How to Watch VR Porn – Guides for every headset in 2023!

If you do not have a VR headset read: -> this guide!

I don't have a VR headset!

best vr porn headset no headset option

If you do not have a VR headset yet this is the perfect guide to choose one: VR headsets for porn!

Oculus Quest 2 Guide

The best VR Porn Headset is here to make every video an incredible experience: -> Oculus Quest 2 Porn!

Meta Quest 2 (Same as Oculus)

Meta Quest 2 porn guide

Call them Meta or Oculus, the choice is yours, but the Quest 2 is still the best: -> Meta Quest 2 porn!

Meta Quest Pro Porn

Meta Quest Pro Porn

Quest Pro is here, and it’s amazing!: -> Meta Quest Pro porn!

Meta Quest 3 Guide

meta quest 3 how to home page

The -> Meta Quest 3 porn is closer than we think! And it will be off the hook!

Meta Quest 3 Lite Guide

meta quest 3 lite featured imageMeta Quest 3 Lite Porn is on its way, and we’re more than stoked about this amazing headset! Learn -> how to watch!

Apple Vision Guide

apple vision pro heasdet

Yes! Apple joined the VR world with an outstanding headset. Watch -> Apple Vision Porn now!

PlayStation VR 2 Guide

PSVR 2 porn featured imagePSVR 2 is an outstanding headset with foveated rendering technology and high-resolution screens. Learn -> how to watch PSVR 2 porn!

Pico 5 Guide

Pico 5 how to image vrpm

The long-awaited headset, and the successor to the Pico 4, is getting closer: ➜ Pico 5 Porn!

Pico 4 Guide

Pico 4 porn headset

Watch VR porn on the latest and greatest Quest 2 competitor: -> Pico 4 porn!

Pico Neo 3 Link Porn

Pico Neo 3 Link Porn

Pico Neo 3 Link is the new Meta Quest 2 competitor, and we know the best videos: -> Pico Neo 3 Link porn

PlayStation VR Guide

The PSVR is great for porn! Learn how to watch -> VR Porn on the PSVR.

Valve Index Guide

valve index porn

The -> Valve Index dominates the Virtual Reality space with high-quality. The same goes for VR porn!

Samsung Odyssey Guide

Samsung Odyssey Porn

The -> Samsung Odyssey is a great high-end headset for watching VR Porn!

HTC Vive Guide

htc vive porn guide

-> HTC Vive Porn is of the highest quality as the HTC Vive is just great for watching VR Porn. Learn how to watch NSFW content in this guide!

Google Daydream Guide

Another great portable headset is the Daydream View. Great -> Daydream Porn on there!

HTC Vive Flow

HTC Vive Flow Porn

The -> HTC Vive Flow is small, lightweight, and wireless – perfect for porn!

Pimax Porn Guide

Highest 8k Quality, and something you really don’t want to miss: -> Pimax Porn!

Oculus GO Guide

The portable Oculus GO is perfect for VR porn. Enjoy -> Porn on the Oculus GO!

Samsung GearVR Guide

gear vr porn

Watch VR Porn cheaply on the Samsung GearVR. -> GearVR Porn is a great way to get started!

Mixed Reality Guide

Mixed Reality How to watch VR Porn

Mixed Reality is getting huge! And so is -> Porn for the Mixed Reality headsets!

HP Reverb G2 Guide

Hp Reverb G2 Porn featured image

What a headset! The quality of the -> HP Reverb is fantastic for porn!

Oculus Rift Guide

oculus rift porn guide

The Oculus Rift is a top-notch VR headset. Learn how to watch -> Oculus Rift Porn in this guide!

Oculus Quest Guide

The Best portable VR Porn experience: -> Oculus Quest Porn!

Bigscreen Beyond Guide

Bigscreen beyond featured image-> Bigscreen Beyond Porn – The world’s smallest headset! Unique and convenient!

So, welcome to the first step-by-step complete guide to watching Virtual Reality Porn (-> Best Sites Ranking).

This how to watch VR porn guide will assume that you have already bought your first VR headset and so will provide tips only on how to access and enjoy VR porn.

In addition, we have also covered the best VR porn sites to give you a low-down on which site might be best for you to start with.

#1. Guide to every VR Headset: How to watch VR Porn!

Currently, there are four-five major VR headset companies, namely – Oculus, HTC, Google, Samsung and PlayStation. Microsoft’s Mixed Reality is the new entrant and is available with Dell, HP and Acer headsets.

HTC Vive/Oculus Rift: Guide to watching VR Porn

HTC Vive is one of the two premium segment headsets and is usually used by gamers and coders. Obviously, it can do much more than that. Once you have the headset set up with your PC, it’s time to look for the right VR player app that will help you stream/download porn content.

Oculus has several headsets that’s why I wrote a separate guide for all of them here: -> Oculus porn guide.

How to choose the Right VR Player App?

In order to play any content on HTC Vive you would need Steam installed on your PC. You can also use Steam for Oculus Rift. If you haven’t already downloaded and installed Steam, -> here’s a full guide to setting up HTC Vive and downloading and installing Steam. Here are the recommended VR players which have been tried and tested to perform well –

whirligig on steam
Play’A is a VR porn player developed by -> VR Bangers! It’s very easy to use and can play videos in up to 8K resolution. That’s amazing! Highest quality on the market. You can get it for FREE (-> free VR porn), and the best videos to watch using Play’A are on VRBangers, of course.
WhirligigWhirligig is a VR video content player. It supports 100-degree, 180-degree and 360-degree videos. The player can be downloaded free of cost here from its website or purchased from the Steam website.
Virtual Desktop – This application was developed specifically for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and can be accessed on Steam. It costs about $14 for a one-time installation, which is less than most -> VR porn games, and comes with a wide range of customization and functionalities for the advanced user.

