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The cheapest way to watch VR porn

How to watch PictureThe Google Cardboard changes the one thing most people complain about when it comes to Virtual Reality: How expensive it is. “The headset alone costs hundreds!” Of course, this is true for the expensive gaming headsets. However, if you just want to watch VR porn sites and don’t have too high standards when it comes to quality, you can start with Virtual Reality for as cheap as 20 bucks. You can go even cheaper than that! With a 1$ Trial at BaDoinkVR, you can mobile stream lots of good Virtual Reality porn and get the Cardboard for FREE. That’s a fantastic offer! Take it if you are a US Citizen.

In the picture, you can see why it is so cheap. Like the name says: It is a simple VR Headset made out of, well, Cardboard. The one thing you do need to use it is a Smartphone, like with the Samsung Gear VR. It doesn’t have to be the best one. It just needs to have Android 4.0 or higher. An iPhone 5 or higher will also do. You then download or stream the video you want to watch, put the Smartphone inside the Cardboard, strap it on your head, and off you fap!

It is as simple as cheap. No hundreds dollar headset needed. Even so, there are higher quality “Cardboards” made out of plastic and more specifically made for your Smartphone. By now the Cardboard has a successor the Daydream View. Daydream VR porn is great but it only works on the new Pixel Phone. At the end of this article, I’ll introduce some of the available mobile headsets and some of the players you’ll need to watch the best movies on your smartphone.

Pros and Cons

  • Cheap: Obviously, one of the biggest Pros is the price. 20 $ or free with the BaDoinkVR Trial. That is unbeatable.
  • True Virtual Reality: Even if the Quality isn’t as good as the high-cost alternatives, it is still enough to experience full Virtual Reality.
  • Getting Started: The Google Cardboard is enough to get started with VR Porn. You can later still upgrade to a higher-quality VR Headset
  • Streaming: All VR Porn sites offer Streaming for your Smartphone! So, it is easy to start watching with no download hassle.
  • Usability: For me, the main problem is the way you use the headset. You need to start the video beforehand and after putting it in you can’t control it. You will have to take the phone out again to, for example, skip forward. Or buy a Bluetooth controller.
  • Tracking: The device uses the built-in tracking of your smartphone. So, if you move your head, it takes time for the video to adjust. Can be pretty annoying.
  • Smartphone: You will need a Smartphone to use it. The quality of the experience is also dependent on which smartphone you use.
Going Deep Sucking

Finding the best VR porn videos for the Cardboard

VR porn for mobile headsets has some exclusive benefits. The download size of the files are small, and most some sites offer streaming for your smartphone. Finding the best Google Cardboard porn is basically like finding it for any other headset like the Oculus GO. At VRPornMania we list the best sites on our homepage, so check it out.

Take a look at our recommended sites!

What are we looking for in good adult content: First, it needs to be of high-quality in content. Second, it needs to be easily accessible. And third, it needs to be cheap. I will focus on those three main criteria. You will find the best three options on the top of this page. Those three are the same as my overall winners. All of them perform excellently through content and visual quality. Those are two most important issues for Virtual Reality.

When it comes to the Cardboard, all of them offer special download options for mobile. This way the download size is kept to a minimum, however, they still offer high quality. Of course, if you want to experience the best available quality you can also download the higher resolution video files. You will need a fair amount of disk space.

Streaming for a mobile headset

The most elegant way of watching Google Cardboard porn is through streaming. You just start the video and go on fapping. No download or complicated settings needed. All major companies offer mobile streaming right now. All are in the top three sites of VRPornMania. You can’t do anything wrong with subbing them. VirtualRealPorn offers a great 15-days and a really cheap two days trial. Check it out!

The quality when streaming is just a bit worse than when downloading the same quality option. This is to be expected. The difference is, however, minimal and you will get used to it if you don’t compare downloading and streaming directly. The advantages outway the quality problem by far. With streaming, you can watch the whole website without having to download the videos first. So, you are way more flexible than if you have to download the videos you want to watch beforehand. Especially, on your smartphone with limited disk space.

Here is an example of the worst streaming quality. It still looks ok, even better on a Cardboard.

Summer Camp Reunion Lily Rader Scene

Are there free Videos?

VR porn right now is costly in production. Only established companies in the adult industry can afford to produce it. The camera set alone costs approximately 20.000$! So, it is no surprise that there is very little free VR sex available, even less when you are looking for high-quality full-length movies. VirtualRealPorn does offer some free videos, still just buying the Trial for 3$ they offer is worth more than the time searching for every free VR sex for the Cardboard.

BaDoinkVR offers another great Trial at only 1$! It is the cheapest way to get to some superb Google Cardboard Porn. If you worry about the payment: It is entirely anonymous, you can use any email or name you wish, they just need a way to get your money. They won’t be listed in you billing under their name! I’ve tested a lot of subscriptions and never had a problem. So, enjoy you Google Cardboard Sex!

The right mobile headset for your Smartphone

Homido CardboardUp until now, we talked about the one mobile headset everyone knows: The cheap Google Cardboard. However, there are Cardboards that have a way higher quality and are more specifically made for your phone. It’s a bit expensive at 70$. However, it does offer a good and stable experience. The straps attach nicely to your head, and the Smartphone sits tightly. This way you can look around without having to adjust the headset all the time. It is compatible with most recent Smartphone (Android & iOS), I use it with an iPhone 6s.

Take some time to find the right Cardboard for your smartphone. It is well invested!

One thing I have to emphasize: If you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher do not buy a Cardboard! Buy the Samsung GearVR instead. It has a built-in tracking system and is specifically designed for Samsung Smartphones.

There are many more alternatives like IncrediSonic, Lakento or Merge VR. Just buy them on Amazon. But to be honest, it doesn’t really matter which Cardboard you choose as long as it fits with your phone. However, one thing I recommend to enhance the experience greatly is a Bluetooth controller. There are many options available, and they let you control the video you are watching without having to take the Smartphone out of the Headset.

The best VR Players for Android or iOS

To have a great experience, you will need the right VR Porn Player. There are a lot of options for both Android and iOS. The best options right now for Android is “AAA VR Cinema“. You can find more detailed information in the article linked in this text. For iOS, the best VR players are “Mobile VR Station” or “VR Player Free

Some providers, like VirtualRealPorn, offer their own Player which works great with their content. If you have a subscription at a provider that also offers a VR player, then download it.

Conclusion: Google Cardboard Porn

The Google Cardboard and its alternatives are great ways to start watching VR Porn. They offer the real Virtual Reality experience for a few bucks. An offer you really can’t easily turn down. If you are looking for good Google Cardboard Porn you can basically choose from all providers, you don’t have to mind anything special. One thing I do recommend to look for is the ability to stream. It will help you a lot if you don’t have unlimited disk space on you Smartphone. If you have the money getting an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive is a great idea for quality!

Summer Camp Reunion Lily Rader Scene