Welcome back to the Weekly Round-up of the VR porn scene where we review the top voted VR porn videos from last week. It has been an exciting start to the new year at VRPornMania as we continue to receive a HUGE response to our first ever Best VR Porn of 2017 poll. Grateful for the response, we had to extend the end date for the poll, thanks originally planned. So, thank you for your votes and stay tuned for our new pieces on the Best VR Porn Video of 2017 and Best VR Porn Studio of 2017.

Getting back to our weekly round-up, there’s been a renaissance of the sort in the round-up poll of the year 2018. Pushing out BaDoinkVR from a top 3 spot, CzechVR’s Here’s Your Key feat. Tina Kay and WankzVR’s Cock-a-doodle-two feat Jessia Wylde and Violet Starr shares the number 3 spot.

Dominating last week’s top 2 results is VirtualRealPorn. Powered by Tracy Lindsay’s New YouTuber and Delivery Service feat. Irina Vega and Kayla Green, VirtualRealPorn grabs the 2nd and the 1st spot on the ranking for the first time.

#3: CzechVR – Tina Kay in “Here’s Your Key” (7 votes)

ex girlfriend tina kay loves your cock

It’s hard facing an ex, isn’t it? But what if it gets REALLY ‘hard’ when your ex comes to drop her keys? Tina Kay is your beautiful slutty girlfriend. Her big natural tits can make it very hard to resist. Especially, when starts talking about the good ol’ days and how amazing the sex was, then you really are left with little choice but fuck her brains out.

It’s a beautiful seduction as she twirls her hair and reminds you of the times you two writhed together in bed. It doesn’t take long till she gets her boobies out and starts deep-throating that long, throbbing cock. Once it’s wet and hard, she opens up her long, sexy legs and rides you hard. The sexiest bit of the video is when she lets you bang her in the ass and bares her swollen pussy for your viewing pleasure.

#3: WankzVR – Jessie Wylde, Violet Starr in “Cock-a-doodle-two” (7 votes)

jessie wylde and violet starr love a morning threesome

What better than a healthy dose of morning wood to start the day? Violet Starr loves your attention, but just as you start to give her some morning love, her friend Jessie Wylde starts feeling left out. It’s only right that she get some action as well.

Big tit honey Violet starts off by sucking you off as she talks dirty to you. Those big titties keep peaking from beneath that tight top of hers. It isn’t long before her friend joins in the action and you get to take turns fucking these hotties. It’s a really hot video especially with Violet getting dicked from behind while Jessie takes it missionary style and bares her beautiful pink pussy.

#2: Virtual Real Porn – Tracy Lindsay in “New YouTuber” (12 votes)

tracy lindsay feels herself in a hot solo scene

YouTube debutant Tracy Lindsay loves talking about her fitness regime and what a beautiful body she has. While she starts off talking about how to have a perfect body, things soon take a rated R turn as she starts feeling her beautiful body.

Too bad, YouTube doesn’t let such things go live, but we still get a steamy solo scene with Tracy writhing in pleasure as she takes a dildo and pushes it up for maximum impact. Her climax can have any guy dripping with pre-cum as she trembles and shivers with orgasms and gives out a long gasp of euphoria.

#1: Virtual Real Porn – Irina Vega and Kayla Green in “Delivery Service” (14 votes)

irina vega licks kayla green pussy

VirtualRealPorn knows how people might start feeling lonely in their hotel room. Watching movies or ordering PPV is no longer fun when you just order a weed delivery and get high. Little did you know, you’ll have Kayla Green be your delivery woman and accompanying her is her lovely apprentice, Irina Vega. It’s a European night out with some quality weed and tight juicy vaginas courtesy of your Spanish and Russian delivery women.

It doesn’t take long for her to crave for your stick as she kneels to take your manhood in her mouth. Once you’re rock hard and ready to use the Force to its full utility, she bares her dripping pussy and asshole before riding you. Her brown little nipples and trimmed pussy makes for an out-of-the-world video. No doubt, VRCosplayX took the pole spot with this intergalactic video.

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