Amoreon Review – Gigolo VR Porn Simulator – Worth your money?

Become the gigolo every woman in your town wants! This is what Amoreon is about, and with its stunning graphics and unique gameplay, it can attract anyone’s attention! 
Read along to find out everything this game is about!

Quick and Easy: Is Amoreon worth it?


  • Great graphics
  • Unique story
  • A good amount of content
  • Realistic bounce and skin physics
  • Interesting plot and story


  • Facial expressions could be better


What of kind VR porn game is Amoreon?

amoreon_girlsWhat is Amoreon? It’s an immersive VR sex game that encourages you to live your best life as a gigolo. It has a unique story and very complex gameplay.

It’s brought to us by Citor3 studios – we reviewed more of their VR experiences in our -> Citor3 games review!

While Amoreon will surely make it into or -> best VR porn games ranking, it also comes at a price: $39.

You can also support the creators on Patreon with the $30/month (just once!) to get the full game

Amoreon is fun and addictive! The game even gets pretty challenging at times; it’s a complete title that lets you be in charge of your own gigolo life!

Learn about the intricacies of the female body, customize your favorite characters, and progress through the story.

And most importantly: fuck the girls of your dreams and give your best to please them!

Graphics – How well does Amoreon look?

amoreon_lap_sexAmoreon was a highly anticipated VR porn game.

It launched in 2019, and it has been a very present title ever since. VR porn games (-> Top Ranking) are still at their beginning, and seeing such progress being made is fantastic! Most of the titles are the creations of passionate, independent developers.

Captain Hardcore (-> Review) and Dominatrix Simulator (-> Review) are two positive examples that fit in this category.

Citor3 Studios is a growing team of game developers, but they started with smaller titles, too. Amoreon can still be considered an independent, Patreon financed project even though multiple people worked on it.

With that being said, Amoreon sets a new standard in VR porn gaming. The characters look amazing, with lifelike textures and juicy jiggle physics. They have smooth, soft skin, and the nipples and lips look excellent! What else would even matter?

The hair, maybe. It looks acceptable, too, but I could see some improvements.

The female characters have shiny, “Citor3 style” skin that makes it look more realistic. Personally, it doesn’t bother me at all – it’s very well made, and I liked it a lot when I saw it on other Citor3 titles.

Amoreon_big_tits-textureGames like Holodexxx (-> Review) are what you’re looking for if you want flawless graphics. But Holodexxx lacks some of the gameplay and customization possibilities that Amoreon has. It’s just a matter of what you want to play.

The genitals have a very detailed look and distinct textures. It’s hot and very teasing to see pussies that resemble reality, especially when you’ll be playing a game that’s all about you pleasing girls in VR. Extra points for great-looking genitals!

The scenes themselves have very detailed environments. Each of them has its own unique feeling attached to it. From clinics to private beaches, penthouses, Red Light District locations, and more – your eyes will get a treat.

The only thing that’s not close to perfect in this game from a visual standpoint is facial expressions. It’s a hard thing to do! We know that already, but we still have to take points away from them for it.

For Graphics, I’ll rate Amoreon 4.5/5!

Content in Amoreon – Do you get enough for the money?

Amoreon_red_light_districtIn Amoreon, you get to choose from 9 different locations. You get an ancient temple, a club, a nurse cabinet, and even a plane as your playground.

You can progress through the game and unlock each of them in story mode.

The game also gives you the option to play in each of them separately whenever you want, too. All the content is available right away or discovered and earned through the story mode. It’s your choice!

amoreon_customizationWhen creating each character in-game, you get to choose from four different personalities.

Your next sex mate can be Submissive, Shy, Naughty and even Dominatrix – depending on how you feel like pleasuring her at that moment.

You’re a gigolo trying to convince sexy girls you’re the perfect partner. Not only that, you need to please them as they request.

You can even buy them presents to get to their hearts. I mean pussies. And assholes if you feel frisky!

amoreon_shop_itemsThe Story mode has a shop where you can purchase clothes, perfumes, candies, video cameras, TV’s, and various other things.

These can be used as gifts for your next partners. Use them to be sure you’ll get in their pants quicker, and you’ll satisfy them on all plans. How else would they pay you otherwise?

Of course, being a gigolo means you’ll get paid for your services. This depends on how well you performed.

That’s how you get the in-game currency you’ll be using in the shop.

The female characters are highly customizable, toooutfits, hair, lips, tits, all the goodies. More than 90 clothing items are at your disposal.

This adds up to the content a lot as you can create many characters to interact with. On top of this, Amoreon features a mood system, too. The more you please the girls, the more they’ll accept your advances!

Amoreon doesn’t lack in content for sure, so I will give them a 5/5 rating!

Does Amoreon feel like an Erotic experience?

