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Quick & Easy: Is Mature Reality worth it?


  • Great Visual Quality
  • POV and Voyeur Perspective!
  • Variety as far as niche allows
  • Hot Pornstars
  • Works on every Device
  • 40 High-Quality Videos…


  • …but moved to
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

Mature Reality is a niche Virtual Reality site that specifies on MILFs and we need to make a thorough VR porn review. And brings along the quality and experience of their sister site Reality Lovers. Mature Reality was released in May 2017. However, they offer, like Reality Lovers, two perspectives per release: Voyeur and POV. And the quality is pretty amazing. But enough for the quick introduction, let’s get to the meat and bones: The content, visuals, variety, future and the rest 😉

Quality over quantity seems to be the case here!

Content: Mature Reality

Mature Reality currently has 40 videos released as of June 2018. About half of them are available in Voyeur and POV. Because those two perspectives have to be recorded separately the sex isn’t the same which effectively makes them two different scenes. I love this idea and I honestly even prefer the voyeur one. Mostly cause they tend to end in creampies.

The scenes themselves are well thought-through with top MILF Pornstars who know exactly how to please you. To name a few there are scenes with Carol Gold, Caroline Ardolino, Kathy Anderson, Kathy Kozy, Lilly Peterson and Luca Bella. They do a great job of engaging the camera. You know they have a lot of experience in this business and they know precisely what they are doing.

It’s wonderful to have a mature woman in bed

All in all, I’ll give 4/5 stars for the current content. The content itself is great, however, 20 videos aren’t enough to earn a higher score. It’ll be raised once more videos have been released.

Mature Reality - VR Porn Site with Mature Pornstars 2

Mature Reality’s Visuals are great

The quality of the recording is one of the most important things in Virtual Reality. Your brain has to be convinced that you are in currently being fucked by that hot MILF. That is what VR is all about. And the visual quality of the Mature Reality VR production is basically the same as that of their sister site Reality Lovers. They have a great rig and seem to be using the same one on Mature Reality.

The recordings are done in 4k, 180° FOV, and stereoscopic 3D. The images are clear, the 3D effect adds the realism and the overall polish is perfect. In some scenes, however, the camera position could be a bit better with more close-ups in Voyeur. And more realistic placement in POV. Mostly, however, they are all good and the immersion can be a perfect experience.

The visual quality is 5 out of 5, the camera position not so much. So, I guess I’ll settle with 4,5/5 stars for the visuals.

Kathy Sex after Sex at MatureReality

Variety in the Mature Niche

Mature Reality only casts mature women, up until now only Caucasians which is fine by me. Nevertheless, a hot Latina mom would be nice 😉 They try to spice things up with solo and lesbian scenes and some anal scenes. So, I guess they are doing what they can to offer something new and interesting every week.

Because it is a niche site and a young one at that I can’t really be too hard at scoring the variety. They do already try to get different experiences in there and I’ll rate the variety with 4,5/5 stars.

No mans hand

A promising Future with an early start

When you get a subscription you are investing in the future of the site. You are helping them create content and if you are actively giving feedback you can even guide them in the direction you prefer. Mature Reality already started out very strong with high-quality videos. Produced with the experience they gained at Reality Lovers. However, Mature Reality only releases one video per month. That is low even for niche VR sites. In contrast to other sites, they release two perspectives and I guess in the near future that will be the case for every new release.

Currently, more and more VR niche sites are being released and try to get a foothold in their respective genre. The competition will only increase over the next few years and to start early like MatureReality is a good idea.

Moved to Reality Lovers, no more regular MILF videos: I’ll give a score of 1/5 stars.

MILF Lucy Pie

Website and Extras are pretty standard

A beautifully designed website that is super responsive is always a great thing! I love Mature Reality’s site, however, they do have no search function whatsoever. Which right now is no problem but with more videos it’ll get annoying. The Tag system works but you’ll first need to find a video with the tag you are looking for. Other than that I am happy, the download speed is as fast as it gets. That’s great! They do have an extensive site where you can get Help for every VR device and detailed guides on how to get them to play the Virtual Reality videos. Also, their support is very active and willing to help you fast with any problem you encounter. At least in my case.

Sadly, there is no additional network with the subscription. So, you only get what you pay for. I’m sorry. Nevertheless, it’s a solid service and website: 3/5 stars! 

Membership Mature Reality

Subscription and Billing

The subscription costs for Mature Reality are an average industry-standard. You get a month for 19.99 $ and -50% off if you buy a whole year. A whole year 50% off is totally worth it if you’re looking for mature women in Virtual Reality. I’ve got a membership for quite a while and never had any problems. The subscription is anonymous and safe and it will not be billed under that name.

Easy payment and cheap for what you get. Totally worth it.

In addition, to the membership plans, Mature Reality also offers plans that allow you to buy single videos. So, if you are just interested in one or two specific videos and don’t want any of the other or future ones then go for it. No idea why you would do that but whatever.

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The rating system allows me to pretty accurately score a site’s overall performance. With 4,4/5 stars Mature Reality scores a solid score and nothing speaks against getting a subscription if you are into MILFs, Cougars and Mature Women.

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