VRFirstTimer Review – New Amateur VR Porn Site – Is it WORTH IT!?

New studio, natural hot girls shooting for the first time in VR and REAL sex experiences! But how good are their videos?! Scroll down to find out!

VRFirstTimer is a brand new VR porn studio that brings us actual -> amateur VR Porn scenes. Yes, you heard that right! It’s one of the first studios that offer quality, authentic amateur porn in VR.

Are you excited yet?

How good is the content on VRFirstTimer?

VRFirstTimer Big Tits Amateur GirlIf you’re following the VR porn community up close then you already know that amateur VR Porn is the thing we all hanker.

Because this industry is new and VR Porn Scenes are expensive and tedious to shoot, the huge majority of VR porn sites (-> Top Ranking) only focuses on “classic” porn – imaginary plots, hot pornstars, excellent quality, ideal positions, perfect timing when it comes to orgasms, you know the deal.

As much as we love these (and the pornstars), this creates a well-known need for more authenticity in VR. And because having a VR camera is already too much for the amateurs who would want to create videos, we all needed a studio that dedicates their content to this niche.

And here it is VRFirstTimers, a new VR Porn studio that has only authentic amateur scenes with natural girls and a very realistic feeling. Definitely unique!

VRFirstTimers Blonde Amateur BlowjobWhen I say that this studio is new, I mean very new: they only have 35+ scenes available on their site right now. But for me, it was enough to understand what kind of experiences they plan to offer and how they fit in the current VR Porn industry.

Spoiler: It’s amazing! I liked what I saw a lot.

Every video (-> Top 10 Rankings in every category) follows the same pattern: you see the girl fully clothed on the bed in front of you. The cameraman/male protagonist will ask a few questions just so you get to know them better before they start having sex.

The girls are very cute and shy – most of them did porn before, but none of them ever filmed in VR, and that’s very different.

There are no cuts in the scenes, except for a few that are necessary when moving the camera for a different angle. This offers more authenticity to the whole act – the two never had sex before, there’s no special preparation involved except for the bare minimum and the girls are new to it all.

Nobody tries to act like it’s something else other than them having sex while being filmed by a VR Rig.

VRFirstTimers Brunette AmateurIt’s something that you won’t find on every other website and I hope their future releases will have the same feeling associated with them because everyone watching will love it for sure! 

The only site that gets close to this kind of content is Czech VR Fetish (-> Review). But the experience still doesn’t feel as authentic.

One thing might bother some of you – the fact that the male protagonist also speaks in the beginning while asking the questions.
I quickly got over it, though, by imagining that I’m witnessing someone else’s experiences. There are enough ways to trick your brain into it.

The dialogue is almost essential because it adds to the overall casual, casting (-> Czech VR Casting), amateur vibe.

I’ll rate them 5/5 for Content; keep it up!

Visual Quality on VRFirstTimer

VRFirstitmer mutlicam example blondeThe videos have good scaling and are filmed in  6K resolution and 5K quality (-> Best VR Porn), respectively – they’re probably working on finding the best camera rig for the type of content.
It looks great; nevertheless. Everything is -> POV VR Porn, so you’ll be in the center of the action all the time!
I never had any issues with them while watching and fapping.

One more unique thing about them is the fact that they offer multiple angle perspectives in their videos – basically including a small “screen” in VR, next to the actual scene where you can watch the action from a different angle, it’s called Multicam, and only a few other studios use it in their videos.

I think it adds to eroticism overall!

It’s a great initiative, even though it sounds like it would kill immersiveness. It didn’t kill it for me, and the general feedback from their viewers is positive. So, even more points for originality!

VRFirsttimers Asian amateurI only had issues with one scene while I went through every video, but nothing too bad. Their newer scenes seem better than the previous ones which are great, showing progress in image quality early on can lead to great success in VR.

There aren’t enough scenes for me to make an in-depth analysis of their visual quality, but I’ll update the review as soon as they get to a bigger number of videos.

Until that, they’re keeping up very well with the industry standard and their videos look very good.

