Is “Netflix and chill?” the best pick-up line on Tinder? Speaking from experience, I can tell you it is. Well, VRPornMania is no flirt blog. We’re here because of porn and porn games. Pornflix and chill is all about said scenario. You’re watching Pornflix – simply a porn stream – with a girl, casually hanging out and then banging her. Sounds awesome!

Who doesn’t want to chill out with a girl who watches porn with you?

Pornflix and chill – Roomscale VR Porn

Pornflix and chill is programmed by an Indie developer named VRPlayerOne. As of right now, you can only support adult content on Patreon, so he just joins the party and offers his releases to the 3 dollar supporter. Being an early alpha build – released in January this year – we can expect the game to evolve even as we speak right now.

pleasure her

You start off in a room where a girl stands, watching Pornflix on a giant TV. Not bad, not bad at all. You see her from the back having nice curves and peering at you. She notices you, or at least her eyes are focused in your direction – which might get across creepy when you are in a weird angle towards her.

Different than your usual porn from WankzVR or Naughty America, roomscale VR porn lets you walk around the room. Great for porn with HTC ViveYou can enjoy every perspective of the girl, that you want – overstepping the boundaries of 180° and 360° VR porn videos.

TV Program

Graphics and first Impression

Pornflix and chill implement a few new things I haven’t seen from any VR game yet. Very refreshing: You can perform running movements with your arms while holding your trackpad and you walk forward, stopping the “teleport movement” hype. Another nice extra was a camera which can show you the perfect view while sitting on the couch – for the lazy among yourselves! Furthermore, there’s a feature where you can lock-in the position of the lying around dildo with your real dick by fixating the controller in your belt. There’s even voice recognition implemented where you can discuss which porn to watch next.

Masturbation in 3D

The porn scenes on the TV – which you can switch with a virtual remote lying next to you – are in good quality. The level of detail of your surroundings is high, the furniture and rest of the room looks modern and genuine. The girl is well designed and detailed, too. For my taste, her hair looked a bit artificial, and her creepy looks let me focus on her tits and ass. And those are enormous. Well, if you changed the breast size – which you can do – to enormous 😉 You can also touch and grab nearly all her body parts with your animated hands. This however often came across making much more fun than it should be – apart from the breasts, it can get quite unrealistic. Being able to choose sex positions like the doggy or missionary you can interact with her animated vagina with your dildo. Great stuff.

What did you say Blue eyes

Conclusion – Pornflix and Chill worth it?

Pornflix and Chill is available for 3$ in its actual release version. For that price, I can recommend the game because it was a solid experience. The theme is awesome, the girl’s body looks amazing, and you can watch Pornflix! I hope VRPlayerOne will change her face in future releases to make her look more realistic. Another thing is the exaggerated physics which need to be scaled down – a lot!