How to watch: HTC Vive Porn Guide!

On this site you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to use the HTC Vive for VR porn!

Looking for VR porn sites for the HTC Vive? Here’s our full ranking of all available VR Porn sites:

All of them work with the HTC Vive and this guide!

How to watch VR porn on the HTC Vive?

Let’s go through this step-by-step guide to setting up and watching some great  HTC Vive porn. You will learn everything you need to know about the Vive and how to watch adult content on it.

1. Choose the right player

The HTC Vive is an excellent Virtual Reality headset and one of the best for full-length VR porn (But can also be used for some great VR porn games).  It is fairly easy to watch videos with the headset. If you have the Vive, like with the Oculus Rift, you will also own a strong computer and have Steam installed on it. In Steam, there are lots of VR applications, and there are two VR porn players you can choose from: Whirligig and Virtual Desktop. Both cost a bit. Whirligig comes at 3,99$ and is a simple video player, nothing more. In contrast, VirtualDesktop has way more features like being able to see your Desktop in Virtual Reality and actually use it. At 14,99 $ it is more expensive than Whirligig so.

If you want FREE, Steam has released it’s own media player. Accessible like this. Just drag the downloaded video files into the player. Done! Another option would be the SexLikeReal app. They offer a good player with some free videos and tons of videos you can purchase.

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2. Choose the right HTC Vive Porn

In the next step, you will have to decide out of the list of VR porn sites – there is no way around it. The market is so new and fresh that there is no good free or amateur videos available… Anyway, you won’t regret having direct access to high-quality videos when you’re in need for a good fap. I listed the best three sites at the top, but you’ll find other sites in the menu. Every site has its strong points even if it’s just the genre they provide. I would go with WankzVR in the beginning cause of its excellent quality and awesome content!

Quick: >WankzVR is the best site if you are new to HTC Vive porn!

I never had a problem with my payments or memberships. It is easy and totally anonymous. Don’t worry; they will not show up in your billing under this name and you won’t have any problems with the payment. All the sites I recommend are professional companies with good support.

Once you got a subscription at one of the sites, it is time for you to download those videos you like. The files are pretty enormous at around 10 GB each. However, it certainly is worth downloading the best quality so you can really enjoy the immersive experience. And being immersed is what Virtual Reality is all about. Everything has to be perfect, so your brain is convinced that you are having sex with this hot girl.

Break and Enter Khloe Kapri Alex Blake

3. Watching HTC Vive Porn

Now it is time to lock your door (!), start VirtualDesktop and put on your Vive. Adult Movies can be started by right-clicking on the video file and just press “Watch with VirtualDesktop.” With Whirligig you will have to navigate to where you saved the video. I have a 5 TB external full with Virtual Reality adult content, and you should get an external hard drive, too. Once you got a subscription, you can download the whole site, and you want to save it somewhere.

Lock your door! You don’t want someone in the room with you while you immerse yourself in your dirty habit 😉

Depending on the company you will have different kinds of content: Either 180° or 360° SBS or Over-Under videos. Most of the sites I recommend are using 180° SBS. Just check the options in the settings. You will notice if the settings are wrong. If everything looks good, you have the right settings enabled.

And that’s basically it! You can now watch any movies you download. If you should come across any problems just ask here, I’ll gladly help.

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Finding the best Content

I want to talk a bit more about finding the best adult content for you. You need to understand that you can watch every available HTC Vive porn with no problems. Most sites do, however, have a separate download option for the HTC Vive/Oculus Rift because their screens have a high resolution. And to fully utilize this high resolution the quality of the content has to be very good. Thus the file sizes are huge, and a special download option is needed.

The overall best provider is WankzVR! Check out my Review.

Under the top three HTC Vive adult sites I recommend is WankzVR. It has the best content with awesome threesomes and nice scenarios. It is funny how, after watching a lot of sex, it is critical to you that the girl is attractive, the scene is set up nicely, and everything comes off as natural. It is like in real life you notice instantly when something’s of when she’s uncomfortable or you don’t like something about her. In regular porn, you wouldn’t care about these things, but it becomes so necessary with Virtual Reality. The intimacy is real.

So, WankzVR is for you if you are a normal guy that likes cute girls and sex. MilfVR is for you if you like Big, sometimes fake, Tits and MILFs. BaDoinkVR is ideal for enjoying high quality and VirtualTaboo for more natural girls. You can find all the site reviews in the menu, but for starters, I would just go for WankzVR. You can do nothing wrong with them.

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HTC Vive for VR porn

If you still haven’t bought a headset, and just want it for VR porn I suggest you go with the Oculus Go. If you own a Playstation obviously you take the PSVR. If you are cheap just go with a Cardboard for VR Porn 😉

The HTC Vive is a perfect all rounder headset comes at 700$. It is pretty expensive. However, it is always thus with new tech. To be an early adopter you have to pay. Still, is the Vive good for VR porn? To answer that, with respect to the price, is difficult. The HTC Vive has the same resolution as the Oculus Rift and the quality when watching is the same. Maybe a bit better on the Oculus Rift because of different pixel alignments but nothing major. When it comes to gaming, however, the HTC Vive still is better.

The HTC Vive is for you if you are also a gamer and tech enthusiast!

The device is in concept a room-scale gaming headset, however, through its open development policy, there are excellent VR video players for it. Let’s take Whirligig for example. It is real easy to use and has nice features. You won’t find something like this on the PSVR. At least for now. The HTC Vive is excellent with high-quality VR porn videos like BaDoinkVR provides them.

I have bought the HTC Vive and never regretted it, however, it all comes down to your wallet and your fascination for gaming and tech. If you lack any of it, you will be better off with a cheaper alternative, like the Samsung GearVR.