VRBangers Date Night Review 2022 – Super addictive?

Date Night is the best VR Porn Game to kill time with and have some fun with a great story!

VRBangers Date Night Pros and Cons


  • Great graphics
  • Great story
  • Satisfying tile-matching game
  • Possibility of finishing the game faster with in-game purchases
  • Great pornstars choosen
  • Great VR implementation


  • Not enough levels and pornstars


Date Night is a free VR porn game developed and published by VRB Games, the new division dedicated to gaming at VRBangers. It is a puzzle type game, very similar to Candy Crush. If you are not familiar with Candy Crush, it is a tile matching game where you have to click on 2 or more, same color tiles close to each other to break them. In order to complete a level you need to accomplish a certain goal, you are limited by either time or moves. There are 100 levels in the game, but more on that later.

You might wonder, how is this a VR porn game? Besides the fact that you play it using a VR headset, there is a story involved. With each number of completed levels, you unlock different scenes, starting with simple video calls, advancing to blowjobs from your in-game girlfriend and then full-on sex with other girls.

Receive blowjobs from your VR girlfriend and then cheat on her with an amazing chick!

Although Date Night is a free VR porn game, there are micro-transaction that help you get through the levels faster. You can purchase extra lives and special powers ups if you don’t fancy the time to wait for your lives to re-charge or simply struggle with a level too much.

Not so long ago I wrote a blog post mentioning VRBanger’s Date Night Game being removed from Steam.  To summarize there was no specific reason why the game was removed. It was supposed to be officially released on Steam on 31st May but was taken down on 22nd May. No official press release has been issued.

Now, the good news is that you can download the game directly on VRBangers website. The game can be played on different VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows MR, as well as directly on your PC.

Date Night Graphics

What’s different about Date Night compared to other best VR porn games is that there is no animation involved, I know some people are not fans of animated games and prefer something more real, Date Night is perfect for that. The experience is very similar to watching VR porn videos.

Great graphics from the best VR studio

The good thing is that this game is produced by VRBangers, and they are the leaders when it comes to quality in the VR porn industry, being one of the only VR studios to offer 6K quality to their users. Taking that into account and having no graphic issues I’m rating Date Night 5/5 for graphics.


There are 2 pornstars involved in the game, Gianna Dior (your girlfriend) and Bridgette B (Date Night player). Both make a great effort to provide you with the best experience. Developers made a great choice choosing some of most trending pornstars, but at the same time you can’t please everyone and I wish there were more pornstars involved. For erotic content, I rate it 4/5.


Big ass milf fucked on the floor

At the moment the game has 100 level, more levels to be added in the future. After completing certain amount of levels you unlock different VR videos. In order to complete the levels you need to accomplish a certain goal, mentioned in the beginning. When you complete a level you receive a rating from 1 to 3 stars, I didn’t notice them affecting the gameplay at all. If you fail to complete the level, either by running out of time, or running out of moves you will lose a life.

Finish the levels faster and bang more with micro-transactions

You start with 5 lives and lose one each time you fail a level, you can either refill all your lives for 50 coins($0.50), or wait a certain amount of time for them to refill.

 You also have the option to purchase additional special tiles and different power ups, at 100 coins($1) for each, and even if you fail to complete the level, at the end you have the option to add additional moves or time for another 50 coins($0.50).

If we talk about the videos themselves VRBangers did great work with the production and shooting. The only thing I wish there was more of is more pornstars, I’m sure they will add them in the future, but for now I have to give it a 4/5 for content.

Date Night Interaction

There are different interactive scenes that happen once every couple completed levels. At the start you talk to your friend over the phone, then you notice your girlfriend walking through the room, then you meet the other player and move onto blowjobs and sex.

For interaction Date Night deserves a 4.5/5 as well, everything is pretty professional and well thought-out.

VRBangers Date Night Story

SinVR Girls

Here is where it gets interesting, for me the best part of Date Night is the story, the developers over at VRB Games have hired professional story writers. The writers did a great job with the story, it gets you hooked up more and more with every level. Everything begins with you meeting another player, named Laura (Bridgette B), she is a higher level than you and sort of teases you for being a newbie. Laura tells you that she is matched with different low-level players, the fastest one to reach level 50 gets a date with her, obviously there is no competition involved, but it kinda makes you want to complete it faster anyway.

Role-play, blowjobs, sex and cheating, what more could you ask for?

There are different scenes that you unlock along the way, first full scene starts with a blowjob at level 40 from your girlfriend, Dana (Gianna Dior) and then you have the actual date at level 50 with Laura and unlock longer and longer scenes once you completed the 75 level and the 100 one.

At the end your girlfriend also finds out you are cheating her, and that’s the most interesting part, but you will have to get to that part yourself, can’t spoil that for you. Personally I enjoyed the story a lot, and I’m giving it a solid 5/5.

Date Night Conclusion

To sum it up, I think the guys over at VRBangers did a great job with the game, you will enjoy over 10 hours of gameplay with occasional sex scenes in between, if you are looking for a time killer and enjoy watching porn with a bit of twist this is perfect for you. At the same time if you lack the time but still want to experience the full story I would suggest spending some money on micro-transactions to get over things faster. I hope there will be updates with new levels and new pornstars soon, but other than that I have no complaints, sure there are some very minor bugs that have nearly no impact.

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