In this week’s special, we take a look at how BaDoinkVR and it’s cousins are slowly evolving. The changing VR porn landscape has required various players to adopt to the market conditions. While some have over-invested in their convictions, others have learnt when to take a loss and move on. Our special coverage of BaDoinkVR group comes at the aftermath of their recent BabeVR announcement. However, this opinion piece is not related to only BabeVR, but how BaDoink is changing and how it affects the subscribers.

The Return of KinkVR

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I have been an ardent follower of Kink on 2D and the same on VR as well. However, we all know how KinkVR just stopped producing videos a few months back. The reason was probably due to low subscription volume on the site and they couldn’t just keep making videos any more.

However, if you’re not aware of it already, KinkVR is back and ready to boom. The reason is that they have been taken over by Badoink now. Badoink has reset the site totally, except the aesthetics and niche. They still serve pure lusty BDSM content, but looks much more professional in the control of Badoink. The site design has been updated and brought under the same template as all other Badoink sites.

They recently re-released all the content that was previously on the site. They start dripping it in November 2018 but have now gained full production capabilities as of now. Currently, the are releasing one new exclusive video every week. Depending upon the acceptance that rate might increase. But what’s heartening is that they are producing content on the same lines and niche as Kink was before.

Plus a host of hot pornstars have made their way back to Kink including Dee Williams, Isabella Nice, Nikki Darling, Arabelle Raphael, Skylar Snow, Dresden, Penny Pax, Mia Little and London River. So if you like to see your favourite pornstars fisted, ass fucked, hog-tied, spanked and all other kinds of kinky stuff, you know where to look. Not only that, Badoink has upgraded the resolution to 5K for all videos on VR now.

The acquisition showcases how deep Badoink are investing to ensure that their presence in VR porn turns to dominance. Till now, they’ve had presence in teen, cosplay, erotica and hardcore porn niches. Kink’s acquisition extends it to BDSM as well.

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BabeVR Moves On

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However, their expansion comes with an element of added risk. Not all bets work out. For example, BabesVR recently announced that they will be stopping production and no new videos will be released. This is primarily due to site economics. However, it was positive to see that they are looking to pivot to a new idea and new niche already, instead of shutting shop. The site management announced on Reddit mentioning the reasons for the closure and also asked for advice on new niches.

What’s interesting was their openness to try new things. As a VR porn enthusiast, you know that there’s only so much variety going around. Some sites offer the same vanilla content that’s been going around. However, this shift in thinking shows that there will always be something exciting happening at the house of Badoink. Additionally, there’s also RealVR which saw BadoinkVR sites as one of the first adopters.

It goes on to show how deep-tied Badoink are in this industry and why despite short-term failures and challenges, they will always be one of the most popular studios in the industry.