Ever since some multi-billion-dollar companies found a way to induce virtual reality into something that can be perceived in 3D, there has been a host of developments across multiple verticals. Starting from programming, games and entertainment to quantum leaps being witnessed in adult entertainment, VR apps are now being developed even for dating and socialising.
The main reason that seems to be popping up for such widespread acceptance of the VR platform is its ability to bridge time and space and help people interact and experience. In such a versatile platform, it seems legitimate that anything and everything that can help solve a problem or ease an existing issue should be explored.
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The ability of VR to bring distance is being most widely used in adult entertainment and games. While people can play multiplayer games and experience incidents with great likeliness to realistic situations, in adult entertainment, companies have been able to take it even further. Some companies like Lovense and Kiiroo, have been able to develop interactive and immersive VR sex toys that help you have sex with another person who might be situated at the other end of the world.
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Similarly, there are a few companies that seem to be creating new trails in dating as well as socialising via VR. It seems that the main advantage of VR dating is the ability to interact with your intended date instead of looking at a picture and a list of likes and dislikes. In addition, it also helps save time and lets you take your date from the comfort of your home before you want to sit down face to face. In order to help guys, hone their communication skill sets, Cerevrum provides VR dating lessons that actually provides 12 interactive lessons. These lessons are intended to help a guy learn how to interact and talk to woman, so that she actually wants to date him.
cerevrum VR dating lessons
All this takes place in a VR environment (like a night club) where, just like in a game, the player is provided with hints and tips on how to move, where to look, how to speak, where to put your hand etc, on your intended female partner. Cerevrum had been a developer of public speaking and communication skills app. VR dating lessons are supposed to help guys learn how to approach a woman and actually get them to like you. Sadly, the team has been taking flak on twitter, due to its use of terminology in the game, where is indicates the females as ‘targets’.
However, VR dating also helps couples living in different cities to actually spend some quality time without having to travel thousands of miles. At least now, you won’t be home alone, while your partner is busy working on an assignment on Valentine’s day ????.
Some VR apps are providing a different experience all together. They look to provide experiences of visiting a new city or a monument or a club or any other experience, that you would like have with your partner. This is now known as feature dating and is being offered by a company called vTime.
vTime helps people experience ‘dates’ in the space, or the Canadian Great Plains or even underwater. vTime targets special locations to provide people an interactive experience, like co-gaming, where they can spend time with each other or interact with other people as well. These locations are mostly beautiful and breath-taking locations, that would make your date with your partner all the more special.
The 360-degree feature on vTime enables users to even take 360 photos and access it on the vTime app on their smartphone. Nice to have a memento of your beautiful rendezvous.
Online dating site, eHarmony, estimates that by 2040, VR would enable us to even smell and touch our partners on a VR date. Currently, developments in motion-tracking, head-tracking etc, already allows users to feel as if their entire environment has changed. All of this is still in 2D, even though it projects a 3D environment. It begs to wonder, what kind of an experience VR dating might evolve to, if the current rate of innovation continues.
Let’s take a look at some other innovations that are looking to change how we experience the world and our relationships today.

VR Dating and VR Social Apps


ConVRge Dating App
ConVRge was a VR hangout place, where users could create their own avatars and spend time together around the fireplace or likely environments. The program was created by two talented programmers. However, due to various issues, and despite of good community support, the enterprise is shutting down.
The VR graphics wasn’t super premium, but the environment made for a good social VR application.


VRChat Socializing
VRChat lets you hangout and chat with friends on a VR environment. Currently, the application is built on Unity SDK and lets you choose from 6 VR environments. You can create your own avatar
You can also create your own chatrooms and VR worlds and add your friends or join existing chatrooms.


ALTspaceVR is the leading VR social media. It lets you meet real people of the platform, attend live events, organise events, play games with your friends and just hangout. There are currently over 30 activities to choose from including golf, painting, jukebox, play dungeons and dragons, enjoy a laugh riot with comedy and many more.
It currently supports Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and 2D Mode on Mac or PC. What’s even better, is that its compatible with Perception Neuron and Leap Motion.

Oculus Social

Oculus Social Room
Oculus Social or Oculus Rooms, is an initiative to help people socialise on a VR platform. As obvious, the initiative is started by Oculus and it looks to entertain users with a range of featured content. Currently, the way it is configured, users can use either Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR to invite and hangout with up to 8 friends.
Users can watch movies, play or stream other content and enjoy it with the whole group. It is thought to be integrated with Facebook at some point of time down the line.


Oculus Social is an initiative to help people socialise on a VR platform. As obvious, the initiative is started by Oculus and it looks to entertain users with a range of featured content. Currently, the way it is configured, users can use either Oculus or Samsung Gear VR to invite and hangout with up to 8 friends. As of now, VR presents a unique opportunity just like the internet once did, when it first arrived. It has opened new dimensions and there are endless opportunities to engage and help people around the world. VR dating is only an aspect of it but it seems ‘love’ is the next big thing on VR.
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