DorcelVR Review – The Luxury VR Porn Site

High-quality content but very small library. If you like the 2D porn also, go get it. Otherwise, maybe another site from the menu is better.

Quick and Easy: Is DorcelVR worth it?


  • High-quality content
  • Exotic pornstars
  • Great production value
  • Experienced company and renowned brand
  • Single video pruchase


  • Small library
  • No 4K videos

Visual Quality
Site and Extras
 The score has been determined by my rating system.

With the introduction of Virtual Reality, many of the so-called big name production houses have tried their hands at VR porn. While VR porn sites like  BaDoinkVR and WankzVR have become big hits, others such as Brazzers and Reality Kings are yet to enter. Marc Dorcel’s Dorcel Vision first tried to enter the space back in 2016 with a single video release. Let’s jump in and see, what’s become of this master porn-director in VR.


As I mentioned before, Dorcel VR first released its video in 2016. Back then it had two videos. At the time of writing this article, almost 18 months since that date, Dorcel VR has 3 videos. Yes! only 3!

That aside, Dorcel is one of the most quality-oriented porn producers and directors out there. He is known for beautiful luxurious costumes, elaborate stories, multi-cast sex scenes and extravagance in every other way.

dorcelvr videos

Since 1979, the guy has managed to keep pumping out beautiful art-like videos which have made him one of the most reputed directors in the business. The fact that he is French (stereotype, I know, but they do make the most romantic porn vids) only adds to his credibility of directing a porn scene.

He successfully retains those elements in VR as well. The performers are extremely hot and sought-after, while the content is hot and Dorcel-like. Right now, the three scenes (one of which is free) available on the site focuses on the experiences of being an actor, being an actress and being a porn director.

The length of the video is really short with average duration being 7 minutes. That is something Dorcel needs to work on and given their full-scale productions in 2D, the same can be expected in VR. As of now, Dorcel VR deserves a 3.5/5 for its limited, but quality content.

Visual Quality

The site advertises that all scenes are shot in 3D stereoscopic and 360-degree FOV. The videos are recorded at 60 fps and compatible with Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Homido VR only. PlayStation VR  and HTC Vive users will have to wait a bit longer. The videos are supported by binaural sound and make sure that your immersion is complete.

dorcelvr compatible headsets

The videos are currently shot in POV and Voyeur mode. While the scenes with one male performer had a POV camera position, multiple male performer scenes used voyeur style. The camera distance in the POV seemed quite appropriate. However, since all the scenes have multiple female casts, at any given point in time, there’s more than one sexual event happening in the video.

Since your FOV is limited, you would continuously need to swivel around the room to check out what’s happening with the other performers. For me personally, makes it kind of a turn-off, that I’d need to turn my head around, a few minutes or so. Alternatively, you can concentrate on one group/performer at a time and then re-play the video to watch the others.

An odd thing was that in one of the scenes, apart from the girls, there were, what seemed like live musicians as well. However, it’s nice to feel as if you’re in a high-end apartment with three extremely hot girls, all vying for your satisfaction.

Considering, the resolution, camera position, set and overall polish of the videos, I’ll rate them 4/5 for their visual quality.


Variety of the content is judged on two aspects – variety of plot/scenarios, a variety of models and sets.

There really isn’t much at this point, in terms of VR. For the non-VR content, there is a huge cast of the hottest and most exotic pornstars from around the world. There’s everything from Asian, Middle-Eastern, French, British, North American and Latin-American. Currently, the VR videos feature Anna Polina, Lucy Heart, Tara White and Jessie Volt.

dorcel vision variety

The content available with Dorcel Vision focuses on various kinds of kinks and fetishes like voyeurism, exhibitionism, bondage, incest, public sex and so much more. There’s basically no end to their erotic content.

On a whole, I’ll rate Dorcel VR a 3/5 for their variety in non-VR content, but lack of the same in VR (temporarily since the website suggests that new content will be available soon).


The update frequency for VR porn seems unusual for the time being. The 2D porn content is updated on a regular basis with exclusive videos being made available every 2 days.

Dorcel VR is known to for their taste of ‘luxure’ content, well-defined style, high-quality production values and upscale shoot locations. Add to that a huge catalogue of the most exotic pornstars available on Earth.

All that makes Dorcel VR a really safe bet for your investment earning them a 3/5 rating.

Site and Extras

The site design is pretty simple with the main focus being on highlighting the three videos that have been released (most probably for test purposes) and their features in VR.

Since the catalogue of videos is currently limited, it makes no sense for them to have a separate video listing for pornstar listing. All the videos are available right on the homepage. They do have dedicated pages which offer guides for using Dorcel VR content on more popular VR headsets.

dorcel vr orgy

One cause for criticism is their awfully long “we have been featured in…” section which has the list of logos of all publications that have covered Dorcel VR. Understandably it’s long, but there’s really no need to have them all on the home page since it adds limited value for the visitor.

Also, upon clicking the Download Video button, it does not lead to a payment gateway, rather redirect to the Dorcel’s main website. After landing there, there’s no guidance whatsoever regarding how the videos can be purchased.

Among the three videos, one of the videos is actually available for free while the other two are paid. For site and extras, I’ll rate this as a 3/5 for this segment.


Right now there are no subscription plans available. The two paid videos can be downloaded for €9.99 each. Single videos can be purchased! Billing is secure and anonymous.


A reputed and class porn-director/producer enters VR porn but is yet to truly make his mark. While there’s really no doubt about the quality of his videos, it remains to be seen how well they adapt to VR’s market demands.

dorcel video releases