We are back with the top stories of the week. This is our second week covering all that’s hot and happening in VR porn and whether it’s a rig upgrade announcement or a new discount offer from your favourite VR porn site or new pornstars signing up for a particular site, we cover them all here.

If, by chance, we do miss any eventful news, please do post it in the comments so that other readers can use that information. So, without any delay, let’s get to it.

#5: CzechVR Fetish recent videos now available on SexLikeReal

czechVR fetish on SexLikeReal

SexLikeReal has been an alternate avenue for VR porn videos for many users, particularly because you can subscribe with one site and get all your favourite sites covered or if you’re more of an occasional user, you can just buy one video at a time.

As a result, the need for cancelling or renewing your membership seldom arises. Well, for all those CzechVR Fetish fans out there, now their recent videos will be made available on SLR. Traditionally, there used to be a delay between the scene being released and being made available on SLR.

Going by the looks of it, CzechVR Fetish is going to speed up the process and give you access to their recent videos directly on SLR. Great news for those who love SLR and CzechVR Fetish!

#4: CzechVR improving encoding for optimised PSVR experience

voluptuous spanish milf fucks in the bath

In other CzechVR news, they are re-encoding all their videos into 2880x1440 resolutions to provide optimised experience for PlayStation VR users. Previously, users would need to download the video and then rename them, in order for them to be detected and played.

With this new encoding, that extra hassle has been eliminated. You can now start downloading the videos and start playing them immediately, without any extra steps. If this wasn’t enough, they are also working on retrospectively updating the encoding of Fetish and Casting videos! Way to go CzechVR!

#3: NaughtyAmerica’s 3X Weekly Release?


Apparently, word on Reddit is that NaughtyAmerica is coming up with THREE weekly releases, up from the two releases it has currently. Currently, most established VR porn sites try for two weekly releases, due to the increase in demand. While there still are a few sites (mostly niche sites) which have a single weekly release or even less than that, the majority of the popular sites have upgraded to double releases.

At this point, there are no sites who are putting out three videos in a week, so if they can successfully (without affecting quality) do that, then that would be a first for the industry and probably the first innovation NaughtyAmerica has introduced in VR porn.

Strangely, when NA representatives were asked about the news, they replied wryly with a smiley 😀. You can make out whatever you want from that, but we’ll believe it when we see it 😉

#2: VirtualTaboo.com have integrated GizmoVR for Oculus and Vive users

keisha grey on virtualtaboo

It feels good when you subscribe to a site and they prioritise your needs. VirtualTaboo users (me included) will have something to cheer about as they have integrated GizmoVR for easy preview and viewing of VR porn videos.

Strangely, when NA representatives were asked about the news, they replied wryly with a smiley 😀. You can make out whatever you want from that, but we’ll believe it when we see it 😉

From now onwards, you can easily stream VirtualTaboo videos on Gizmo VR and now need to save them either. It makes it convenient, easy to access and navigate. Great job with the team!

#1: VRBangers upgrading to 6K resolution rig

VRBangers Landingpage

The race for the better resolution is on! One of the most important aspects of watching VR porn is the resolution. Since pixilation is still a big issue and scuppers the entire immersion, VR users have always pushed for better and bigger resolution.

Till a while ago 4K ruled supreme until CzechVR recently came out with the first 5K resolution videos and now VRBangers have decided to up the ante by upgrading to 6K resolution rig. While it might be a bit cost-intensive for sites, it’s exactly what paying customers expect to see.

Not only that, a resolution-war between the sites can only mean better and more immersive porn experience for the viewers and more cash for the porn sites!