XStoryPlayer – Best Story Based VR Porn Game


XStoryPlayer is one of the few games that even offer a story and making the story one of the main achievements

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  • Great story options
  • Sensual interactions
  • Very erotic plots


  • Graphics can be improved


XStoryplayer in-school story

The graphics work done on the game, is surely a great experience. Along with the animation, it has enabled the game to truly rise beyond just being a 3D game. The hair, skin texture, character movements and anticipation have been truly well-designed. However, using newer technologies, could bring it closer to the top games in the industry. For graphics, I’ll rate the game 3.5/5.


The erotic and sensual appeal in a game is based on variety of factors. The graphics, story and interaction all combine together to form the erotic factor. The fact that the game prioritized story and interaction in the game, it allows the users to enjoy and connect with the incidents. As a result, it’s not only the sexual acts but the preceding events that add to the eroticism. For eroticism, I’ll rate XStoryPlayer a 4/5.


xstoryplayer doggy style

Once you have achieved that willingness, you can visit them anytime you want and fuck with them which is not possible when you haven’t played through the game. X Moon Productions promises a duration for each story of 5 – 7 hours which is huge – thankfully you can save your progress.

XStoryPlayer finally added Vive support – Rift was already provided – this year. Perfect for some HTC Vive 360 porn. A free demo is also available, but it is in an older version of the game which to my understanding doesn’t support virtual reality. For content, I’ll rate it 4/5.


You can interact with the girls by answering her questions or command her to “suck my dick”, unbutton her shirt, or even use toys, cages and other trapping constructions or an automatic sex machine with a vibrator or dildo attached. My first action was unbuttoning her shirt. What an amateur mistake, she left so I had to start over.

Gain her trust, and you will be rewarded gratefully. Pulling out your penis won’t help in the beginning either. Who would’ve thought? For interaction, XStoryPlayer gets 4/5.


xstoryplayer dominating secretary

XStoryPlayer is one of the few games that even offer a story and making the story one of the main achievements. Having that concept, the game is miles ahead in the sense of reaching that goal compared to games like SinVR, the number one porn game in our recently published top list. VRPornMania will take a look at one of the possible contenders for a future top spot.

So I talked about a story, but what is the story about? There are several ones to choose and play through, and their goal is the always the same: make a girl willing to fuck with you.

For each story, you can pick who you will embody and then jump right into the action. A thought bubble will give you some hints of what to try or where to go next but other than that you have to figure it out by yourself.

In one scene you have to calm the girl down because you kinda hold her kidnapped, in another, you are a photographer who helps her make an honest picture – then there’s the tentacle one which I won’t discuss here, you have to give it a shot yourself if you’re into that stuff. You can interact with the girls by answering her questions, unbutton her shirt, or even use toys or other machinery. For story, XStoryPlayer gets 4.5/5.


XStoryPlayer is currently under development by the publisher X Moon Productions and can be downloaded in the full version – now 3.5 – on their web presence for 18$ including any new 3.x updates. An upgrade to a possible future release 4 will then cost 9$.


Let’s talk about the minor flaws of the game. Every game has them, and they need to be declared. For me, it is the unpolished graphics, the strange expression of the girl’s faces and the grabbing animations. Other games like SinVR or the awesome looking Fallen Doll surpassed XStoryPlayer in the last year. Also, the version 3.5 has been released a long time ago, and we wait for future updates – thanks for the VR support though.

If you are like me, favorite a VR game with an actual story over sex simulations then this is the game for you. I can speak out a recommendation for XStoryPlayer. Let’s hope there will be an update soon.