With all the big boys in porn jumping on the VR ship, in addition to the standalone sites, VR porn consumers have suddenly found themselves with lots of options. Whether it is milfs, lesbians, trannies, cosplay, BDSM or any other fetish that you like, a wise bet is that there’s a VR porn site catering to that niche.
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The problem now is in finding good quality content, rather than finding content. Since all sites that release exclusive VR porn have some kind of subscription mechanism, it only stands to reason that you pay only for the best content.
This is where SexLikeReal serves as a foundation for all your VR porn consumption. But before, we get to a deep review; let’s understand SLR’s basic features:

  • Premium VR Porn video aggregation
  • Free VR Porn video aggregation (Full Videos)
  • Advanced sorting mechanism
  • Plug-and-play SLR app
  • In-built video alignment fixes

Content on SLR

At the time of writing this review, SexLikeReal aggregates video content released by 69 VR porn sites including BaDoinkVR, VirtualRealPorn, HoloGirlsVR, VRBangers, SexBabesVR, RealityLovers, TMW VR, VRCosplayX, 18VR, JVRPorn, RealJam VR, YanksVR and StasyQ VR. 
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That gives a general user access to thousands of VR porn videos in a single place for any given month. This gives you access to all your favortie pornstars/studios without having to subscribe to each and every one of them. Whether you prefer WankzVR, BaDoinkVR, CzechVR or any other VR porn site, all their videos are available on one single platform, without the need for separate subscriptions.
They manage this with the help of a Pay Per Video (PPV) system. The videos are generally segregated into two options – paid and free. The free videos are those that are ocassionaly released by sites (not the trailers) to showcase their product and increase their reach. These are available for all the major headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Cardboard, Daydream, Gear VR and PSVR.
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The paid videos can be downloaded individually with the ticket price varying between $0.99-9.99 per video. These are full releases and not the trailers that you normally see on VR porn tube sites.

Site Navigation

The site has a really advanced sorting and filtering mechanism (available on both the SLR app and the website), which lets you filter by frames per second (FPS), FOV, resolutions (4K or 2K), niches and studios.
SexLikeReal advanced sorting options
The site has a really advanced sorting and filtering mechanism (available on both the SLR app and the website), which lets you filter by frames per second (FPS), FOV, resolutions (4K or 2K), niches and studios. Additionally, the site also features advanced sorting options for the Pornstars section, which lets you sort and filter videos by pornstar and follow their latest releases without subscribing to the different studios they work with.

SexLikeReal VR App

The app is aimed at bringing more convenience for users by cutting short the numerous steps of downloading porn, saving them to a particular location on your phone, opening a VR player app and then choosing the screen setting (stacked, side-by-side). This also helps by eliminating the need for you to manage a huge library of videos, since SexLikeReal does it all for you. Additionally, if you have different types of headsets, you do not need to download different files for each headset and get to stream it directly from the site (in case of a desktop-based or standalone VR headset) or app (in case of mobile powered VR headsets like Daydream, Cardboard and GearVR).
The app is available in different versions for different headsets (Cardboard, Rift, Gear, PSVR) on the website itself. You would need to download the APK from SLR site. Before you do that, remember to enable ‘installation of third-party apps from unconfirmed sources’ in the ‘Settings’, if you’re using an Android phone.
Once the app is installed, all you need is to put into your headset and enjoy. You’ll have a VR version of the website and you can watch videos stream directly without any of the hassles. Words of caution though, remember to get an unlimited pack for your internet connection.
It is an extremely useful app and cudos to the SLR team for making our life easier!

In-build Video Alignment Fixes

This is what really differentiates SLR from the rest. They have not only created a huge database of easily streamable content, they have also gone out of their way, to correct the alignment, colour saturation and other post-production issues normally found in VR porn.
While, a connoisseur would take out the time to correct these issue himself, the SLR team takes that burden off them. In fact, SLR are the only site to have full PS4 and Littlstar resolution compatibility.


Overall, SLR is the best option for any VR porn consumer to get all that they want in a single box. While the price sensitivity will be different for different people, they still have a long list of free full VR porn videos in 4K and 2K resolution to choose from.
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It lets you enjoy content without worrying about correcting the alignment issues or engaging in all the tedious steps to watching porn on other VR player apps.