I’ll rate them 4.5/5 for Visual Quality!

Variety in plots and models on VRFirsttimer

VRFirstTimers _amateur_blonde02The Variety on VRFirsttimer is another aspect that’s hard to judge right now.

As I mentioned before, their catalog consists of only around 30 videos right now. If you want to browse through a huge high-quality catalog, you can check out -> VirtualRealPorn, -> VRBangers, or -> CzechVR.

But we can still get a glimpse at what kind of models they’re choosing for their scenes by just watching these first releases!

When it comes to plots, though, there aren’t any. It’s amateur porn, so all you just need to know the things the girls will provide about themselves when they’re introduced at the beginning of each video, and you’re set. They’re there to shoot a VR Porn scene, and they’re happy to do it; that’s all you have to know!

Of course, the girls in these videos are not real amateurs – as I mentioned before, they’ve done some porn before, but never in VR. It’s more about how the videos are filmed and the attitude everyone involved as – they are not following a script, everything is authentic!VRFirstTimers natural curvy blonde

So far in their videos, VRFirsttimer featured blondes, brunettes, even some Asian cuties, a hot milf, small tits, big tits, pierced nipples – all-natural looking, hot girls. You can tell they’re on the right track when it comes to diversity!

Can’t wait to see some beautiful Ebony (-> Top 10 VR Porn Videos) models, and maybe some Big Ass (-> Top 10 VR Porn Videos) chicks too in the near future.

If they will continue to choose their models like this, they’ll have great success!

It’s a 4.5/5 for Variety so far!

The future of VRFirstTimer – Will they succeed? 

VRFirsTimer Amateur Skinny BlowjobI’ve been following the VR porn industry from the very beginning and if there’s something it needs to be refreshed a little, then it’s a site like VRFirstTimer. We’ve all been asking for more realistic, authentic scenes ever since we felt how mind-blowingly realistic VR porn can be.

VRFirstTimer seems to cover this huge “hole” in the VR Porn scene and if they keep doing a good job, they’ll be a huge site in no time!

They recently started releasing videos again after the pandemic, and that’s a great sign – they got to work as soon as they could, meaning that they’re planning to keep their public satisfied!

VRFirstTimers is also active on Reddit – always a great thing!

I’m very excited about their next releases and I see great potential here!

For the Future, I’ll rate them 4.5/5!

Site and Extras 

Front Page VRFirsttimerVRFirstTimer has a very traditional site layout – you get your multiple slides banner on top, showcasing the latest videos and pornstars, followed by the latest videos and the most popular ones. It’s bright themed and it doesn’t have a search bar.
BaDoinkVR (-> Review) has a search bar right at the top of their homepage, and it’s more than useful.

You can open the menu on the top left and from there you can visit your Profile, the Videos, Categories, Pornstars, and the Help page. No search bar here either!

On the videos page, you can only find, well, the videos. Pretty basic stuff, but there’s no option to search or filter them, which will be an issue later on when their catalog grows.

While simplicity is efficient, key features like filtering and searching videos are essential for good user experience. Even though all these are subject to change, I still can’t forgive them for this.

The site is very clean and fast otherwise, so I’ll give VRFirstTimers a 3.5/5 for Site and Extras!

Conclusion – Is VRFirstTimer worth your money?

VRFirstTimer Nikole NashI’d say it is totally worth to subscribe to VRFirstTimes for a variety of reasons.

A first and most important one, their pricing – very low even for a new site, starting at $9.99/month with their first subscription options.

You can get 3 months access for $19.99, and a whole year for $49.99 – the best option in my opinion if you want to pay once and have it all.

As I said though, I think the one-year subscription is the best – you get full access to all their videos from now on for only $20, and they already started releasing new scenes. You’ll definitely get double your money’s worth in a few months!

Another reason is how unique their content is compared to everything on the market right now – you have to admit that there aren’t any similar experiences in VR in such high-quality videos.

I think VRFirstTimers is worth your money if you want to encourage them to release better and better scenes and if you’re into more authentic, amateurish sex scenes in VR!

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