SLROriginals Review – New Premium Studio – is it WORTH your money? 2022

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Quick and Easy: Is SLROriginals worth it?


  • High-quality content
  • Great plot diversity
  • Unique videos
  • Hot pornstars
  • Bright future


  • Not that many videos yet

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

What is SLROriginals? Where does it stand among the best VR Porn studios?

SLROriginals is a newly founded independent studio powered by the very well-known VR Porn site, SexLikeReal (-> Review).

Even though some of the videos on SLROriginals were released before this site was here, they could be found on SexLikeReal in the past.

Basically, SexLikeReal is the “Netflix of VR Porn“, bringing together high-quality content from a variety of Premium VR Porn studios under one subscription.

But they also started releasing high-quality VR Porn videos (-> Top 10’s by niche) on their own – the SLR Originals.

Now all these videos are finally on a different site dedicated only to them, a sign that not only SLR is planning to continue these releases, but that they’re going to take them to the next level.

In this article,  we’re taking a look at this brand new site and all the videos it offers, comparing it to other premium studios (-> Best VR Porn Sites Ranking) while analyzing its content, visual quality, variety, and more!

Follow through to find out everything you need to know before subscribing.

The Content – What SLR Originals does best

SLR Originals Gianna DiorThe site itself was “born” because SLR wanted to create its own exclusive VR porn.
But they don’t want to create just any kind of VR porn videos, but unique, original content – as the name itself states.

They have intriguing plots and great diversity, something we’re all craving in VR porn right now – a little bit more than the likes of “Hey I’m your teacher, fuck me” or “My hot gym buddy bends over, so I’ll grab her ass and fuck her right here”.
These are filler plots that are just mild contexts for the actual VR porn videos.

Of course, SLROriginals is not the only studio that produces exclusive original content that’s not plain boring, but they’re among those who do it very well.

SLR Originals stripping blondeWhere else do you get Adriana Chechik getting off a horse in a damn sexy outfit before fucking you?
Or Samantha Mack dressed like a badass hottie getting off her motorcycle, ready to fuck your brains out in a crazy foursome?

Or simply seeing Jia Lissa while she’s playing BeatSaber getting naked slowly but surely at the same time?

This is, at least in my eyes, original content and I really appreciate this kind of courage. SLROriginals wants to stand out, and they’re doing great so far.

There are 61 scenes available on SLROriginals at the moment – nothing outstanding quantity-wise. But you won’t quickly get bored, trust my word on this one.

The videos themselves are very rarely under 45 mins in length, which makes the content not only worth paying for but rewatchable in my opinion. Unless you can’t continue a scene you’ve been immersed in before.

Every video is a “here’s how you do it” tutorial and it feels like a breath of fresh air. The girls are hot, the plots are intriguing and the acting is sexy and eye-catching. Love it!

The only downside is the relatively low number of videos compared to other premium VR porn sites. But that will change in the future, and so will my rating.

4.5/5 for Content!

Visual Quality on SLROriginals – are they at the industry’s level?

SLR Originals hardcore image clarityThe videos on SLROriginals are in 5K60fps and 6K60fps respectively, with 11 of their newer releases getting as high up as 120fps.
While some sites like VRBangers (-> Review) and CzechVR (-> Review) already upgraded to 8K resolution, the videos on SLROriginals still hold up.

They’re clear, sharp, and have no issue running on DeoVR, their preferred player for all the content they release.

Still, if you want that crisp 8K that’s so tempting for a lot of people already, especially thanks to the amazing Quest 2 (-> Porn Guide), you won’t be able to enjoy it on SLROriginals. Yet.

6K is still more than the industry average at the moment and it’s more than enough for any VR Porn enthusiast.

SLR Originals tattooed girlBut as I said, the videos are still amazing when it comes to image quality – great scaling, very sharp image and even the fine-tuning is how it should be on almost every scene. I didn’t have any issue when it came to clarity, no artifacts, or any problem that would otherwise make their visual quality questionable. Everything is almost flawless even if you’re as picky as I am.

Overall, the videos on SLROriginals look amazing and I have nothing to complain about. Just waiting for that juicy 8K.

