XVirtual – Best Horror Porn in to watch VR? 2021

Quick and Easy: Is XVirtual worth it?


  • Real amateur talent
  • 5K moving rig
  • Great visual quality
  • Variety of content


  • Need more videos
  • A better user experience on the site

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

Content of XVirtual

xvirtual lesbian

The site currently has 60+ exclusive videos available for download (-> Best VR porn stream) or streaming. The core focus of XVirtual is to offer horror and reality fetish in -> VR porn.
Ironically, horror and reality fetish (-> best VR porn)  seem opposed to each other. XVirtual functions on the pre-text that horror can be sexy. Their main USP is their horror porn videos, while orgy, reality, and casting form the other genres catered on the site.

When talking about the acting and quality of the videos, a few things need to be ironed out first. I watched quite a few of the videos on offer here. Apart from the horror scenes, the other genres did not seem choreographed and scripted.
There’s one scene where a full-scale orgy occurs, and the video continuously cuts to various timelines without thinking of continuity.

Can VR horror porn be realistic enough?

It seemed like a strange shock to me, since professional videos have much better editing. But then it dawned, that none of this action is actually scripted. It’s taking place spontaneously and that’s why the editing seemed erratic. There is no gradual blend. It’s reality at its finest.

XVirtual - Best Horror Porn in to watch VR? 2021 3

As one more particular thing about XVirtual, I have to mention that they offer videos which are set around some very well known movies like The Exorcist, IT, The Nun, Evil Dead, Avatar, Matrix and many more. I imagine those are good for any movie enthusiast in general, or horror movie enthusiasts in particular.

Overall, the content is one of the best in the industry, and at the same time, maintains the identity of -> VRHush. For their content, I’ll rate them 4.5/5.

Visual Quality of XVirtuals Videos

The videos are recorded at 60fps and with binaural sound available in their videos as well. All videos come with 3D integration. The videos are all shot on the 180-degree (-> Best VR Porn) field of view (FOV) in 5K (-> Best VR Porn) resolution. Like most major sites, XVirtual takes care to support Oculus Quest (-> Porn Guide), HTC Vive, PSVR, GearVR, Cardboard, Daydream headsets.

xvirtual alien sex scene

The scale of the videos is just right. However, the distance can vary as the performer moves around from one position to another. This is a moving rig, though, and at times, it can be difficult to maintain the right distance. In some of the reality-based videos, there were times when performers or non-performers were caught in the middle of the scene. 

While it might make the scenes seem more spontaneous, it does mess with the immersion.
You can watch voyeur or -> POV VR porn videos at VirtualX, depending on the plot. Most of them are POV, though, which brings back points for immersion.

Considering, the resolution, camera position, set and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 4/5.

Variety of XVirtuals Content

Variety of the content is judged on two aspects – a variety of plot/scenarios, a variety of models and sets.

Let’s start with a variety of content. As mentioned previously, there are a lot of different genres that the site targets. In the horror porn segment, they do a variety of different plots, including walking zombies, Roswell aliens, hospital ghosts, and the likes.

So you see, it’s not just ghosts, but anything that can be creepy and eerie is generally covered on the site. Who knew horror can be horny? Turns out, it can be extremely hot, when you see two busty nurses fuck the shit out of you.

But variety is not limited to their horror porn videos only. If you need more, you can check out their orgy videos, which show a realistic environment and amateurs engaging in pure sinful pleasure. Or, you can also check out their casting videos. There’s enough to keep you engrossed.

xvirtual variety

When talking about their pornstars, it’s a bit hard to gauge the variety. For one, there’s no mention of any model on the site. The horror porn genre might use professional performers, but the orgy and reality genres might not.
Some might be enthusiastic amateurs, while others might be semi-professionals. Either way, it’s hard to understand if there are any professionals.
The variety of ethnicity and body-type isn’t that apparent either. Most seem like Czech or East European and carry the same characteristics as East European descent.

Considering all factors, I’ll rate XVirtual a 4.5/5 on variety.

Future of the Website

The site started operating this year. When was the first video uploaded? It’s unknown right now since there are no timestamps on the site. This also makes it difficult to understand the release schedule. As of now, there are well over 60 videos on the site.

XVirtual - Best Horror Porn in to watch VR? 2021 4

The team seems dedicated to their product and the use of 5K moving rig is a testament to the same. They also take their production values quite seriously, investing in creating the right locations to ensure immersion and realism.

These aspects show that the site, though new, knows what it is doing and is serious about it. For the future, I’ll rate them a 3.5/5. It should be a safe bet if you think about investing here.

Site and Extras

The site was a very simple outlay. The main landing page acts to cover three sections – the sliding main banner which shows the hottest content, the hot videos section, and the new videos section. The pagination at the end of the page allows you to check out older content.

When you click on any title, it takes you to an internal page that allows you to stream the video and/or download it in 2880p, 1920p, 1440, and 960p. A few stills are available in the gallery section below, but these are not available for download.

The search bar at the top of the page and the tags below the video player are the only tools to sort and search for keywords. Other than this, there are no other pages which can be useful for a traditional user. There are no guides, comments section or pornstar page.

The site is pretty bare skeleton in terms of offerings. If they can improve the user-experience, I’m sure, it will be beneficial to the site. For their site and extras, I’ll rate them 4/5.


xvirtual pricing

There are three options available – one month, three-month and six-month. The one month (recurring) sub costs about $39.95 per month, while the three-month sub costs $79.95 (at less than $26.65 per month). The six month costs a single payment of $129.95, averaging about $21.66 per month.
Well, you pay for quality is what they say…

Conclusion: XVirtual.com

XVirtual is your destination of choice if you like reality, -> orgy, and horror fetishes. XVirtual seems to be doing what kink started with minus the BDSM. They have a different way of looking at VR porn and it just might work, given there’s no one else in their niche.

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