VR Hand Revolution – NEW Hand Tracking Oculus Quest VR Porn Game

VR Hand Revolution is an ➜ Oculus Quest and ➜ Quest 2 hand tracking VR porn game!

It’s new, exciting, sexy, and revolutionary!

Scroll down for more details! 

This Oculus Quest hand tracking game can blow your mind AND your load within seconds!

One of the most impressive technologies the ➜  Oculus Quest has come with lately is hand tracking.

Since it started being a thing, game developers have tried to accommodate it in their titles as best as possible.

But honestly, I think its best use will be in ➜ VR porn games.

VR Hand Revolution is one of the first to make this fantastic step!

The developer created this fun, sexy game that you can play with your hands only! So you can control and fuck a hot chick just by moving your hands. No controllers or other devices are needed!

Developer Gameplay Video:

You don’t need to download or install anythingVR Hand Revolution is a web game you can play on your Oculus Browser!

Sounds fun? Well yeah, because it is!

In VR Hand Revolution, you can choose to play with six different girls: from a hot flight attendant with the enormous tits ever to a horny doctor and your cute gym buddy. You’ll find every playable scenario once you visit the site.

How to play VR Hand Revolution on your Oculus Quest and Quest 2

“Just open the game and shake your hand against your thigh a few times. You’ll get what this is about!”

Instead of being one complete game, VR Hand Revolution has multiple scenarios that can be played separately on the site.

The developer recommends you begin with “A Hands-On Lesson With Janna,” the first game with a quick tutorial for beginners.

You can play with several girls and choose the one you like the most by picking one of the games on the list. Each title is very suggestive, and you’ll know what will happen.

I suggest you try playing with ALL the hot girls anyway!

The game is straightforward to play, considering you don’t need controllers.

VR Hand Revolution Gameplay01

Once you’re in, you’ll go through a small tutorial/explanation by a seductive teacher who can’t wait to see your performance!

When the game starts, the “Foreplay Mode” is active by default.

This is where you can touch, grab, slap and do whatever you think it’s necessary to turn the girl on.

The developer advises us to skip this part from the menu and go straight to “Posture” by clicking the corresponding button. It’s easy and quick to do.

And then the real fun begins!

So, the gameplay is straightforward: you stroke your hand, and the girl moves along on your cock the same way. Then, you determine the speed, length, and rhythm!

Once you’re done with the tutorial, you’ll know everything about this game.

You fuck these hot 3D chicks how you want, as much as you want.

Cum hand gesture VR Hand RevolutionA simple gesture with your free hand will make your girl cum, shivering with pleasure.

In the Premium versions of the games, you can switch postures. Each girl has several positions you can fuck them in. Everything is up to you!

Each girl has her way of seducing you, so the diversity in positions here is excellent. You might feel like pumping them from behind… or letting them be more in control.

It’s an entertaining game, nevertheless, and I can assure you it will instantly get your horny side out once you’re in!

Can you play VR hand revolution in any position?

Yes, I found it okay to play standing on a chair or in bed.

You can lie down or even sit up if you feel like it. Your position doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfortable.

Of course, you can adapt to every scene! You can do whatever fits your tastes. Just be careful where you start playing! Those airport Quest 2 gaming videos on youtube make me wonder when people will start playing VR porn games like that.

I bet someone already watched VR porn in public, so why not go to the next level?!

VR Hand Revolution postures

Hahaha, jokes aside, VR hand revolution is sexy, comfortable, and easy to play. Nothing much to complain about here!

Are the girls looking realistic enough for a Quest 2 VR porn game?

VR Hand Revolution hottieThe girls look stunning in 3D. It’s incredible what the Quest 2 processor can do.

The developer made sure to use every resource possible on the bodies of these hotties, and it shows. They’re curvy, with quality skin textures and great body physics. Hopefully, this game will be available on other standalone VR headsets, like the new ➜ Lenovo Legion VR700.

My favorite girl is Faye, the big tits, blue-eyed blonde (➜ Best VR porn). Since I discovered VR Hand Revolution, I have often returned to this game for a quick hand-tracking jacking session.

Conclusion: Is VR Hand Revolution worth it?!

Considering you can get this game along with tons of other VR porn games and videos once you check out their page, it’s worth it.

It’s a nice gimmick, and I’m sure other VR porn games will use this technology in the future.

The game makes you horny while being fun and easy to play.

What else could you ask from a VR porn game?!

VR Hand Revolution is a fun glimpse into the future of VR sex games. And oh boy, can this game make you cum!




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