La Douche – Voyeur VR Porn Game

I rotated around her, inspecting every inch of her body. Check out my whole VR Porn Games list below!

Quick and Easy: Is La Douche worth it?


  • Good graphics
  • Erotic premise


  • Lack of story progression

Graphics of La Douche

La Douche nude character

This time, I will take a look at the VR porn game La Douche, which is French for “The Shower”. The overall level of detail is pretty high but could be improved even more. The furniture and floors look quite good. The girls are also well designed and proportional. Most importantly, the physics of the body and skin of the girls does look very realistic when they are moving around the apartment.

The ass and tits are jiggling when performing a walk, stretch or dance. The animated porn girls finally gave me the feeling of being lifelike because the movement was very well animated. For graphics, I’ll rate it 4/5.


The premise of the game in itself is quite erotic. You get to move around in different environments and sneak up on sexy ladies dancing or taking a shower. The graphics work on the models is quite good as well. However, that’s where the good part ends. Lack of any real story kills it for me. That’s why, I’ll rate it 3/5.

La Douche Content

La douche character customisation

La Douche is under development by ZnelArts and distributed via his Patreon for his 1$ subscribers. As of right now, the game is in Beta Version 7, so the content will sure grow with the ongoing development. The “game” – as it’s more like a simulation – is about an invisible dude played by yourself.

So you’re invisible, what do you do, where do you go? You peep around the apartment of girls, that’s what! The girls will do their daily activities: workout, dance around or  – who would’ve guessed – take showers. However, for a VR porn game, there needs to be more. I’ll rate it 3/5.


Before modifying the boob size of the, in my case, attractive Asian, I started by grabbing her by the pussy. Literally. I performed some jiggling with her butt cheeks, letting her titties bounce up and down or stretching them. What an amazing feeling. I rotated around her, inspecting every inch of her body. The true brilliance of Roomscale VR porn. It truly is an advantage to be invisible.

This is one of the strongest aspects of the game since there are limited number of games that allow you to do this. I’ll rate it 4/5 for interaction.


The three girls to choose from are a red headed European, an Asian and a Black chick. As of right now, the Black girl isn’t animated. One of the big positives of the La Douche is being able to modify the girls by simply adjusting some sliders. You can adjust the size of the boobs, ass, and overall curviness. If the result is visually pleasing is a question of how much you exaggerated the sliders. The lack of progression in the story is the biggest concern for me. I’ll rate it 3/5 for story.

Conclusion: La Douche

Keeping in mind, that the Game is still in Beta and available for the 1$ Patreon supporters, there are still some flaws who need more polishment. The biggest flaw I see is the resolution, not being full 1920 x 1080. Here and there I would’ve loved to see some high-resolution skin textures.

Secondly, I really missed the girls reacting to my touching, like enjoying it or be creeped out. Some form of social Interaction you can get from Nanai. For myself, being a fan of Hentai and animated girls, La Douche was worth it. The experience was a little bit like having the Superpower of stopping the time and spying around girls without them knowing it.

La Douche will get it’s 8th Beta Update this February. With the Update, the black girl will be animated as well.




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