StockingsVR – Review, Test and Experience

Erotic content with sexy lingerie. That’s StockingsVR!

Quick and Easy: Is StockingsVR worth it?


  • Contenido sensual y erótico de alta calidad
  • Estrellas pornográficas calientes
  • Contenido exclusivo
  • Bonus sites
  • Sexy lingerie


  • Infrequent release schedule
  • Falta la barra de búsqueda 

Calidad visual
Sitio y Extras

With the sudden boom in Virtual Reality, VR porn as a niche has suddenly been increasing at an exponential rate. New Sitios pornográficos con RV have been coming up targeting various niches and broad categories alike. Today, we review a site that especially features fetishes including lingerie, stockings, and panties. Is StockingsVR worth an investment? Let’s find out.

Their website changed a lot in the meantime and many more videos were added. Here’s a great new sample.

StockingVR shines with its Content

StockingsVR - Review, Test and Experience 5

There are currently about 60 videos live on the site. The intended niche of the site is very clear from the moment one steps into the website. They cater to all things girls, lesbian and even more so if its related to stocking, pantyhose and such.

The site focuses on shooting various kinks and fetishes with no clear boundary, which directly correlates to their mission of giving freedom to people to express themselves sexually, in whatever manner they deem fit.

Given that the site does not have any straight sex (sex between a man and a woman), the videos are shorter in length. The videos mostly vary between 8-13 minutes in length depending on a number of factors including time for foreplay, number of participants etc.

The content on the site can be termed as softcore due to their focus on foreplay, sensuality and erotica instead of sex positions and performance during intercourse. Those who like a good story or enjoy a long-drawn foreplay to build up the suspense are likely to find the content really captivating.

In fact, their videos are one the few that did not make me look scroll through the video and had me hooked till the very last. The performances during the video are scintillating and the actors are well aware of intricacies in creating an immersive performance. The actors focus on highlighting the fetish, slowly strolling their fingers around each other’s bodies, keeping eye contact with the camera y engaging in a sexual exploration that is sometimes rare in the VR porn niche.

Overall, a really good job and as of now, I’ll rate StockingsVR a 4.5/5 por su contenido.

Stockings VR has started to upload 6k videos recently, and the image quality has skyrocketed!

StockingsVR - Review, Test and Experience 6

The Visual Quality is good but nothing great

Los vídeos se graban en 60 fps y con sonido binaural disponible en sus videos también. Todos los videos vienen con Integración 3D. Los videos están todos filmados en el Campo de visión de 180 grados (FOV). Actualmente, el sitio apoya Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, GearVR, Cardboard, Daydream.

The video clarity is fuzzy with 2K Ultra HD that’s not enough resolution for VR. The editing of the videos seemed fine and had nothing for me to complain about.

The scale of the video is way too large. So, honestly, it’s not something that bothers me personally as I like zoomed in girls.

The position of the cameras is currently only in voyeur, sometimes with moving camera, which is understandable since they want the chemistry between the female performers to be captured. Considering, la resolución, la posición de la cámara, la configuración y el pulido general de los videos, los calificaré 3/5.

StockingsVR is doing everything to spice things up

La variedad del contenido se juzga en dos aspectos - a variedad de trama/escenarios, una variedad de modelos y escenarios.

The niche that they caters to is by its nature very limited. As a result, the natural permutation and combinations within the niche leads to pantyhose fetish, panty fetish, pussy licking, solo, dildo fucking, anal, strap-on etc.

An additional point that should be mentioned is that these videos either feature a solo girl or two girls in a lesbian scene. As such, there aren’t any male or transsexual performers on the site. As a result, the variety of the videos is restricted to positions and fetishes.

stockingsvr pornstars

There are a total of 19 girls performing on the website. The girls on the site are mostly European and lack ethnic diversity. There are, however, diversity in body types with buxom, petite, young, milf, redhead, blonde, skinny and voluptuous, all being a part of the site.

Por la variedad, I’ll rate StockingsVR a 4.5/5, as they do everything to spice up variety considering their niche.

Future: They need to catch up

The release frequency (or update frequency, as some call it) is infrequent. However, the site does release at least 1 video per week, despite not having a regular schedule.

The pornstars featuring on the site are mostly European and are slightly lesser known. Their most high-profile signing being Katy Gold, Angel Wicky and Nathaly Cherie. The video quality on the site is available on 2K ultra HD. As such, this presents a positive development from a paying customer’s point of view, but 4K or even 5K would be better, especially since most VR porn sites are now moving towards it.

However, the site has been growing at a steady rate. All things considered, I’ll rate the site 3.5/5 for their future.

Site and Extras: Trailers + Non-VR videos

The site has one of the more unorthodox designs that I’ve come across. The site has a video running in the main banner with a number of features or benefits being displayed in a box beside it. There are very few sites which can communicate the intent of the website promptly and StockingsVR is one of them.

stockingsvr video page with pricing

Below the main banner, there a navigation banner followed by the list of the videos available on the site. Their video display design is by far most unique since it does not have a video description section, tags, categories or name of the models.

If we hover the pointer over the video image, it does show the name, date and review rating of the video. If we click on it, it takes the user to a page dedicated to the particular video, which highlights the various positions and fetishes used in the video. It also provides a brief video description, an option to sign up for the site and stream the trailer as well.

The video listing and the pornstar listing both feature sorting options with Most Recent, Most Popular and alphabetical choices. The main options that remain missing with the site’s navigation are the ability to sort videos with position or fetish using tags and a search option.

stockingsvr extras

For extras, the site provides the ability to stream trailers. They also add another non-VR 2D site to the package whenever someone subscribes to them. Users will also have the option to subscribe to all the sites at a special price. Mira. su página de Twitter!

All things considered, I’ll rate them a 4.5/5 para los sitios y los extras.

Subscribing to StockingsVR

stockingsvr pricing

Las opciones de precio actualmente presentan monthly, 3 months and 6 months pricing slab. There are two pricing options available where StockingsVR and StockingVideos are sold as a single unit, while another pricing features all the eight sites in the network.

The sites are priced at $24.95, $19.98 and $14.99 per month for 30 days, 3 months and 6 months. All StockingGirl sites are available at $45, $33 and $25 per month for 30 days, 3 months and 6 months.

The billing process was clear and anonymous. I had no problems with the subscription and support is there to help! That’s how I like it 🙂

StockingsVR: Conclusion

Tienen un unique proposition, focusing only on a few specific niches and the sensuality of porn, rather than it’s grosser nature. While the target market might be limited when compared with other broad niche sites, the content on the site does more than enough to justify their proposals.

Los visual quality and overall content quality ensures that the porn is really enjoyable up until the moment of climax and not lost in its pursuit. For those who want to enjoy the subtleties of sexuality, StockingsVR is a must-try.