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The sister site, WankzVR, is the best VR Porn site. And, MilfVR is the best Milf VR Site!

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  • High-quality content
  • Good visual clarity
  • Best Pornstars
  • Great variety of scenes and models
  • Works on every device
  • Onsite forum


  • Site navigation is limited
Visual Quality
Site and Extras
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This is the number one Milf VR porn site. Simple as that!

MilfVR is a new Virtual Reality porn website that focuses on one of the most lustful niches in porn. It is owned by Wankz and works as a sister site to WankzVR, Teen Girls, Lethal Pass, Wankz, and In our VR porn reviews, like WankzVR, we saw how it is one of most value-driven websites in the industry. Let’s take a deep look at the website and explore what makes it tick!

Content – THE Place to Find Milfs

busty milf in milfvr scene

They released their first video on 16th February 2017 and have since then added 80 more scenes to their collection. The theme of this niche website is somewhat broad, since various different other niches can intermingle in the same scene. This provides scope for more versatility and produce content for a larger market. But it also retains the ability to attract those who are driven particularly to this niche.

The ‘milf’ niche has been around for some time and there are major websites that have been producing content for a long time. As a result, it’s very easy to produce something that has already been seen. The plots used in the videos shows a lot of versatility instead of blindly copying or producing ‘inspired’ content from other competitors in the niche.

There are many natural extensions used in the videos which are normally ignored to produce content on the same sub-plots like mom-alone-at-home, milf-in-bath, sports, office etc etc. Instead they use extensions and natural sub-plots like mom-with-hungover-sons-friend-after-party or milf-with-private-investigator (hired by the jealous husband to gather evidence ????). Such plots are quite fresh and still have a lot of scope.

cougar kagney lynn carter fucked in milfvr

The costumes, props and sets used are not at all poorly thought out and represent a pretty realistic situation, no matter what the scene is. In addition, the sets and props are actually quite well-used as opposed to other hardcore videos, where performers tend to forget the plot once they get naked.

One of the constructive points though (not negative, since many niche sites seem to be doing the same thing) is that they release only 1 scene per week.

Given the quality of the content, my rating for MilfVR based on content has to be 5/5.

Visual Quality –  What You See is What You Get

The site offers streaming and download options at 60fps. There are no options at 30fps. GearVR, Oculus and Vive have videos at 1080p and 1600p. The 1080p lack clarity and can seem pixelated, but the 1600p are much better. It does not have that watching-on-the-screen effect that normal videos have and lets the viewers immerse into the videos better.

As a result, when you see a milf pressing her boobs in front of you or if she has a face sitting position in front of the cameras, you get to see all her nooks and crannies just as you would like to.

chanel preston reverse cowgirl on milfvr

The camera distance however, is something I have an issue with. While in some videos the distance has been mastered, other videos make the female model seem too far away. It’s like one of those cases, when your mother used to ask you to sit further from the TV and you had to literally squint to see everything bigger.

So, a small point of improvement for the team to keep in mind, for an otherwise superb use of the camera distance to ensure clarity. For this, I’ll rate MilfVR at 4.5/5 for visual clarity.

Variety – Let’s Not Get Bored!

This is one of the areas I’m afraid of most, when I’m reviewing niche sites. Niche sites tend to restrict themselves in a very strict perimeter, which often makes the content monotonous. As a result, the videos tend to lose the novel factor and become boring.

big tit ebony milf bridgette b at milfvr

MilfVR does not face the same issues. I was very impressed with the pornstar roster, where instead of using only older, mature and buxom models, they chose to use older and relatively younger models. There are petite as well as big tit models. Redhead, brunette and blonde are all there as well. In addition, there’s Ebony, Caucasian and Asian models used as well. So basically, a wide range of body-types and ethnic decent have been covered, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

In addition, there’s use of models who have been quite successful in both hardcore porn movies and independent adult films as well. This also expands the target market and adds an extra attraction for me.

The plot for the scenes have a variety of storyline and is yet to repeat a similar plot. Most of the scenes use natural extensions and sub-plots with milf as the pivotal character. As a result, it’s easier to enjoy.

For variety, I’m more than happy to give MilfVR a perfect 5 rating – 5/5.

What’s in store for the Future?

Given the maturity with which this new site has been handled, shows the experience and professionalism of the team at Wankz. The niche has been subtly studied to produce high clarity, high quality content with some of the sexiest performers in the industry.

The company behind this site is the same as behind WankzVR, our test winner. They are the most subscribed and best VR site out there and thus I’m sure the future of MilfVR looks the same: Bright!

The future of MilfVR looks bright – with WankzVR behind the site. 5/5

Website Design and Extras

The site uses a pretty simple and not-so-interesting colour scheme. The layout of the site and navigation is visible and is home to video list, pornstar list, forum (discussions; this is visible only when you are logged in) and a help centre. Basically covering, all that you would need to navigate and use their service.


The display of the latest scenes is very vivid and offers information on the VR devices supported, the primary link and mirror link (for downloading), stream link, scene description, screenshots, popularity rating (by user’s choice) and tags. When logged in, you can also comment and vote for the particular scene, if you wish to.


Such information helps to ensure that whatever info you require to make your decision while choosing a video, are all available on the same page. Most websites do not organise the information carefully, leaving user decision making a haphazard process.

The availability of a forum for discussing the likes and dislikes, your favourite pornstar or providing feedback, helps to ensure that there is a constant community being developed. It also aids in getting immediate help from the MilfVR team and ensuring that your subscription money is used in producing content that you like.


My only criticism would be the absence of a search bar. It seems pretty odd that when you intend to have a large database of videos, pornstars and category tags, it makes sense that the same should be easily searchable.

Even though it’s still in the growing phase, I would still need to spend a minute or so using their pagination to find a particular model or video. That is not something, people particularly enjoy.

As a result, I rate MilfVR a 4.5/5 for their site and other extras they offer.


MilfVR offers four options for its membership – 2 Day trial, 1 Month, 3 Month and 12 Months. While the 2 Day trial costs only $1.99 and provides access to 1 video, the monthly costs only $14.95 per month. Currently, the 3 months and 12 month has a special 11% and 56% discount costing only $13.32 and $6.57 per month respectively.


If you’re looking to dip a bit deeper, you’ll get both MilfVR and WankzVR in a combined bundle of only $29.95 per month. If you’re looking to pay every 3 months, you’ll save 22% right now and pay only $23.22. The yearly subscription though is the cheapest with a huge 62% discount and costs only $11.50 per month for both the websites.

Do not be afraid to pay for porn! It is easy, safe and anonymous.

Those are professional sites and I have never had a problem with my membership.

What’s the Verdict?

MilfVR has been successful in establishing itself with its beautifully shot hardcore performances. It is one of the best VR Milf porn websites online right now. And the reason for its performance, can be easily seen in this review as well.

It’s an extremely well-thought out venture that offers that best of the class to the viewers at the best possible price. I’m pretty stoked with my MilfVR membership and am looking forward to all its goodies in the weeks to come. If you’re out looking for a premium, yet inexpensive, VR milf porn website, get onto MilfVR now! You’ll never regret it!