Today, we cover our first red-head and an amazing performer. In this article, we will cover Penny Pax and her sexual exploits. This has been till date, my hardest VR sex videos review.

I’ll be judging the videos based on plot, camera angles, realism, positions, the chemistry between the performers and the level of acting displayed.


This scene is a continuation of another scene (as might be apparent from the “Part 2” suffix to the title) which does not figure in this list. The video has been produced by HoloGirls VR and features Penny Pax as your homely slut. This video concludes the first part where she seduces you with a horny striptease and masturbates for you.
In this video, she takes your hungry cock and gives it deepthroat treatment, before giving you a private tour of her pulsating pussy. This video serves as an entrée rather than a main. It’s a small appetizer for the more tastier dishes to come.
Penny Pax being an ultimate slut
The best highlights of the scene are the dirty talk and the cowgirl scenes. However, other than that there is no special feature. The plot itself isn’t very strong and even though there are roughly 9 VR scenes she has done, this features at the 5th position.


Curtain Drapes
This Upskirt Collection is produced by HoloGirlsVR. Full disclosure, I find face-sitting to be really kinky and erotic. So, for those who might not find it as tempting our ranking of this scene might vary. The premise of the scene is that you are the lucky bastard to gets a VIP view of why this red-head is one of the highest rated porn stars today and features with the best production houses.
The scene starts of as she starts to talk slowly and seductively to the camera. The angle is beautifully chosen and shows her silky thighs and the pair of bubbly ass in great light. She bends ever so slightly, to give you a peak into that tight and deep cleavage. You can see her nipples poking under her dress. Man! she’s good!
Showing pussy and pleasuring
Soon, she’ll give you a full view of her red velvety pussy as she stands up. Her well-trimmed bush is extremely erotic and as she places herself near the camera, you can almost feel your tongue instinctively drawing out to taste her. In the later segments, she’ll start to fondle and her caress herself all over. Her standing postures and masturbation scene with the dildo is epic. The way Penny uses the camera to highlight all the right holes, makes this scene one of the best VR scenes I’ve seen.


This kinky bondage sequence is courtesy of the guys at KinkVR. After the appetizer, comes your first main course. The scene features Penny as tied and spread on a BDSM table. The camera angle gives you ample view to pleasure your heart and your dick. Her juicy pussy and milky white ass, are literally stuff frat boys (and nerds alike) dream of.
You have full control over this sexy, dirty slut as Penny Pax lies before you and begs you to make her cum. The male performer fondles and caresses her holes and teases them to her pleasure (and yours!). She squirms in ecstasy as you finger her asshole and finger her g-spot.
Control her orgasm
Even though this video does not have any fucking scenes (guy fucking girl), it still it extremely sexy and has enough ‘masala’ to give you a ‘cum’ attack. The rest of the video has a lot of heat as well, with scenes like the long dildo fucks her while her ass it constantly being explored. If you are in it for some dildo-fuck and BDSM masturbation, get on this scene and fap to your heart’s content.


Eager to serve
This is the Eager to Serve Pt 1 and is produced by KinkVR. First of all, this video, though is supposed to feature BDSM doesn’t actually. So, if you are planning to see some bondage sex, you might be disappointed. OR, may be not!
The thing is, that there are two parts to this video, the second part, being covered later in this post. The first part, is a highly erotic seduction with dirty talks, spanking, handjob, blowjob and rough fondling of her beautiful assets. She features as your pet. You, being her sex master and the one who gets to be pleasured by this goddess.
Best video with Penny Pax
She talks to you in a sensuous and diminutive manner, as she requests you to touch, fondle, caress and fuck her. The video goes on to show how you disrobe her, fondle her breasts, spank her ass and caress her lovely juicy pussy. The more you spank and fondle her, the more she asks for. It is quite literally, any guys dream come true. Thanks God for VR!
Soon, this filthy talking slave, get down on you and takes your manhood in her sweet little mouth. She moves up and down your hardened cock, while you take care of the rest. A very very erotic video from Ms. Pax! Miss it at your own risk.


Riding the cock in full pleasure
This scene from KinkVR is extremely sexy. The strange thing about the Eager to Serve series is that even though the 1st and the 2nd part isn’t that separate (basically because it’s one video cut-off into two pieces) the experience is still very different. KinkVR has successfully identified the USP of both the segments and marketed them as two videos. While the 1st video serves as a highly sensual and erotic POV seduction, the 2nd part features rough, passionate and kinky sex.
In this part, Penny’s holes are used to the ultimate limit. It’s basically the luxury of having a VR headset, that these videos are no longer just videos, but vivid dream-like sequences. The bondage and rough sex sequence shows off Penny in some erotic spanking, big assed cowgirl fucking, reverse cowgirl anal sex and earth-shattering orgasms.
Penny Pax doing anal
Her rosy pink skin and tight ass seem to provide invitation when watched on VR. It happens so close to you, that you literally forget, that it’s not happening in front of you. Her performance is erectifying and a standing ovation was provided (if you know, what I mean)!
The way her ass moves in up and down the hard cock and her continuous moan and groan, provides for an exquisite fapping experience. Her slow dirty talks, strong pelvic thrusts and a sloppy handjob makes for a very vivid experience. Once again, one of the most erotic VR videos.


KinkVR seems to have taken its name a bit too seriously, pumping out excellent quality scenes. It’s really nice to see that the level of performance seems almost real and can have you forget that they are performers at the end of the day. Also, check out Penny Pax Twitter Account.
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