I may not be a woman but I can understand the frustration many women had with the porn industry. The whole industry is dominated by male needs. Point-of-View (POV) videos are almost exclusively out of the male perspective and the focus of the camera is always on the woman. With VR porn this will change and has already changed! There are is a lot of VR porn for women.

Women deserve good female VR porn as much as men deserve theirs.VRPornDave

So, it is nearly impossible to find POV for women in regular porn it can already be found in Virtual Reality porn. For example, VirtualRealPorn already offers some VR porn videos for women. It is mostly some lesbian experiences or exclusive female POV VR porn. This will revolutionize the whole porn industry. Finally, after being ignored for so long women can find female VR porn that is exclusively made for them.

VR Porn for Women

People reacting to VR Porn

Watch BaDoinkVR!

One of my favorite YouTube activities is watching people react to things they didn’t think where possible. And, of course, there VR porn falls right in that category. Not many people know about it and even less have tried it. In addition, you need to try it to fully apprehend it. Watching people react to VR sex is at the same time funny as hell and fascinating. In the video below people are watching Naughty America. Have fun!

Like our friend in the video puts it: “VR porn is an experience I recommend to anyone who is living and breathing!”. With that being said:

Get a VR headset, close and lock your door and get fapping.VRPornDave

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