VRSexperience Review – Voyeur + POV VR Porn Site

Fun site with great content and variety. If you already have other VR subscription this is definetly a good addition!

Quick and Easy: Is VR Sexperience worth it?

  • High-quality content
  • Hot new models
  • Great variety of scenes and pornstars
  • FREE VR Headset and access to 10 other sites
  • Voyeur and POV Videos
  • Easy and Secure Billing


  • Release schedule unclear

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

VR Sexperience has been around the VR porn scene since 2015 and today, we take a look at it and run it through our review process to find out, if it’s worth the bucks. The VR porn site is a part of Canadian porn site network called AD4X that has been producing VR as well as non-VR porn. In fact, you’ll get to know more about that later on in this review.

Content of VRSexperience

They released their first video on 29th May 2015 and have since then added over 100 more scenes to their collection. The portfolio current boasts of 102 videos at the time of writing and covers a variety of themes and fetishes.

The site does not appear to be targeting any individual theme and supposedly produces videos for a wide variety of niches. Normally, such sites run the risk of producing too much vanilla stuff without any specialisation, which leaves the videos without any substantial kink.

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The site does not appear to be targeting any individual theme and supposedly produces videos for a wide variety of niches. Normally, such sites run the risk of producing too much vanilla stuff without any specialisation, which leaves the videos without any substantial kink.

There is innovation in the way they handle their camera and their actors. While most websites would usually direct a solo scene with an actor indulging herself/himself while remaining mostly stationery, at VR Sexperience, the pornstars are encouraged to take up alternative angles and positions which let the user enjoy unorthodox angles and absorb their favourite models all the more.

The actors themselves are quite sexy as well and pull off the character well. In fact, some of the lesbian and milf-stepson scenes are really erotic. They express themselves freely and seem to enjoy the camera’s attention which creates a connection with the audience.

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The site has a tendency of targeting fetishes instead of basing videos on storylines. For example, a video with focus on the story would have more build-up while videos on VR Sexperience focus on a preconceived plot and start the video directly in midst of the sexual encounter.

Scenes which feature lesbian or straight encounters usually vary between 20mins to 30 mins in length while solo scenes are generally shorter and vary between 12mins to 15mins. It must be noted that some of the scenes venture further up to the 40 minutes mark which are typically full-length features.

My rating for VR Sexperience’s content is 5/5.

VR Sexperience’s Visual Quality

The site offers streaming and download options at 60fps. While some of the earliest videos were shot at 30fps, all videos from there onwards have been shot at 60fps. The site offers 180-degree FOV videos at 4K, UHD (2K) and HD resolution shot in 3D stereoscopic. Currently, the site supports stereo surround sound.

vrsexperience latest scenes

The image clarity in 2K is not up to the mark due excessive light exposure which creates a blurring effect in lower resolutions. In contrast, there are some videos which lack proper lighting and seem too dark to actually enjoy.

The site offers both POV and voyeuristic styles and both the styles can feature in the same video. For me personally, this makes a more complete experience than the POV, since most sites have one of the performers in a stationary position.

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The camera distance is enough to keep the pornstar close enough to the camera and still let the audience feel part of the entire scene.

The location sets and costumes seem relevant but sometimes suffer from inefficient lighting. The post-production too needs to assess the colour treatment and brightness of the videos, which sometimes seems a bit dark for my taste.

The overall polish of the video could have been better and post-production might need to refer other top sites to compare the end product. For visual quality, I’ll rate VR Sexperience at 4/5 for visual clarity.

Variety of Girls at VRSexperience

Website that generally operate outside the limits of a single niche, usually have the opportunity to provide more value to their customers by way of diverse stories, variety of pornstar from different ethnicities and play with different fetishes.

vrsexperience pornstars

VR Sexperience has a total of 42 pornstars currently featuring on the site. The models list feature a wide variety with big tits, small tits, teens, milfs, goths, nerds, redheads, brunettes, blondes, ginger-haired, bald (yes! that too), Asian, Ebony, fake tits, natural, chubby and slim.

That’s a huge variety of pornstars with different physical features, ethnicities and fetishes. The website also features a wide variety of fetishes from school-girls, big dick-small girl, big cock blowjob, incest, mature-young lesbian etc.

In total, the site promises a lot of variety both in terms of content and models. It would be a bit tough to get tired of it if they continue to find new fetishes and produce quality content. For that, I’ll rate the site a 5/5.

Future of the site

The site is updated with new videos 2-3 times a month. Generally, there is no fixed time-frame for the release of the videos but on average the gestation period seems to be 10-12 days.

The company did update their rig last year and has since produced better quality of the videos. However, the production setup still needs to be improved to produce a really premium quality video. The pornstar featured on the site come from amateur as well as professional backgrounds.

vrsexperience features

While there are popular models like Dillion Harper, Abby Lee, Jasmine Ray and Alix Lynx on the site, there are models which are comparatively unknown but by no means less sexy.

They have deviated from the style they used in the earlier part of their existence and has since then come a long way. Given their ability to undertake new and a variety of niches and deliver them, they present a suitable investment option for a subscriber. I’ll rate the site, 2.5/5 for this segment.

Site and Extras

The landing page displays screenshots from the latest scenes and lacks a traditional menu bar. The navigation/menu bar can be accessed by engaging the drop-down button beside the logo.

After scrolling down, one will find the latest scene from the sites. The scenes have the option to download the trailer right beside the main screenshot of the video. It also features a small video description and other screenshots from the video. This section also informs about the date of release, video length, number of views and the title of the video.

vrsexperience video description page

By clicking on the video title, the visitor will be led to another page dedicated to this video, which features the option to download the video, tags and a more detailed video description.

They also offer integrations with the most popular headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and others.

The site does not provide proactive sorting and filtering options for either the video lists or the pornstar listings. It does provide an active tagging system which provides tags and categories based on positions, fetishes and resolution of the video.

Thankfully, they do have a search bar, so if you know which video you’d like to watch, you can access it straightaway.

vrsexperience extras

For extras, the site offers a free VR headset from Verotel with every subscription. Additionally, they provide streaming and downloading options for free trailers with every video. The best news remains that they offer FREE access to 10 other porn sites with their subscription. That’s a lot of porn!

For their site and extras, I’ll rate the website, 4.5/5, since they still lack the ability to effectively sort and filter videos.

Subscirption cost and safety

vrsexperience pricing

VR Sexperience offers five options for its membership – 3 Day trial, 1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month and 12 Months. While the 3 Day trial costs only $14.99, the monthly costs only $23.99 per month. Currently, the 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, all feature special discounts of 17%, 51% and 65% discount costing only $19.99 and $11.66, $8.33 per month on an average respectively

Had no problems with my sub!. Easy, secure, and anonymous billing!

Given that there’s a free VR headset and free access to 10 other porn sites free with all the subscriptions, the pricing does seem pretty good.

Conclusion: VRSexperience.com

The website offers a mix of various niches and focuses towards providing a more complete immersive VR porn experience. The value proposition is strong in suggesting various niches and a catalogue of hot pornstars.