If you’re not sure what works best for you, check out our -> Best VR Porn players ranking. You get a lot to choose from and more details about each individual player!

Google Cardboard: Guide to watching VR Porn

Google’s Cardboard is the cheapest and easiest to set up among all the VR headsets covered here. Unlike Rift and Vive, you do not need a PC to run Cardboard and additionally, there are VR player apps available for both iOS and Android.

Choose the Right VR Player App

VR Theater (Android) – This app supports side-by-side content, over-under (stacked), 180-degree, and 360-degree videos. If you have your video already downloaded on your phone, then you can browse your files and open it. It’s available free of cost on Google Play Store.
Mobile VR Station (iOS) – This offers the same functionalities as AAA VR does – side-by-side content, over-under (stacked), 180-degree and 360-degree videos. The catch is that this app is available on iTunes. It is available as a free version, but also has a pro version that costs $5.99.

Additionally, many of the -> top VR porn sites like BaDoinkVR, Virtual Real Porn and KinkVR have their own dedicated VR player. Even VR sex cams sites like -> Stripchat VR use an app to stream their VR content. The information to download and use these apps are available on the respective sites. However, the players will work only for the content of the respective site.

Samsung Gear VR: Guide to watching VR Porn

Samsung’s Gear VR takes advantage of Oculus’ Oculus Store (because Gear VR has been developed in collaboration with Oculus), as well as Google’s Play Store for its share of VR players and content. But, none of the apps there directly support adult content. In addition, Samsung’s browser is limited in functionality does not provide an optimal viewing experience.
As a result, custom apps from BaDoinkVR, Virtual Real Porn and KinkVR remain the only option.

Choose the Right VR Player App

SideLoad VR – This app works as a marketplace of sorts for GearVR. Once you load SideLoad on your Samsung smartphone, you can now download the custom VR apps and start streaming content from your preferred website.

PlayStationVR: Guide to watching VR Porn

Unlike GearVR, you do not need to use SideLoad to play adult content, since PlayStation comes with a browser. In addition, you can also view downloaded content. So here are your two options for playing adult VR content on PlayStation VR.

Choose the Right VR Player App

Using PlayStation’s Browser – You can easily navigate to your preferred VR porn site and stream content directly on the browser. And all of this can be done, while you’re inside the headset.
Playing Pre-downloaded Content – You can enjoy pre-downloaded or stored content with PS4 and PSVR using the following steps:
  1. Once you have your preferred videos on a flash drive,
  2. you can plug that into the PlayStation console and
  3. open them via the Media Player app. Please ensure that the Media Player app is updated to at least v2.50.
  4. After accessing the video file that you would like to watch, turn on your PlayStation VR headset and log into the console. Hold the options button on the Dualshock controller and select VR mode.
Littlstar Cinema App – Just like Media Player app, Littlstar Cinema also works to help PlaystationVR (-> PSVR 2 porn) users play videos. The app is easily downloadable from the PlayStation app, accessible through your PlayStationVR headset. Once you download it, here’s the step you have to follow:
  1. Visit your favorite VR porn site and download your preferred porn videos. Or, it’s better yet, if you already have them downloaded.
  2. Get a PS4 compatible flash drive and load the videos into this flash drive.
  3. Log in the drive into your PS4.
  4. Put on your PSVR headset and open the preferred video from the flash drive, using Littlstar app.
Did you know: Virtual Real Porn has a dedicated section for PSVR users to download video content. Using this section, you can access content that is exclusively compatible with PSVR and provides optimum user experience.

#2. Choosing the Best Site for Your Preference

Now that you’re ready with your headset and all the necessary apps, the only thing left to do is start choose the site you want to enjoy porn from. But, let’s not hurry, since you’d want the site that offers the best visual quality, good stock of videos and the hottest VR pornstars.


WankzVR Homepage
WankzVR is one of the fan favourites in VR porn. The focus is on teens and gorgeous petite babes that’ll make you drool. They have one of the largest collections of VR porn videos online and release -> XXX VR videos twice a week. From fucking by the pool, to daughter-screwing-stepdad, nothing escapes their unique and kinky plots.
As of the time of writing this article, WankzVR provides unlimited access to 173 videos on WankzVR, plus access to the entire Mental Pass network (literally thousands of high definition videos), except MilfVR. Leah Gotti, Nikki Diamond, Naomi Woods, Mia Malkhovaand Jaye Summers are just a few of the hottest VR talents signed up with WankzVR.


BaDoinkVR Homepage
BaDoinkVR produces highest visual quality and has recently been awarded the title of Best VR Porn Scene in the 2016 AVN awards. They focus on a variety of plots and do not align themselves with a single niche. Instead, they produce content focused on the kinkiest of situations.
Valentina Nappi, Abella Danger, Natasha Nice, Megan Rain and Riley Reid feature in some of the hottest VR videos for BaDoink. They release new videos twice a week and provide access to BaDoink VIP Network with their monthly and annual plans.

#3. Finally, Enjoying VR Porn!

This remains the most important step of all. You’re all set. Now, you know how to watch VR porn! You have your headset. Your apps are loaded and your favorite porn star is waiting for you. So, shut the door, drop your pants, get busy!




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