VR3000 Review – Worth it? VR Porn Site

Well, another Virtual Reality porn site with additional exclusive content. Why not!

Quick and Easy: Is VR3000 worth it?
  • Good quality content
  • New models
  • High visual clarity
  • Easy and secure Billing
  • Works on every device
  • Hasn’t been updated in some time
  • Could have more variety

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at VR3000. The site does not form a part of any network and seems to be a standalone site when I visited their affiliate program web page. With so many new VR Porn sites (-> All Sites Ranked) coming up and battling for niches, the value for the customers seems to be on the rise. But is VR3000 worthy of your penny? Let’s find out.

Content of VR3000

At the time of writing this article, the total tally for full-length VR porn videos (-> Best VR Porn Videos By Niche) available on the site stands at 70. The site is close to being 30 months old and has slowly grown its catalogue in time. Even though they do not expressly mention any -> niches, it seems most of their videos are based on -> teens.

VR3000 Review - Worth it? VR Porn Site 9

Since there are hardly any milf-type models around in the site, the niches specifically centre around teen plots like step-dad fuck, solo, gym hookup, after school fuck etc. Additionally, the site seems to be syndicating content from other major sites, which might explain why videos from VR Bangers ended up on this site.

The models seem to know what they are doing an in most cases seem convincing enough. However, it’s often the plot or the direction that gives it way and ruins the immersion. The editing of the videos is decent and enough to labelled as professional.

The length of the video or the duration depends on the type of the scene. If it is a solo scene, it usually varies between 10-15mins. In other cases, 18-30 mins has been the general range of duration. Overall, not too shabby for a new upstart. For content, I’ll rate VR3000 3.5/5.

Visual Quality

The site advertises that all scenes are shot in 3D stereoscopic and 180-degree FOV. The videos are available at 4K Ultra HD resolution and recorded at 60 fps. Additionally, the videos are compatible with all major headset providers like -> Oculus Rift, -> HTC Vive, -> Google Cardboard, -> PlayStation VR and -> Samsung GearVR.

VR3000 Review - Worth it? VR Porn Site 10

The videos are shot in POV mode, which is nice if you’re a fan of it. I’d prefer the voyeur view since it adds more characters to the scene and makes it better for immersion.

The image clarity is really great since the videos are shot in 4K, but lack overall polish. The lighting in the videos sometimes seems to lack a professional touch, which sometimes creates over-exposed scenes. The sets/locations could be better. While the best sites use sets which add to the immersion, VR3000 sets are typical of porn films and are very easy to identify.

Considering, the resolution, camera position, set and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 4/5 for their visual quality.

Variety in Models And Scenes

Variety of the content is judged on two aspects – variety of plot/scenarios, a variety of models and sets.

As mentioned previously, the plots and scenarios aren’t really diverse. They stick mostly to plots centred around teen girls and do not have any other explicit kink/fetish to target. Also, the content on the site isn’t anything new and the plots sometimes seem repetitive as well. Since the content and plot produced are already available on other sites, it didn’t really create any desirable impact on me.

VR3000 Review - Worth it? VR Porn Site 11

The models that feature on the site are usually of a narrow frame, either petite or buxom and differ in hair colour. Since there isn’t much variety available in body type, the site seems to have taken note to include models from various ethnicities like -> Asian, Caucasian and -> Latin-American. It features pornstars like Angel Rush, Anastasia Rose, Haley Reed and Gina Gerson.

On a whole, I’ll rate VR3000 a 3.5/5 for variety.

Future of VR 30000

VR3000 Review - Worth it? VR Porn Site 12

The site works with models that have been around the VR scene for some time, but most aren’t as popular, with the exception of Gina Gerson. Featuring popular models also help in providing more value for users as against unknown models. Though, it should also be noted, that new talent will always be appreciated as long as the performance is up to the par.

As of now, the site really needs to find an identity that users can connect with an find worth paying for.  Updating seems to have stopped for now. I’ll rate the site 2/5 for this segment.

Site and Extras

The site features a basic template that uses the landing page to list the latest scenes and features internal pages for each video. There are no separate pornstar listings. The navigation bar or menu bar of the site features on two options – Join, Login. There’s simply no other option.

VR3000 Review - Worth it? VR Porn Site 13

Since the site has no sorting, filtering or search mechanism the ease of access is very low. The videos don’t even feature any tags or categories, which makes it even hard to navigate through the videos. Pretty much a bare-shell site.

For extras, the site offers free content streaming on mobile phones directly from the browser, without any app whatsoever. It also lets users watch trailers without downloading them.

Additionally, the pricing page boasts of providing access to thousands of VR content, presumably from other sites. For site and extras, I’ll rate this as a 3/5.


VR3000 Review - Worth it? VR Porn Site 14

VR3000 provides three subscription options to its users – Trial monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. The trial monthly subscription starts with a $1 for 3-days trial and after it expires, automatically upgrades to $19.95 per month. The quarterly subscription is billed every three months and costs $39.93.

The yearly sub, on the other hand, costs a single payment of $79.92 every 12 months.


The site offers some quality content with impressive visual clarity. Though the plots and scenarios can be found on other sites as well, the pornstars are mostly exclusive to this site. The models are quite hot and it’s worth venturing a trial subscription, if for nothing else. If you are looking for something more serious I would recommend check our best VR porn list.

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