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Virtual Reality Porn is growing by leaps and bounds. And sites which started a year to year-and-a-half back are really starting to see the potential. As the cost of → VRヘッドセット decreases, the demand for VR porn keeps increasing. In this review, we run VirtualPornDesirethrough our rating system and see where it stands.

Quick and Easy: Is VirtualPornDesire worth it?
  • 高品質なコンテンツ
  • Real sex from performers
  • New camera angles
  • Hasn’t been updated for some time
  • 余分なものやおまけはありません。


Content of VirtualPornDesire

At the time of writing this article, the total tally for →長編VRポルノビデオ サイト上で利用可能 stands at 38. The site is over a year old and has slowly grown its catalogue with time. They do not cater to any specific niche and seems to be a site that looks to delve into various types of fetishes without sticking too long with it.

Most of the videos on offer cannot be actually categorised as a distinct kink/fetish/ニッチ(→ベストVRポルノビデオ. Since role-play is used on an occasional basis, most videos are kind of based on background stories like hottie meets hunk by the pool または girlfriend got boyfriend horny in the morning. So, it’s kind of vanilla stuff, but the content quality is what rescues the site.

busty babe angelina masturbates in her sexy stocking

Personally, I think the handling of the content and their actors is what’s going to set them apart from the competition. Their handling of voyeur content in some cases has been exceptional, especially because they have been successful in using the floating camera rig to capture each and every aspect of the fuck scene and deliver a surreal experience to the user.

Since most VR porn sites offer stationary camera rigs, it can be frustrating to continuously see only one angle of pornstar and then wait for the pornstar to change their position.

lesbian adventure with gina gerson

Additionally, I found that some scenes have foreplay which is almost missing in VR porn, except some very top sites. In fact, they even have videos that are prequels and sequels to a particular background story. Additionally, there are a few series which even focus on foreplay and sex separately.

The average length of the video is around 20-22mins, so that’s not too bad. The sex itself in really hot and the actors are even encouraged to be real, instead of play acting.

My main issue is that they lack consistency. The treatment of camera angles is not consistent neither is their treatment of plot. If this can be improved, I guess, we’ll see a much better offering.

Based on the quality of content and quantity I’ll rate VirtualPornDesire a 3.5/5 for content.


In terms of visual quality, they offer 3D立体視 videos which feature 1420-1660p resolution. The videos are shot at 180-degree FOV. All the videos are shot in 60fps. The trailers and full-length videos that are available for downloads are categorised as per the VR headset devices: -> Oculus Rift, → HTC Vive, -> Google Cardboard, → PlayStation VR そして → Samsung GearVR.

virtualporndesire video description landing page

While most of the videos are shot in POV mode, there are some which are in Voyeur. In Voyeur mode, most videos are shot with a stationary camera rig, though a select few feature the floating camera as well.

のです。 image clarity and execution is at par with the industry average and I didn’t find anything to complain about. The lighting was just as required and the videos didn’t seem to be underlit or over-exposed.

のです。 sets used in the videos do not seem to be repeated, though a small degree of repetition is acceptable. In some videos, the costumes do not seem convincing enough and a better job could have been done.

One issue is the カメラの距離, which in a few videos seem to be at fault. Other than that, there are no other issues. The overall polish is really good and the videos seem to be really immersive.

検討中です。 解像感、カメラポジション、セット、全体的な完成度の高さ of the videos (-> Top 10’s by category)を評価します。 4/5のビジュアルクオリティー.

zazzie is hungry for a hard dick

Variety of Content on VirtualPornDesire

コンテンツの多様性は、以下の2つの側面から判断されます。 様々なプロット・シナリオ、様々なモデル・セット.

The plots or scenarios in the videos do not have any particular inclination. They have a tendency to take a very simple story, for example, that of a girl and guy on the poolside and then make it into a very hot porn video simply with the help of the performer’s acting and camera angles.

On the other hand, this also increases the risk of a lot of generic content. If the acting is not up to par or the chemistry is not that sizzling, the video can turn out to be a turn-off. The POV videos with the stationary rig are more prone to such mishaps.

Most of their content comes from vanilla stuff like a school teacher, solo, MMF threesome, massage, nurse and parodies.

virtualporndesire models

The pornstar roster on the site feature models mostly of European descent and lacks variety. Currently, there are 21 models on the site. While there are some options available with diversity in hair colour and body type, most of it is negligible. There’s hardly any true -> Milf or big tit model on the site. Similarly, there’s only ひとつ →アジア model そして ノー → Ebony.

The sets used in the videos were convincing enough and it seemed that there was genuine thought behind the choices. On a whole, I’ll rate VirtualPornDesire a 3/5 を使用しています。

Future of Virtual Porn Desire

The site currently updates 1 new video each week. With increased competition, once a week release has become somewhat of a minimum requirement in the VR porn space. The team behind the site are, however, very prompt on improving user experience and offerings on the site.

Based on multiple reviews and suggestions, the site has vastly improved their navigation, direction and content quality. Even though the pornstars featured (Amirah Adara, Shona River, Olivia Jager, Nataly Gold, Anina Silk and Cindy Loarn) are not household names, they are still very hot and eager to make an impression.

They seem to have stopped releasing for now. So, if you’re going to buy a subscription, chances are it would not be misplaced money. サイトの評価は2/5です。 このセグメントの

VirtualPornDesire - VR Porn Site with Real Sex 1


The site features one of the most basic designs and list of functionalities, I have seen in this space. There’s no main banner on the homepage. In fact, what works as the Videos/Scenes page on other sites, is actually the home page here. The Scenes link on the main menu also redirects to the home page.

So a new visitor will have to actually go through at least a few of their videos to understand their offerings and there’s no ready-made info available.

Ease of access though is pretty high. The site features three options at the top of the page to help increase or decrease the number of videos being displayed on a single page. Additionally, the banner on the top also displays the total number of videos live on the site そして number of performers featured on the site. Both are useful info.

virtualporndesire sorting options pornstar page

There’s also a 検索バー on the top navigation bar which lets you search the site if you already know what you’re looking for.

The video listing features the main video screenshota small description, few tags, free trailer and information regarding compatibility of VR headset devices. There’s also a small overlay on the main image that shows the preferred position to view the scene and other info like fps (frames per second) and resolution of the site.

For extras, the site offers free trailers and a section to help understand how to watch videos in VR best. There are no other discounts or free access as such. サイトやエキストラに I’ll rate this as a 3.5/5.

Is the Billing Safe and Secure?

virtual porn desire pricing

VirtualPornDesire provides three subscription options to its users – Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. The monthly subscription is priced at $14.99円/月.四半期ごとのサブスクリプションは、3ヶ月ごとに請求され costs $39.99.

一方、年間サブでは、1回の支払いで $89.99 every 12 months.


The site offers a great mix of non-VR treatment of scene with the immersion of VR porn. It lacks in consistency and going by how the team has improved, it is likely to improve on that as well.

VirtualPornDesire - VR Porn Site with Real Sex 2

Additionally, it has done a great job of championing some fresh faces and ‘real sex’ by asking performers not to fake it.

Frankly, that shows in the videos as well and as a viewer, you can almost feel it. If they can work on providing more videos per week and putting up some freebies as well, it might as well be the deal of the century. But considering the websites no longer seems to be updated I would recommend looking for other porn websites from our best sites (-> All sites ranked).

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