Hello and welcome back to the Weekly Round Up, where we cover the top 3 hottest VR porn videos of last week and let you vote for your favourite new releases of the week.

Last week’s poll saw the pole position video win by the biggest margin till date. NaughtyAmericaVR regained a place in the top 3 with Kylie Page’s PornStar Experience coming in 3rd. WankzVR continues its dream run at the polls by grabbing the 2nd and 1st position with Vienna Rose in Lost and Pound and Higher Learning in respective positions. Higher Learning took the first place with 31% of all votes cast.

Time to take a look at what made this videos standout for our readers.

#3: Kylie Page in PornStar Experience – NaughtyAmericaVR

big tit babe kylie page rides dick on bed in black stockings

Kylie Page features in the latest instalment of the PornStar Experience. She appears in classy black-lace lingerie and seduces you with her curvy figure. The big tit babe seduces you in a hotel suite and gives you a night to truly remember.

pornstar kylie page blows hard cock

She’s a tease and makes you squirm with anticipation as she caresses her boobs and touches herself all over. The busty babe teases and seduces you before taking your hard cock in her mouth. She goes on to show her skill with her tongue as you see her lips envelope your tip.

The video shows Kylie take different spots on the bed and brings a new aspect to the PornStar Experience where prior to this the male performer with the camera rig would be more static. Her reverse blowjob on the bed and the cowgirl position are the highlights of the video and are really erotic.

#2: Vienna Rose in Lost and Pound – WankzVR

sexy teen vienna rose blows you as a thank you

Vienna Rose has lost her puppy and has been looking for her everywhere. But being the gentleman that you are, you find her puppy and go over to her house to hand over the little ball of love. The petite teen babe can’t thank you enough and lets you pound her to kingdom-cum.

Vienna does a beautiful job of presenting herself as this naughty but innocent little teen. The petite babe lets you pull her by the pigtails and bang her pussy till they drip with cum. The reverse cowgirl and cowgirl are the best segments of the porn as you can see her jump up and down your shaft hear the teen purr with pleasure.

#1: Higher Learning – WankzVR

adria rae licks kali roses pussy and gets fucked from behind

WankzVR keeps finding some of the best erotic sub-plots in the niche. This time you were kicked out of class for vaping. Now you and your friend Adria Rae decide to follow goody-two-shoes Kali Roses to see what makes her so special. It leads you to uncover her sexy secret with the professor.

Lucky for you, you get to turn that info into a threesome with Kali Roses and Adria Rae. The scene has all the goods to make it one of the best porn videos of the year. The build-up to the sex seems genuine and entertaining. Additionally, the sex itself is steamy and very kinky.

Kali Roses and Adria Rae have clearly enjoyed themselves while the male performer gets to be their lucky partner. The cowgirl scene with Kali and Adria alternating is one of the hottest segments, while Adria licking Kali off is tremendously erotic as well.

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