I’ll rate them 5/5 for Visual Quality!

Variety of Niches and Pornstars on SLROriginals – One of the best sites

SLR Originals Eight CocksThis is another aspect where SLR Originals shines – variety. Originality.

Even though you only get 60+ videos, SLR is all over the place with the plots and the scenarios – and in the best sense of the expression.

You get parodies, outdoors, voyeur, stockings, tattooed girls, deepthroat, moving cameras, orgies, and cum showers – tons of fun and crazy plots.

All these made possible while collaborating with legendary pornstars including the aforementioned Samantha Mack, Veronica Leal, Jia Lissa, Adriana Chechik, Lasirena69, Jada Kay, Romy Indy, Jewelz Blu, Vina Sky, Winder Jade, and more, a lot more. 

SLR Originals Anal BrunetteYou get Asian hotties, Latina (-> Best VR Porn Videos), thick girls, slim girls, petite, blondes, tattoos – you know where I’m getting.

It’s very clear that they had diversity both in plots and when booking pornstars for their shootings, and that’s a great thing. We need this kind of mentality in VR Porn. Again, another breath of fresh air in my opinion.

The plots are all fun and very diverse.

I had a lot of fun watching some of the scenes – I mentioned them earlier and I’d also add Gianna Dior’s “Charm & Glam” as a special video that stuck with me.

SLR Originals Eight CocksAnd o course, the legendary Veronica Leal “One Girl, Eight Cocks” that will forever stay on the top 3 in our -> Top 10 Orgy VR Porn Videos.

In fact, most of these scenes made it in our -> VR Porn Video Rankings, which says a lot about the quality and diversity by itself.

Nothing to complain about here, I had a lot of fun watching the videos and I’m excited for what comes – SLR Original is made for diversity and they’re doing an amazing job.

A clean 5/5 for Variety!

SLR Originals asian hottiesYes. There’s no doubt about it – the site exists because people loved the SLR originals. The team is very active in promoting their videos and announcing their next releases and the studio will soon be among those at the very top – there’s literally no reason for them not to release more content.

And considering the constant hunger of the VR public for original, new, creative, and immersive ideas, be sure they’ll be in a lot of people’s hearts soon enough – one extra reason to keep going.

There’s not much else to say about this studio’s future – they’re in contact with the VR Porn community, they have a passionate team behind and they’re already working with the best girls in the VR Porn world.

What else is needed? Nothing much, really.

5/5 for Future!

Site and Extras – What does SLR Originals Offer?

SlrOriginals HomepageThe site is very simple to use, but as most of the new VR porn sites, it lacks a proper search or sorting tool. Otherwise, you can see the latest or the most popular releases, look for your favorite pornstars or browse directly to specific categories.

I imagine there will be a search option soon, as soon as their catalog grows larger.

The design is pretty clean overall and the site is fast and snappy.

You get download and streaming options for every popular VR Headset (-> All porn guides), a description for every video, the classic tags, and that’s about it.

There’s no comment section on the videos, this might be useful for new viewers trying to figure out what to watch.

You have a short preview trailer of 1-3 minutes on each scene, just so you can figure out if you like what you’re seeing or not and this is pretty much it on this aspect.

4.5/5 for Site and Extras!

Conclusion – Is the Price WORTH it? Do you get your money’s worth on SLROriginals?

SLROriginals Lasirena69 at the poolIn my opinion, it’s a site worth checking out.

You can get prices as low as $6.67/month if you’re lucky to get a discount – and they have discounts pretty often.

$13.99 is the base price/month, which is lower than the average – and considering the number of videos is low right now it makes sense.

With the 3 month access, you’ll pay $13.33/month and you can have Lifetime access for $399.99 if you truly believe in their long-term success.

If you’re looking for quality and quantity, you might need to check out their content before subscribing and decide if the videos are enough for you. If you’re up for something new and want to have some nice, interesting VR Porn experiences, then SLROriginals is one of the best sites for this.

So, if you want such an experience then SLROriginals is definitely worth it. And considering their ambitions plan for the future, even a long term subscription will get you way more than your money’s worth. 

A great site overall, it deserves all the attention it can get!

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