Waifu Sex Simulator Review – Best Hentai VR Game 2022?

The Waifu Sex Simulator offers a total of over 300 models in the current version 2.1 of the game
Quick and Easy: Is Waifu Sex Simulator worth it?
  • Highly erotic
  • Great character graphics
  • Over 300 different characters to choose from
  • Lack of story
  • In-game interface tricky to use

Are the Graphics of Waifu Sex Simulator high quality?

Waifu Sex Simulator White girl riding
After I started watching Anime when I was younger, I couldn’t help myself being turned on by those big eyes, of course, those gigantic breasts and those perfect asses. In the world of VR porn sites, the possibility of animated sex games was the main attraction for me. Being able to enjoy hentai in a realistic environment just kept me believing in the human future. Starting out with mediocre and bad VR sex games in the last few years, I lost interest, but not my hope. Recently, the development of good VR porn games, like La Douche, started hooking me up again.
The model of the girls, however, is very lifelike and proportional, even when moving around. Compared to the VR porn game La Douche it ranked second but did a good job as well – well, three animated girls to 1000+. You can even touch the boobs or hair of the girls, this however felt much less realistic than the great animated touching in La Douche. The sound played by the Waifu Sex Simulator reminds me of the typical Asian stereotype but what the heck, Hentai is Japanese so let’s go with it. Being able to have sex with the hentai girl of your dreams was an incredible opportunity which I loved and enjoyed. But what is the game missing? What do you need more? Is it the deep connection, the missing social interaction, and feelings like with the virtual girlfriend, Nanai? Well, as already mentioned, VR porn games are only in their infancy. The perfect realistic simulation still needs to be born. For graphics, I’ll rate the game 3/5.

How are the sex scenes like?

The graphics on the game are average but due to the nature of the characters, it some-what makes up for it. You get to live your wildest hentai dreams in this game. You choose the character and you choose how you want to fuck them.

The genitals are just as detailed as the rest of the body. The girls move just as you’d expect – not too natural. But it’s not that far away either.

Your moves, and theirs, are a bit repetitive but remain fluid. Still a decent experience.You can see their reactions from time to time and you can turn around and look at it all from an outside perspective.

The sex experience doesn’t compare to what you can find in other games, but it’s understandable. It’s a free game modded by a single person.

For that, I’ll rate the game 4/5.

Does Waifu Sex Simulator have enough Content?

What exactly is the Waifu Sex Simulator? Like with last week’s review of the VR porn game “La Douche” the main concept is the simulation of an environment containing a girl doing motions or scenes of your choice. What are the scenes, which motions can the girls perform, you ask? The scene is, for example, the sex position you can load the girls into. There are over 4000 scenes available as of right now. The scenes range from a thigh or butt job to reverse cowgirl or being fucked by a dildo. You can have a fling experimenting with the overwhelming amount of settings available. As for the motions, you can choose different dances and stuff for the girls to perform. You can, for example, choose how open or closed her pussy looks like before playing the scene.
The Waifu Sex Simulator is currently under development by Lewd FRAGGY, funding himself via Patreon. The simulation is available for free. You can walk around the room and enjoy every perspective of the girls, that you want. Most of the models are anime and hentai favourites or even characters from popular games like Overwatch and League of Legends. Another Roomscale VR porn – overstepping the boundaries of 180° and 360° VR porn videos. For content, I’ll rate the game 3.5/5.

Does Waifu Sex Simulator have realistic interaction?

The interface in the game isn’t the most intuitive. In fact, when you first log in, you are hit with a very mundane environment. You need to learn how to use the controls in the game and that only comes with experience. There’s no real manual. However, it’s not super hard either. Just that, you would not expect the game to have such simple controls.

The interaction with the characters are limited in nature. You can walk around them, move in the environment, fuck them, but your interaction with them is limited. For that, I’ll rate Waifu Sex Simulator, 2.5/5.

How good are the controls? Are there any tutorials/guides?

Yes, there are. And from a good source.

The developer himself posts a very comprehensive tutorial on how to load different scenes and characters into the game together with every patch release notes, the last one being Waifu Sex Simulator VR 3.4.

The notes and the tutorial are in the description of this official presentation video for that version.

It’s also possible to use a cardboard instead of a VR headset to play the game and here’s a short tutorial for this too.

What’s the story in Waifu Sex Simulator?

When you finally succeed loading the character into the scene of your choice, you’re graciously rewarded. The environment I loaded first, a private Asian room, looked well designed but could use more details. The girls are sitting, standing or laying there, having sex with an animated male model. Gladly you can turn him off using the transparency settings, leaving behind a floating dick.

There’s not much of a story yet, but it doesn’t feel like anyone needs that anyway so far. Maybe we’ll see some modding or a separate story-like gameplay option in the future.

The fact that you can customize the environment and also choose from such a huge variety of models lets you somehow imagine how and why you got into those scenarios, though. Like, why did you choose a specific waifu and place her in that particular place and position? See where I’m going? Maybe the story is already in your head and and you just need a great ending to it.

So no actual story in the game yet, but there are some great conditions to create your own.

There could be more to game, but as of now, the progression is limited. I’ll rate is 3/5 for story.

Conclusion: Waifu Sex Simulator

Overall I can recommend the Waifu Sex Simulator, especially because it’s for free and fun to experiment around. I didn’t get that interested in the whole dancing part, to be honest. It was just a bit too crazy and unreal for me, reminded me of watching a K-Pop girl band. The biggest downside was the implementation of the only basic touch features and the use of the keyboard to adjust the settings. Also, the modification of the Bone Model of the girls, as of right now, is nearly impossible to comprehend – the bones have Asian names.

Recently Lewd FRAGGY posted on Reddit that he is working on improving the motion implementation, so the future of the game will stay exciting. Look for more VR porn for HTC Vive.

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