If you love getting into the hearts of multiple different females and please them over and over again, then yes.

The foreplay and interaction in this game are outstanding.

amoreon personality systemThis offers an extra layer of realism that feels sexy and challenging at times.

If you really like a character she is teasing you or doesn’t accept your advances, you need to step up your game. As you do that, the action feels realistic, and the results are very satisfying and erotic. It ends up with hardcore sex all the time!

Amoreon allows us to explore a great variety of sex positions. This makes intercourse more vivid and realistic. It offers an extra layer of commitment, and in my opinion, it does it very well. And those bouncy tits that you’ll keep getting into will drive you crazy!

amoreon tits textureThe voices in these games are all created with the help of professional voice actresses. They did their best to make it realistic and erotic, and it paid off. Voice acting is a 10/10 and definitely adds to the erotic experience. It just sounds authentic!

The fact that you have to interact and convince the girls to have sex with you is incredible.

Winning money as a reward for your performances and also getting intense orgasms and amazing bodies on top or under you… Just glorious!

The toys you purchase from the shop can be used on the girls, of course. Spice things up and do whatever you like, in your own way. Just be careful because, in Story mode, some levels get more challenging than you think! You really have to do your best; it’s not only fun and games.

With so many possibilities, insane graphics and body physics, toys, sex positions, and so many different girls, this game is an Erotic experience by default. Just… from a gigolo’s point of view. Something we all dream about sometimes.

I’ll rate Amoreon 4.5/5 for Erotic!

Interaction in Amoreon – How much can you really do?

amoreon_assMost of the interaction elements have already been mentioned.
You can touch, squeeze, move, and interact with your clients’ bodies. Do what you think it’s necessary to make them feel in Heaven.

Because the compatible devices have controllers, you have virtual hands that interact with the bodies. You can change positions, squeeze tits, and grab legs. You can do whatever you want to please your partner.

You can give the girls oral, fuck them slow or hard; do it how you feel she’d like it considering her personality.

Be careful with the toys (-> Top 3 VR Sex Toys), too! You need to use the right one, or she might not like it at all. It’s not challenging, but it’s not easy. Just enough to engage you a little while making you feel the king of the Red light district!

amoreon hot brunetteThe girls have different moods when you meet them – you have to figure this out too! If she’s horny, you know what to do. If she’s not, you have to get her in the mood; otherwise, you won’t get any money.

It’s a pretty fun experience and totally unique in VR, in my opinion.

It revolves around a widespread fantasy: being a professional gigolo!

Amoreon relies on how well you can learn the necessities of different girls and how you use that knowledge to make them cum over and over again.

For Interaction, I’ll give them 4.5/5!

The Story in Amoreon – Become the gigolo all the hot women want!

Amoreon Latex hottieThis is what a lot of VR Porn games lack more or less – Story. Look at Captain Hardcore (→ Review), for example. It’s a great game with many things to do, of course, but it lacks a progressive story.

Amoreon on the other hand can be played both as a sandbox or in story mode, or “Lothario” mode as the devs prefer to call it. In this mode, you have to learn and apply the skills you learned to your next client.

Madame” from the Red Light District will get you through the basics, and then you’re free to contact clients and satisfy them (or at least try) for money, thus progressing further into the game.

The point of this game is to make you better at pleasing these increasingly intriguing women and getting the best out of them. This differentiates Amoreon from other sex simulators for sure!

Amoreon positionsYou have a specific goal, and some of the girls are challenging and hard to please. The better you do, the easier it gets to become the ultimate alpha!

It might not feel like a very erotic story for some. VRKanojo (-> Review) does this better, for example. But that’s a different experience. You get Amoreon if you want to be the ultimate gigolo, not just spend quality time with your only girlfriend.

If that’s what you’re looking for, Amoreon is different. But and as long as you’re fully aware of what the game is about, this story should suffice.

For Story, I’ll rate Amoreon 4.5/5!

Conclusion – Is Amoren worth the money?

Amoreon teacher in latex

I definitely had fun playing the game. It has challenging levels, the girls look lovely, and you find a lot of stuff to do. All the content is readily available without unlocking it through the story. You’re not conditioned to discover them like that if you don’t want to.

But the story as an experience represents a good chunk of the price, so you can’t miss it for sure. The game is fun, new, and promising. The professional voice actresses make Amoreon a more tough and immersive game. Unfortunately, Amoreon is a VR-only title that supports “-> Oculus Rift, -> HTC Vive or compatible VR Headset (-> Porn Guides) with controllers,” as the site states. No actual data about headsets like Quest 2 or newer devices like -> Lenovo Legion VR700, but they should work with PCVR.

It’s a great game, so check it out.
For even more info, visit the official game website at and decide for yourself.

If you’re still not sure what to play, we have a very comprehensive VR porn games list with full reviews here:

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