The Onyx and the Pearl – No, these names are not related to Pokemon. Instead, they stand for the newest technology in internet controlled VR sex toys. The Onyx is for him and resembles a remote controlled fleshlight. The Pearl is the counterpart, and you might have guessed it already: a remote controlled dildo.

There are toys like a complete sex suit for VR which – let’s be honest – look incredibly stupid. Luckily enough, the Onyx from KIIROO is here!

Kiiroo Onyx Full Pack
The AVN is over, and we bring you the newest tech that will spice up your virtual sexperience. Excellent representatives of this category are remote controlled sex toys. These are for example mechanically driven dildos that are connected to a smartphone. The person controlling the smartphone can choose the vibration – or, on a higher level, the movement – of the sex toy. If you are interested, check out the Irena from Realov.
Realov Irena
Remote via Bluetooth means, that the user has to be in the same room as the dildo. For the next generation, however, this is no restriction will be gone. The Internet controlled VR sex toys have arrived! These products were officially developed for couples in love to share romantic moments over a long distance. We had other things in mind, so we were thrilled to arrive at the desk of KIIROO, the maker if the next generation of remote controlled sex toys.

The Onyx by KIIROO – a remote controlled fleshlight!

Who doesn’t wish for a sex robot that fulfills your dirtiest fantasies? Now, the solution is here and more simple than you have ever imagined: an internet controlled fleshlight that is attached to your penis. VR porn synced with this technology would be amazing! Is she riding slowly? Then the fleshlight will reduce the pace. In the future, the fleshlight could also sync with products like the anime girl Nanai.

A video synced fleshlight is what we need for VR Porn!

So, are the Onyx and the Pearl able to sync with any content? That was the question that burned on our lips. Our demands were answered, as the new products from KIIROO will get support for any input from the internet shortly. That is also due to one of the companies co-founders who owns a webcam service. He wants to use the new toys for a new way to be treated live on the internet. A live penis massage!

The VR sex toys Onyx and the Pearl look more like a premium, but still regular, fleshlight and dildo. Therefore, one might wonder where the input for the control is situated. The most intuitive way would be a touch control, meaning that if she touches the Pearl, the motion is transferred to the Onyx. Well, this is exactly how the device functions: the Pearl is the remote for the Onyx and vice versa. Right now, the Onyx and the Pearl are sold as sets of two. But when used with a VR porn movie, we obviously need only one device.

A single device starts at $149 for the Pearl and $360 for the Onyx. They are purchasable today! However, we believe that this price is very low for a product of such a high technological level. Therefore, it is questionable whether the physical feeling is fulfilling our – yet extremely high – expectations. Hence, we have to wait for tests and reviews on this topic. Once the upgrade for VR porn synchronization arrives, we will do a review on our own. Nevertheless, this is a significant step towards real toys synched with virtual genitals. We are looking forward to more products in this direction and hope for rising demands.

Nothing drives technology more than the demand of the crowd. And the VR porn crowd is huge!

This was not everything we will present you from the AVN so stay tuned.

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