LezVR Review – Best Lesbian VR Porn Site?

This is the only pure lesbian VR Porn site! A must-have for Lez Lovers!

Quick & Easy: Is LezVR worth it?
  • Innovative new plots
  • Hot pornstars
  • Great variety of scenes and models
  • FREE membership to RLCvr game
  • Good visuals…
  • …but Voyeur production could be improved
  • Stopped producing
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

In this review, VRPornMania takes on LezVR – a dedicated girl-on-girl VR porn website, from the house of HoloGirlsVR and KinkVR. LezVR started posting videos on 15th July 2017, and has since then been delivering two new hot and wild lesbian scene every week.

The website is a real hot contender for the niche, given its unique treatment of the subject and camera angles. We will find out more on that later and if at all, it’s truly worth your hard-earned bucks!

LezVR: Content is King

As I mentioned before, that it hasn’t been too long since this new site started operating. It seems the guys at HoloGirls took the decision to diversify into various niches and explore each niche independently. As of the time of writing this article, the website has 23 videos.

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They release two fresh videos each week and this is a huge plus point considering that very few of their niche-specific competitors release more than 1 video per week. This automatically brings in a lot of customers who are looking for more content in this niche.

Obviously, unlike their parent site, they aren’t plagued with the niche ambiguity issues. But just highlighting your niche isn’t enough. Offering niche specific content has its advantages and disadvantages. While it offers you a proven market where the product is in demand, it also limits the opportunity for variety.

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LezVR has battled this challenge bravely by using sub-plots and stories to great effect. While girl-on-girl stuff itself might get boring, the probability of finding different lesbian stories as boring is quite less. In fact, that is why their content scores quite high on the variety scale as well.

The content shows great maturity in handling. The scenes often make use of the set to improvise on positions. The models as well, seem to enjoy each other company resulting in really hot and steamy lesbian videos.


The production though is an entirely different story. The sets on which the shoots have taken place have sometimes been repeated. In some cases, the sets didn’t even match up with the storyline and the characters seemed out of place.

The content at LezVR is rated at 4.5/5 for their beautifully shot videos.

Visual Quality – Is it Worth a Look?

The visual quality is at par with the industry best. The videos are shot at 60 fps with 180-degree and 360-degree FOV. Like all other major sites in the industry, they too provide 3D video and binaural sound supported audio. This means that when you hear the video, it does not come off as a 2-directional sound capture, but processes the sound the same way our brain does.

Here the video angle and how its shot needs to be mentioned though. Instead of normal, POV style videos, most of the videos on LezVR are Voyeur videos.


Staunch VR supporters might not take too kindly, since voyeur style videos lose that first person view and that effect of immersion. Instead, it becomes a general 3D video. In contrast, lesbian videos on POV does not do much for me personally.

The clarity is the video remains at par with industry average and as such has nothing to complain about, if they didn’t mess up the distance. An advantage with POV style videos, is that the main performer is never too far away from the camera. Voyeur style video loses that and needs strict regulation.


Furthermore, having a static camera rig makes no sense when shooting voyeur style. The space gained can easily be used to explore various angles and positions that otherwise are restricted in POV style. As a result, the level of production can be further increased if they can upgrade to a dynamic rig which allows free movement.

Overall, I would rate LezVR 4/5 given their consistent clarity and but shortcomings in audio and camera distance.

Variety of LezVR

The site currently features 20 hot models and the list features the hottest adult performers out there, including – Ana Foxxx, Arabella Raphael, Barbary Rose, Cherie DeVille, Dahlia Sky, Mia Li and Veruca James.


Even though the roster is not as expansive as some of the other major sites, it still features a lot of variety. The site features hot lesbian videos with Big Tits, Big Ass, Milf, Redhead, Brunette, Blonde, Asian, Spanish, Ebony, Teen, Petite and much more

Adding such variety to the video helps with creating a unique proposition and displacing other sites for the users. LezVR features one of the most versatile roster in the niche and definitely one of the best.

Adding such variety to the video helps with creating a unique proposition and displacing other sites for the users. LezVR features one of the most versatile roster in the niche and definitely one of the best.

They got all body types and try to get variety! 5/5

Future – What Does it Hold?

LezVR has till now showcased their mettle with innovative storylines, use of talented models and pairings which have a natural chemistry.

While the visual clarity in their videos is commendable, absence of movement in cinematography and faulty sound recording eroded an otherwise superior experience. It needs to be remembered that by now the team at HoloGirls should have already perfected the art of camera distance in VR, but somehow that does not seem to be the case.


Furthermore, the website design is extremely basic and counter-intuitive. It is basically the same template as the HoloGirlsVR website and as a result suffers the same drawbacks

They have stopped producing content for now.

For their future prospect, I would rate LezVR a 2/5.

Site and Extras

While the website design follows the same basic template as that of HoloGirlsVR, the main omission (rightly omitted though) is the section cards on the HoloGirlsVR landing page that displayed the various niches.

Since the niche is pretty clear in the current website, I can understand why they chose to concentrate directly on the list of videos. The first thing that struck me when I had first visited the website, was their beautiful graphics. The image of the two girls tribbing on a couch was sensational and suddenly indicated the quality of content these guys wanted to focus on.


However, as I scrolled down, my excitement tended to come down as well. The video listing on the landing page missed the screen descriptions (in some cases), category tags and didn’t even showcase which devices are supported.


The only place where such information is clearly demarcated is in the scene descriptions page. The only way to visit the scene description page is to visit via the Video listing page from the navigation menu. A hyperlink on the video display on the landing page could have easily solved the issue.


Similarly, displaying category tags to users, showcases the various positions and information regarding the video and also lets them sort and filter videos according to their liking. Displaying that information on the landing page could help with their user retention, since the only motivation to dig deep into the website are the beautiful graphics on the landing page header or if you’re writing a review.


The sorting and filtering options though, as characteristic of HoloGirlsVR, in the Video listing page help a lot. Especially the best viewed/recommended position information holds special importance for users to improve their experience

However, other than the main issues on the landing page, the website does make itself quite accessible in the internal pages.

A recommendation though, would be to include streaming options for the full video instead of providing only download options. Given the VR porn apps that now support direct streaming, downloading only wastes a lot of time that could otherwise be used elsewhere.

The website does provide KinkVR and BurningAngelsVR as extras in the bundle subscription. Given LezVR does not have a huge database right now, this is probably a worthwhile extra.

For site and extras, LezVR deserves a 4.5/5 from me. Hoping to see them improve on it.


LezVR provides three different billing options – monthly, yearly and All Access Pass (HoloGirls, KinVR, BurningAngelVR and LezVR). The monthly costs about $24.95 per month, while the yearly membership (billed annually) costs only $5.95/month.


The monthly and yearly might seem a bit too much given that there are only 23 odd videos available now. The bargain would be the All Access Pass. It provides access to unlimited downloads across all the member sites and costs only $14.95/month. Imagine that!

Don’t forget that you also get FREE VIP membership to RLCvr and Red Light Center 2 Beta. Like, the parent site, there’s no option for trial subscription. It would really help a new site grow if they have trial options for $1 or $2.


LezVR provides great content, added extras, super hot pornstars and best yet, they release twice a week. It’s a great deal at a great price. Even though, they have areas to improve on technicality, they are one of the best VR scene provides right now and I’d have no problem renewing my membership.




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