The Virtual Reality verse is slowly gaining mainstream credibility. The VR porn niche started the process towards bringing it mainstream and coupled with Google’s Cardboard release, VR soon became readily available for everyone. While the main core of VR geeks stuck to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Oculus’s move to release Go was seen as Facebook’s attempt to bring it to the masses.

However, it’s still in nascent stage considering there’s as much content in VR as it is available in 2D. Today, we bring you a few recent developments which will surely help VR on it’s way to higher echelons of acceptance. 

#2: VR Esports Tournament for The Unspoken

The Unspoken is a quite a popular game on the Oculus Rift. It allows players to become the next Doctor Strange and cast spells as they battle wizards from all over the world. The game lets you battle against players and engage in spell-casting. Those who have played it call is extremely addictive.

It’s even been described as the closest way to become Doctor Strange, though there’s no official connection with the character. The way the Oculus motion controllers work, lends a realistic touch to the spell-casting action. This in turn makes the game feel really smooth and immersive.

Now, Microsoft, Oculus and Insomniac Games have come together to organise an e-sports tournament for this game. It’s the kind of event usually reserved for 2D games only. But now, VR gaming enthusiasts can take their action on to the big stage. Expectedly, there might be some gaming pros originating from VR pretty soon. Hope this trend catches on with the other VR games out there as well.

#Rumour Alert – Popular FPS game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is gearing up for VR. There are rumours that they are testing the game on VR and might soon release a version. Imagine being in a simulated FPS combat game!

#1: Sony To Release Iron Man VR Game

Sony generally doesn’t announce anything related to Marvel unless it’s Spiderman. But after the recent success of the new Spiderman game, Sony has now brought some more good news for Marvel fans. In its State of the Play event, Sony announced an Iron Man VR game for it’s PlayStationVR platform.

The game lets you suit up as Iron Man and take on some of the nastiest villains in the Marvel-verse. The video shows that the plot is set in the post-Vision timeline where Friday is now Iron Man’s go-to assistant.

Tony Stark is on his jet flying to a meeting when a glitch in Friday’s hologram alerts to a danger. He suits up and jets his way to save the day. It looks interesting, but again kind of limited. The exciting part is you get the HUD-type display that we see on Robert Downey Jr. in the current Iron Man. You get blow things up, shoot down missiles and save the day.

However, a little bit more could be done, especially considering its VR. Then again, this is just a short teaser. The final product might look entirely different.