SexBabesVR – VR Porn Site with Sexiest Petite Babes

SexBabesVR has been around for some time now. Even though, the majority of the market is dominated by big wigs like WankzVR, NaughtyAmericaVR and BaDoinkVR, independent and non-network sites such as SexBabesVR have also been successful in making a name for themselves and reaching out to the average VR porn lovers.
Quick & Easy: Is SexBabesVR worth it?

  • Releases 2 new scenes every week
  • High quality content
  • Good visual clarity
  • Hot and fresh new talent
  • Great variety in scenes and models
  • Help section for respective VR headsets
  • Negatives
  • Site navigation is limited
  • Audio clarity is poor
  • Camera distance is an issue
Visual Quality
Site and Extras
The score has been determined by my rating system.

Content of

The content offered by a site is one of the most critical factor when making a purchase decision. Some of the factors I use to decide whether the content makes sense for me are – quantity, niche, plot and production quality.

Quantity of Content

SexBabesVR released their first video on September 6th, 2016. It’s a strange irony that it’s their first anniversary at the time of writing this review. Currently, they have 92 VR videos available for their members. Given their tenure of operation and the fact that they are a non-network independent site, 92 videos is a commendable offering.
They release two new scenes every week, basically at a gap of 4 days. It’s nice to see such consistency at the production level and exhibit professionalism. For a potential subscriber, it shows that the money is being spent in the right place.


Strangely enough, these guys haven’t really focused on any specific niche that is very mainstream but opted for a somewhat broad area – Babes. This is evident from the model line-up as well. Each and every one of the 58 models used on site currently as extremely beautiful and sexy. They are, what you would rightly call, a babe.


The video plots and screenplay however, play around a variety of sub-niches like taboo, bdsm, office, reality sex, massage, masturbation and even virtual sex. There is a nice distribution of videos around these plots which makes each porn experience different from another.
Another bonus point, when compared to sites like MilfVR, WankzVR and HoloGirlsVR is that since there is no preponderance with body type or plot, there is much more variety of content available.


The sets, costumes and locations used in porn affect the quality of content. The sets used in the videos seem very organic, whether its living room scene or a bedroom scene and do not exude that typical mainstream porn film aura.
However, technically, there are some points that should be addressed immediately. In some positions, especially doggy and missionary, the distance of the model from the camera was more than the optimum range.
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In such a case, when I look down and I want to get the entirety of the model’s body within my viewing range, the boundaries of the 180-degree FOV is also visible. This is not what I want to see, when I am trying to concentrate on the curves of her ass.
However, there is a lot of inconsistency/variety (depends on how you want to see it) in how the videos are shot. The scene progression is different and suggests that there are various producers with independent styles how are shooting these scenes.
Even though, the models are all very beautiful and fresh for VR, they lack fluidity. This can also be attributed to the director and the screenplay. Most scenes do not build up the plot and there is significant lack of dialogues. As a result, the chemistry between the male and the female model is not apparent to the viewer.
The videos, though very sexy (primarily due to the sex appeal of the talent) have much scope for improvement and could be more enjoyable.


As a result, it doesn’t bother me much that I can offer a 4/5 for content to SexBabesVR. They provide enough in terms of quantity of videos and space of improvisation within the niche, but with certain room for improvement in production.

Visual Quality of SexBabesVRs Videos

This section will be judged on the basis of resolution, audio quality and visual clarity.

Available resolutions

The videos are available at 60fps, while there are no streaming options, downloading options are available for Gear VR, Vive, Rift, PlaystationVR, and Cardboard. Vive and Rift users can enjoy 4K resolution videos while the other VR headsets have options for both high quality resolution and low-quality resolutions, depending upon their preference

Visual Clarity

The visual clarity seemed more than decent. There weren’t any obvious signs of pixilation (beyond what is normally accepted as of now) and the light and colour treatment in the post production helped as well.
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In some positions however, the camera handling left much to be desired. Positions such as doggy and missionary saw the model move away from the camera, which in turn affected the viewing experience. The female model seemed too far away in such situations.

Audio Quality

The same could not be said for their audio quality. Sound recording was below average where in many sections of the video, the dialogues are inaudible. This is something which should be rectified immediately.


The camera handling and audio quality needs improvement, which is why I’ll rate this section at 4/5, even though the video quality is above average.

SexBabesVR and its Variety

Variety remains a very important factor to ensure that it doesn’t get boring and you get your money’s worth. There are two different sections we look at for variety – plot and models.

Variety in Plot

SexBabesVR has shown great diversity with respect to video plot. There is a balanced distribution among bdsm, taboo, office, hardcore, reality sex, massage and many such plots.
In addition, there is a virtual sex scenario which has been used multiple number of times. These usually showcase a solo scene with teasing and virtual sex.

Variety in Models

The models used are all very pretty. The ‘babe’ theme has been consistently taken care of throughout the process. Even so, there is a healthy distribution in talent sourced from Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.
There are blondes, brunettes and redheads, apart from the typical big tits and petite models. Basically, a wide lot of stars to choose from to get your motor running ????.


For the variety displayed in choice of models and storyline, I rate SexBabesVR at 5/5.

The sites Future

The team released their first video a year back (from the time of writing this article). And have till date worked with 58 models and released over 92 videos.
During these 12 months, they have shown great dexterity in shooting variety of scenes with top models across variety of plots.
However, there’s still a long way to go to reach the major leagues. Camera handling is poor in places, specifically for a few sex positions. They still have to figure out how to get the camera distance correct.
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Similarly, audio is below par and it really messes with the experience if you can’t hear what the girl is saying. Basically, there the production team still have some work to do.
As a final verdict, SexBabesVR are a promising independent site that has the potential to be a major contender. They do have their work cut out for them, though. I’ll rate a 3.5/5 for SexBabesVR future potential.

Site and Extras

The website design and look feel is suited to teenage girls and is portrayed with their pink, blue and yellow template. The design though is unorthodox in a few aspects.
The landing page also works as the video list page and showcases the latest and most popular scenes as well. However, there’s no tag, scene description or category information on these videos.
Even in the scene information pages (that’s the page you are redirected to when you click on View More) there is no description about the video and its background. This seemed pretty odd to me.
There are no options to stream video like most websites offer. As a result, there is only download options available for your respective VR headset. This information though is displayed distinctly in the scene details page.   There aren’t any streamed trailers on the site as well. You need to download every trailer to watch it. In fact, for window shoppers, there isn’t anything other than a static screenshots, like shown above.
Category tags available only in scene information page. Oddly placed and does not help with navigation. The average attention span of a user is less than 1 min and usually a visitor would like to proof through as much content as possible. In such cases, accessibility is a main issue.
There are no sorting options for video. For model lists, there’s only alphabetical, rating and recent sorting options. Position based filtering options not available.
Lastly, search bar not available and there are no additional sites included in the subscription. This makes navigation frustrating if you’re looking for something specific. My rating for sites and extras is 2/5.


There are three billing options currently available – monthly (billed every month), quarterly (billed once every 3 months) and annually (billed once every year). The monthly costs $24.95 per month, while quarterly costs a one-time payment of $59.95, averaging about $19.98 every month.
The annual subscription offers the most savings with the average monthly sub costing at around $8.33 per month. It’s billed as a one-time payment of $99.99 only.


SexBabesVR offers a fresh breeze of pretty faces in VR porn. They have some really hot and fresh talent that haven’t performed with most other sites.
Their content quality is by far their best feature, and if you’re looking for a nice variety of hot VR porn, this should be your pick.
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