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A VR porn site directed by girls for the most natural sex out there. Great if you are not into standard porn!

Quick and Easy: Is VixenVR worth it?
  • Hot models
  • Mix of 3D and 360° Videos
  • Works on every device
  • Erotic Lesbian and Solo Content
  • Secure and Easy Billing
  • Unknown video release schedule

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

With the VR porn space becoming crowded day by day, sites have found it necessary to innovate. VixenVR has taken a new and unique approach in their content, pricing, and even the type of offerings. But while innovation is welcome, content shall always remain the main decider, when it comes to porn purchases. So does VixenVR have the grit and the quality to deserve your money? Let’s find out.

Content of VixenVR

At the time of writing this article, the total tally for full-length VR porn videos available on the site stands at 50.

They seem to be targeting the ‘vixen’ niche which should mean a lot of content featuring hot, slutty women (not teens mind you!), but that has not always been found to be true. In fact, the actual number of video content on the website is even lesser than 39, since around 13 of these videos are actually part of its VRClubz platform which offers strip shows.

adria rae gives you a private lap dance

This brings us to another point in this review. The website offers hardly any hardcore sex content. Yup! You read that right! There’s almost no sex. You’ll find some masturbation, a lot of teases (which I didn’t mind), but ultimately we are all here for the sex, which isn’t there apart from a video or two. Essentially, this is a softcore porn (if you can call that porn) site.

The performances in these mutual masturbation, lesbian, solo and tease scenes are not too bad in it itself, but compared with what’s already available in the market, it falls woefully short. Some of the strip shows feature popular models (Christy Mack, Adria Rae, Tasha Reign and Missy Martinez), while the more traditional VR porn scenes are enacted by relatively unknown performers.

The editing and stitching of the videos did not seem professional enough and affected the overall immersion. The length of the videos is another aspect which I had an issue with. While 2 min, 4 min and 7 min (rarely!) videos are fine as trailers and teasers, they certainly do not make a good case to be paid for. The average length of a video here is 4 mins, which is not at all desirable.

I’ll rate VixenVR 2.5/5, which is perhaps the lowest we have ever rated a site in our reviews.

Visual Quality of VixenVRs Videos

The site advertises that all scenes are shot in 3D stereoscopic and 360-degree FOV. The videos are available at 4K Ultra HD resolution and recorded at 60 fps. Currently, the videos are compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive only. Considering the spurt in growth of VR headset companies, it’s odd that the site does not even cover all the major brands.

vixenvr highest video duration

The videos are shot in voyeur mode, which is majorly due to the fact that most of the videos are either solo or lesbian. Another major issue is that mostly the earlier videos are all in 2D. Only a few recent releases have been produced in 3D. In VR porn, 2D makes no sense and the previous videos should have been retrospectively re-shot or converted to 3D, once the tech was available.

Considering, the resolution, camera position, set and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 3/5 for their visual quality.

VixenVRs’ Variety

Variety of the content is judged on two aspects – variety of plot/scenarios, a variety of models and sets.

The site has an interesting angle which selecting their plot and scenarios. Instead of using plots which have been done to death, they have chosen to use specific situations which can be quite erotic, namely – while wearing a tight dress or disrobing or while taking a bath.

big tits babe gamer kateri lets you watch her in the bath

However, the innovation was short as recent videos have been featuring lesbian masturbation scenes without any plot as such. It seems the girls are left to play by themselves and whatever happens is recorded. The previous approach usually featured a single model while current releases either have strip shows or lesbians videos.

It’s a bit hard to understand the total number of girls featured on the site since there is no particular page for pornstars. Though there are a few popular pornstars such as Adria Rae, Christy Mack and Tasha Reign on the site, the rest are relatively unknown. Additionally, there’s no such variety.

On a whole, I’ll rate VixenVR a 2.5/5 for variety.

 Future of VixenVR

The update frequency is very erratic. For instance, the site last released a video on 8th October 2017. Before that, they had released 8 videos on 28th September, all at once. Prior to 28th September, they had last released a video on 23rd March. So, there’s no pattern or fixed frequency to when any content can become available.

vixenvr games

On the other hand, the company has invested in new tech, noticeably because they have now started producing 3D videos. Additionally, they have their own VR game which lets you watch their videos an animated environment. This is the part which could be exciting, but really let’s down since there’s no real value in the game.

They also maintain a blog and regular cover videos, events and thought-pieces on how the industry is developing – all which are positive signs. If the site can improve their frequency and actual content, they might even have a chance. However, as of now, I’ll rate VixenVR a 3/5 for their future.

Site and Extras

The site’s homepage design seems really odd and might even have a bug! The landing page banner seems to be absent, while a lot of information is available on the home page, they haven’t really put in much thought about organising it.

vixenvr video description card

The navigation bar shows links to Videos, Games, Hardware (how to use VR headsets), Blogs, Events and other links. While blogs, event and hardware are all nice to have, one of the main necessities (a pornstar listing) is missing.

Since the site has no sorting, filtering or search mechanism the ease of access is very low. The videos don’t even feature any tags or categories, which makes it even hard to navigate through the videos.

For extras, the site offers free VR headset with every $50 subscription. I’ll rate this as a 2.5/5 for this segment.


vixenvr pricing

VixenVR does not charge any monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions. Alternatively, they offer credits and users can buy credits and use them to view videos or play VR games. Credit options range from $2.95 for 4 credits to $50 for 200 credits.

Most videos require 4 credits to be viewed or downloaded. As mentioned previously, they are also offering a FREE Google Cardboard headset with the $50 sub.

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