Best VR Porn Games 2023 (Complete Guide)

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1. Premium Collection

 ✔ 23+ VR porn games included

  Exclusive gameplay

  Hottest 3D Characters in VR

  1000+ VR Porn videos

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

2. Overwatch VR porn

overwatch vr porn best games

 ✔ Super hot characters

  Great animation

  Erotic and interactive

  You have total control

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

3. 3DXChat

  Multiplayer – Meet&Fuck!

  Awesome community

  Flirting, socializing, and sex

 ✔ Total freedom

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This article is dedicated to the best VR porn games. At first, we’ll guide you through every game that’s worth playing. After that, we’ll answer the most common questions every beginner has. In the end, you’ll end up playing the best VR porn game for you!

What are the best VR porn games?

1. VRPorn Premium – 29+ Best VR Porn Games & 3000+ VR Porn Videos

With the subscription you get 29+ best VR porn games, including ➜  Virt-A-Mate, ➜ Captain Hardcore, ➜ La Douche, ➜ MirageVR, ➜ Citor3 and TONS of VR porn videos to watch!

VRPornCom Best VR Porn (-> Review) offers over 3000+ VR porn videos, all with one subscription. In addition, the videos come from ➜ top VR porn sites like ➜ VRBangers, ➜ VirtualRealPorn, ➜ BaDoinkVR, and many many more.

There’s no way you’re getting something better for that money, considering the amount of content you get from this one subscription.

That’s the best price-value you can find!

2. Overwatch VR porn – The best XXX VR parody of the famous game!

If you’re into gaming, you’re in for a treat!

overwatch vr porn graphic qualityOverwatch VR porn (➜ Review) is the absolute best XXX parody of Overwatch. This awesome game will give you an instant boner, and keep you coming back for more!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to fuck your favorite characters from the original game, you won’t get a better chance than this.

Watching the hottest Overwatch get fucked from your POV is just heavenly!

There are a lot of sex positions and cumshot positions in the game, and whatever you choose to do, these awesome models will just keep on taking it!

Exciting, hot and fun!

3. SinVR – One of the best VR sex games out there

Are you ready to get sinful and dirty without any consequences?

SinVR best VR porn gamesSinVR (➜ Review) takes VR porn games to the next level – starting with spanking and fingering and going way beyond your imagination!

You can do whatever you want to these chicks, and they’ll love it!

In SinVR, the player can change the sex positions very quickly. That means you have a ton of freedom to work with! In addition, you can also use your controllers to touch and jiggle things around.

The game also has plenty of scenes and girls available.

4. 3DXChat – Best Multiplayer VR game

3DX chat best VR porn games➜ 3DXChat (➜ Review) is remarkable compared to other VR porn games. That’s because this is an old multiplayer sex game that now has VR support. The community makes it addictive once you get used to it!

There is a lot of gameplay to be discovered, and the sex scenes vary greatly. However, this is a fantastic experience even in 2D compared to the best VR porn games, so imagine how immersive it gets in VR!

To sum it all up, this game was a real treasure when I found it. Once you get past the initial learning curve, it’s so entertaining and sexy!

5. Virt-A-Mate – Popularity Winner

Best VR porn games Virt-a-mateVirt-a-mate (➜ Review) is one of those VR porn games that already have a big name behind them.

In-game, you can quickly enjoy a variety of options to mix and match your character as per your kinks. So, if you have a weakness for big-tits blondes, you can always go for that. Similarly, if you have a particular fixation on the blue-skinned raven-like characters from X-Men, you can also try that.

This game is like ➜ VRCosplayX, except you make all the choices! Right now, if you want the latest playable version of the game, you can get it with ➜ Premium.

6. Dominatrix Simulator

Dominatrix Simulator (➜ Review) is one of those VR porn games that aims to please a particular public: the domination & submission fans. So if you have a submission kink (➜ Check KinkVR)… then you should try it.

In Dominatrix Simulator, wake up as a prisoner in a strange gothic temple governed by sexy Goddesses who want to enslave you for fun.

Dominatrix Simulator Best VR porn gamesAll you have to do is follow their orders and progress through the game. Then, you have to get on your knees, kiss their feet, and get punished if you don’t obey.

The voice acting in this game is very, very convincing and well done.

You can get it on Premium in a 25+ VR porn games pack too!

7. Holodexxx – 3D scans of hot pornstars

Holodexxx ThumbnailEven so, it doesn’t sound too exciting at first; this game is easily one of my favorite games. Holodexxx (➜ Review) offers photorealistic 3D scans of hot pornstars.

The advanced tech to scan those models is just one of the reasons this game is so popular. You can’t find something like it anywhere else!

It is compatible with all devices and is worth it, especially with all the other games you get for the subscription.

