What do you do first, before you get a girl into bed – if she’s not paid? You kiss her, of course! Kissing displays an emotion, connection, and intimacy. One of the significant issues in adult films is the immersion – deciding the fate of a video in seconds after starting it. The virtual reality needs to conquer your senses in seconds, displaying another reality where you feel yourself completely in the body of another person. Getting the atmosphere right is one of the hardest tasks for the producers, and of course, the girls. Just imagine yourself, staring into a camera and speaking dirty things to it. What if you must kiss the camera? We can agree, that it is super weird, but nonetheless essential for some scenes. So why not relax, strap on the HTC Vive and enjoy VRPornmania’s top 4 picks for the best kissing scenes in virtual porn.

Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. (Marilyn Monroe)

3. Double Trouble – Jaye Summers & Adria Rae

As a Principal, it is your responsibility to make sure the two girls are punished for skipping school. Gladly, they seduce you with some hot kissing, so you won’t even remember why they came into your office. Jaye Summers and Adria Rae show in this WankzVR production how good they can handle the camera – things get hot when you kiss with one girl when the other one is blowing you!

Double Trouble kissing

2. Get Flix and Chill – Yhivi

One of the first professional make-out scenes I got my hands on. It immediately became one of my favorite scenes and is HoloGirlsVR’s most popular video. The kissing in VR is a little brief, but the immersion is just right. With Yhivi as your girlfriend, nothing can ruin your day anymore – she’s just way too sweet. She doesn’t have the voice of a pornstar; she’s just realistic. The sequel to Get Flix and Chill can also be recommended, Yhivi is starring again.

Darke Haired Woman undressing

1. Introducing Nikkita Diamond – Nikkita Diamond

An innocent pornstar only exists in the first video – and this is one of them. Introducing Nikkita Diamond is Nikkita’s first attempt at porn ever, and wow is she good. Such a natural girl with a beautiful face. She does a very realistic job when kissing. Many positions, nice ass rubbing foreplay, and a beautiful, intimate girl. This delightful WankzVR scene turns out to be one, if not the best kissing scene in virtual reality and deserves the number one spot on this list.

Kissing Nikkita
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