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The graphics in the game is really one of the best I have experienced

Quick and Easy: Is EGirlVR worth it?


  • Great graphics
  • Interactive Egirl experience
  • Variety of exotic environments
  • Play with or without VR headset
  • Turbo mode (just sex) available


  • Interaction limited to question and answer


Graphics of Egirl VR

EGirlVR Alys intro

EGirlVR is a VR porn game that supports VR and non-VR gameplay. The game is supported only on PCs and HMDs like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. There have been quite a few 3D sex simulation games recently, but most of it comes down to the graphics, interaction, and gameplay. Let’s check out where EGirlVR ranks and does it do enough.

The graphics in the game is really one of the best I have experienced.

The team has done a stellar job recreating texture, color, behavior, and anticipation in various sessions (“sessions” are different scenarios). For example, details such as the reflection of sunlight, the leaves’ sway on a tree, and even the grain of the wall décor, can be seen in great detail. The level of detail produced on the girls is stunning as well.

Starting with the texture of the skin, the anatomy, and the smile (which is often one of the hardest elements), the developers have done a swell job in regards to the graphics rendering in this game.

My only complaint would be that the hair on the models seemed like barbs or thorns. I know that the hair is extremely difficult to replicate, but trying out other designs might help ensure uniformity in quality. As of now, I’ll rate the graphics 4.5/5.

How Erotic is EgirlVR?

The erotica level on the game is entirely driven by the consummation of several factors, namely graphics, story, and interaction. The graphics aspect of the game has already been mentioned. It’s one of the best I have experienced and requires no further iteration. However, the story and interaction are not as successful, at least for me.

For a story to be considered ‘powerful’ or ‘impactful,’ it needs to tie the game’s various aspects together and provide progression.

Here, it does not do that. Similarly, I find that the interaction with the character to be a bit mechanical. As a result, the amalgamation of all these factors together offers much promise but delivers little.

I found that there was definite potential for this game to be one of the most erotic, especially due to the graphics work. But the rest of it was downhill from there onwards.

For eroticism, I’ll rate EGirlVR 4/5. 

How much Content does Egirl VR have?

EGirlVR Alys stripping

The game provides 3D sex simulation and offers two different characters, Alys and Maia. There are different scenarios or “sessions” provided in the game.

In the free version, you can only play the demo or tutorial session. The rest can only be played after you register with the site and pay the membership fee. The fee isn’t too much considering the price tag on most VR porn games today. It’s $20 at the time of writing this review.

Once you are registered, you can now unlock all the other sessions. These sessions are generally different locations/environment. There are 8 sessions for Alys, while Maia has 4 sessions. Their dress an outfit changes depending on the session. The location itself exhibits quite a wide range, including an absolute white location, inside a room, train tracks and even caves.

Both the characters have realistic personalities and come with different accents. Alys sports a British accent, while Maia sports an American accent. The game also provides the ability to watch the action in a third-party POV and capture the action in various angles. This makes it a bit more fun. There’s also the turbo mode, which skips all the talk and goes directly to the action. Though, that will be likely the majority of the game being skipped (especially all the foreplay). Based on that, I’ll rate them 4.5/5.

Is the interaction realistic in Egirl VR?

The interaction in the game is limited to the characters only. There are two aspects to any interaction. How a message is being conveyed to you and how a message is being conveyed by you. Both the models and characters are really very well developed and extremely sexy. I don’t know about you, but there’s something about English accents that I just can’t resist. The facial expressions aren’t too bad and I quite enjoyed watching them interact with me.

However, it’s the second part of the process, where I have a problem with, which is how the user interacts with the characters. The only possible way to interact with the models is through preset answers. The character asks you a question that would have 2-3 probable answers. You can only choose the answer and the proceedings would unfold accordingly. That makes the entire thing mechanical and takes away the intuitive fun of interacting with someone.

As a result, what could have been enticing, is rather tedious. After a certain point of time, all conversations will culminate in the characters taking their clothes off and masturbating with a dildo. That’s as far as you get to go. I’ll rate the game 4/5 for interaction.

How good is the Story?

EgirlVR alys seaside tower

The game’s plot is that the characters are virtual escorts who are here to provide company. The company mentions on its website that “Egirl VR brings the world-class interactive babe Alys to your PC.” Though there isn’t any explicit purpose (other than the obvious) behind bringing the babe, the interactions have led me to believe that it is supposed to be like an interactive character.

The conversation progresses to a stage where things start to get wild and unfold sexually. It ultimately ends with the character having all the fun while you are watching her from as many angles as possible. For the story bit, I’ll rate EGirlVR 4/5.

Conclusion: Is Egirl VR worth it?

EGirlVR is designed for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The game provides regular updates and offers you the chance to fulfill your voyeuristic tendencies. For only $20, you get to play with two girls in different environments and watch them have all the naughty fun, right in front of you.

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