8. The Citor3 VR Porn Games

Citor3 is a studio creating short 3D VR Porn games with futuristic erotic themes. Stuff ranging from “sex spiders” to latex-dressed teachers, hot Dominatrix, doctor’s Office fantasies and pegging, strap-ons, and BDSM elements, you name it. They’re trying to satisfy many unusual kinks with short VR porn games with amazing graphics and themes.

Best VR porn games citor3They want to excite people differently! Citor3 has over 5 VR porn games in total. The best of them happen to be the ones I enjoyed the most on, too. So check ➜ Citor3 games review!

So you’ll get 2 different Citor3 VR porn games with this awesome subscription!

9. VR Ero-Beat – Erotic Beat Saber for Oculus Quest & Quest 2

VR Ero-Beat (➜ Full review) is a FREE-to-play browser VR porn game for ➜ Oculus Quest 2. The game will be available for all Meta headsets (➜ porn guides)!

No downloads needed!

In VR Ero-Beat, you must feel the music while touching, slapping, and cumming on hot, dancing waifus.
Gameplay-wise, it’s similar to Beat Saber. Of course, you have to catch the rhythm! But in VR Ero-Beat, you also get to slap and undress your favorite hot waifu!
With levels ranging from Easy to Extra Hard and a competitive Leaderboard, you’ll find yourself hooked in no time! It’s a fun ➜ Meta Quest porn experience, nevertheless!

10. VR Hand Revolution – Best for Meta Quest

VR Hand Revolution banner
VR Hand Revolution (➜ Review) is a brand new Meta Quest & Quest 2 game.
In addition, this is a browser experience, meaning you don’t have to download anything to play! You won’t need controllers because this is one of the first VR porn games to use hand tracking only. That’s what makes this game fun and why it’s a must-try!

All you have to do is pick your favorite girl and scenario, lay back, relax and get your hands busy! 

The graphics are cute and sexy. At the same time, the game looks outstanding for a browser title. You’ll fall in love with these horny 3D girls within seconds. Have fun playing!

11. Adult VR Game Room – Solo and multiplayer VR porn experience

adult VR game room multiplayerAdult VR Game Room (➜ Review) is a solo/multiplayer VR porn sandbox you can access through Premium. The developers went for realistic graphics and physics. This way, you’ll feel immersed in the action every second.

When playing Adult VR Game Room, you can spawn different characters, pose and interact with them. After that, it’s only up to you. You can also “possess” any character you like, so you’ll become the center of the action you create.

Meanwhile, in the online version, the only difference is that more people can join you while playing these scenes. Sounds exciting?

12. MirageVR – highest image quality

➜ MirageVR (Review) is what the future of VR porn games looks like.

It blew our minds!

This VR game has the best graphics I’ve ever seen among all VR porn games. And I mean it – better than big mainstream titles. That’s because attention to detail and the physics are unmatchable!

The creator is planning to turn it into a full VR porn game. But, for now, it’s a very fun sandbox showcasing the potential of VR porn games! So, imagine this game on the PSVR 2 (➜ Porn guide), with foveated rendering and HDR… yeah.

13. Fallen Doll

Fallen Doll Customization VR Porn GamesDo you know how “Tycoon” games work? Fallen Doll (➜ Review) is one of those.

In this VR experience, you control a sex robot, and you need to satisfy the customers of your strip club; with the earned money, you can buy upgrades.

Also, Fallen Doll has the best graphics of any of the introduced VR porn games. It looks stunning. This game is the closest thing to real quality VR Porn (➜ Best VR porn videos) we’ve ever seen. The game is not “in its final form” yet, but you should follow it closely. Nevertheless, it looks very promising, so it deserves to be among the best VR porn games.

14. VR Paradise – An awesome stripclub experience

VR Paradise story

➜ VR Paradise (Review) is the way to go if you’ve ever wanted to experience the excitement of a strip club from the comfort of your own home.

This amazing game from Totem Entertainment is available on Steam and has already racked up a killer user score. And once you get your hands on it, you’ll know exactly why.

The atmosphere and attention to detail are incredible! From the stunning dancers to the jaw-dropping performances, you’ll feel like you’re really in the club. And the cherry on top? You get to interact with the dancers and experience the show like never before!

15. Rock, Paper, Fuck! – Alex Coal – “Rock, Paper, Scissors” with a twist!

Rock, Paper, Fuck (➜ Review) with Alex Coal is a steaming-hot twist on a classic game we all know well.

Rock paper fuck visual qualityYou get to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” against Alex Coal – one of the top pornstars in the industry at the moment. Every time you win a round, Alex will lose a piece of her clothing for you. And if you’re good enough and win five matches in a row, you’re in for a hell of a surprise.

The gameplay is simple and super fun. The graphic quality is amazing and it’s a real joy to play. Rock, Paper, Fuck is a unique VR Porn Game that’ll bring you countless hours of fun!

How to play VR porn games?

VR Porn games virt-a-mate“Do I need a PC to run VR porn games? Will my Quest 2 run Captain Hardcore without a PC? Are there enough VR porn games to satisfy my needs?”

We get it; everything is new and shiny. But at the same time, it cannot be obvious. So let us answer some of these questions before you dig into our game’s ranking. But scroll down if you want to get straight to the games instead!

1. PCVR vs. Sideloaded games – What is the difference?

When deciding what to play first, you can rule out most games if you don’t have a PC. That’s because PCVR titles require a powerful PC to run. If you have a Quest, Quest 2, Pico, or any standalone headset, forget about those.

But don’t worry; there are plenty of games in this ranking that you can play without a PC! In other words, some games can run on your headset alone – if it’s a Meta Quest or Quest 2.

2. Sex simulators or story games?

Sex simulators are the most popular genre. For example, Virt-a-mate or Captain Hardcore will let you create a little world of your own. That means you can edit the characters you’ll play with in great detail, position them as you wish, and load other people’s scenes.

If you’re looking for a story-driven game, we know a few good ones! offers unmatched variety.

VRLove has many story scenarios you can play, to begin with. Similarly, XStoryPlayer is probably the best for plots, and if you love being dominated, then there’s Dominatrix Simulator. But ultimately, it’s up to you what you feel like doing first – have fun or fall in love with VR.

3. Niche and kink games – Are they any good?

The Citor3 games are exactly what you’re looking for if you’re a kinky guy. Of course, you can bring your twist to the sex simulators by creating whatever scenes you like. But games like Dominatrix Simulator, where you have to obey sexy goddesses, might be quicker to win your heart.

Similarly, SinVR can also be considered a kinky-fantasy VR porn game. I’m sure not everyone is into dragons watching them fuck their masters. And these are some of the best games you can play – so sure, you’ll have plenty of fun if you’re a kink lover!

All the outstanding VR porn games on a single page!

So, you’re here for VR porn games – well, you just found the best list!

This page is home to the internet’s most exciting VR sex games list. That’s because we’ve played these games and analyzed every aspect of the experience. Therefore, in each review, we detail these titles’ graphics, gameplay, story, replayability, and potential of these titles.

With all these details in mind and hours of gameplay, I think we got what it takes to rank the naughtiest VR games out there!

Sex Simulator VR porn gamesPlay your favorite games on any headset!

Whether you’re using a ➜ Meta Quest 2, an ➜ Oculus Rift, ➜ Valve Index, ➜ Pico Neo 3 Link, or any other VR headset, you’re in the right place! We found VR porn gaming experiences for everyone, and you can play them right now.

Your best bet is the “VR Games Pack,” which features over 20+ high-quality VR porn games with tens of other smaller gaming experiences to try. And they’re all for adults only!

If, for some reason, you want to go for specific VR porn games, follow the list further down the page. Things will only get spicier! Ultimately, you’ll discover kinky VR porn games with unique dialogue and psychological tactics for the ultimate experience. Catchy dancing experiences for your Quest 2… with a twist! And last but not least, teasing sex simulators where you have the freedom to do anything!

If a game is in our best VR porn games ranking, it means it’s good, and you can play it right now!

You made it! This was an extensive list of the best VR porn games out there!

We keep updating it, so bookmark!

Extra info for new VR users (FAQ)

I’m new and I don’t know where to start. Where should I go first?

The best place to go for your first VR porn gaming experience is ➜ Instead of trying a single game, you can get over 20+ to play right away! All under one subscription also gives access to thousands of VR porn videos. What else would you need?

Do I need a high-end PC to play VR porn games?

No, not all the games on this list require a PC to be played. For example, you can play Captain Hardcore, VR Hand Evolution, VR-Ero Beat, Dezyred, Date Night, and more on Quest 2 alone.
Some of these VR porn games require sideloading; others don’t. They work in your browser!

How do I sideload porn games on Quest 2?

Sideloading is a process that allows you to install external apps on your Oculus Quest headset. The process is simple, and it won’t damage your headset. That’s why everyone with a Quest or Quest 2 used sideloading to try apps that were not in the Meta store.

This video will get you through the steps. Fortunately, this method doesn’t need you to connect your Quest 2 to any device!

Sideload on Quest 2Youtube Video: Easy Sideload on Oculus Quest 2

Is it safe to play VR porn games on my headset?

Yes! Your headset is safe if you follow the instructions for sideloading and you’re using the official versions downloaded from
Any VR headset company does not incriminate VR porn games, and neither are third-party apps.

Are there any multiplayer VR porn games with active players?

Yes! 3DXChat is what you’re looking for if you want a sexy multiplayer experience. This game is 3rd in our ranking for a good reason! So, if you’re willing to get naughty in VR but want to meet new people to interact with, check this game out!



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