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Yes, I’m a nerd. And yes, I couldn’t resist getting a sub after seeing that Star Wars -> parody pic… Worth!

Quick and Easy: Is VRCosplayX worth it?

  • Top-notch pornstars
  • Awesome Sets and Costumes
  • Variety through Cosplay
  • Great Visual Quality and Scale
  • Works on every device
  • High-Quality Releases


  • Not all pornstars are actors…
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

Virtual Reality Makes Cosplay Porn Great Again

VR porn (-> Best Sites Ranking) is about being intimate with a woman. Not like regular porn where you just watch some girl getting fucked by some dude. No, Virtual Reality should be about REAL human interaction. About you.

You are the protagonist, and you are the one having sex with the girl. And that closeness, the feeling of really being with her, is what will make VR cosplay (-> Best videos) a dominant niche. Who didn’t dream about fucking Hermoine or Misty in real life? Or any other character out of any movie or game you can imagine. Let’s see how VRCosplayX does.

League of Legends VR Cosplay

The site VRCosplayX promises exactly that dream. And they are off to a good start! They are offering over 350+ high-quality videos and will add one more every week. And let me be frank: The quality of the cosplays has been amazing so far. Seeing these hot pornstars in premium -> POV VR Porn videos feels very special.

The sets are well thought through, and the Pornstars fit in the role – Stella Cox as Hermoine, oh gosh. Still, I will go through every detail of this new site with its pros and cons. However, I can already spoil you this much: It is mostly pros with some individual cons of mine that you might see differently.

Living out my fantasies plays a huge role in my sex life. And VRCosplayX hits that nerve perfectly!

Cosplay fits perfectly into the Virtual World. I am excited to see where Virtual Reality Cosplay is going and what great porn will be released in the upcoming weeks. I am always excited for the next announcement (so hoping for Sailor Moon). This will be a subscription I will hold for a long time!

Harry Potter VR Cosplay

VRCosplayX – Dedicated to our Fantasies

The site VRCosplayX is getting their ideas from their fans, and they’re listening to every suggestion – as they should. For us, Gamers and fiction fans, the authenticity, and quality of the content are extremely important. We notice everything that doesn’t fit in the universe we love.

So far, VRCosplayX is doing its best to keep that promise, but it can always be improved. That’s where the community comes in. Let your voices be heard on Reddit or directly. Let’s see if they can keep their word to create the content we’re requesting! I am confident that they will; my communication with them has been excellent so far.

For me as a gamer, this site is my kryptonite… All those fantasies finally in VR!

Cosplay is something I am very fond of. I’ve been to Comic-con and various shows and met some freaking hot ladies dressed as Jinx, Zelda, Tomb Raider, Sailer Moon and so on. Unfortunately, I often had the feeling some of the women had no clue as to how they dressed. Still, the fantasies got rolling, and now with the arrival of VR cosplay, I finally have the chance to meet them in person. And that is where my main emphasis lies:

Try to fit the role! Don’t get me wrong; they are off to a good start (mostly). Still, this will be an essential thing for Cosplay VR porn because playing the role is what cosplay is genuinely about. How can we truly live that fantasy otherwise?

I am looking forward to all the great content that will be released. Most of it it’s up there already, so don’t hesitate to look for it if you’re looking for something specific.

I gathered -> the best 10 Cosplay videos on a single, and they’re all waiting to be watched!


The superb quality of the set and costumes

VRCosplayX focuses on every detail, especially in the newer videos. The sets fit the overall feel of the world they are made for. It increases immersion significantly if Hermione is fucking you in an environment that would fit perfectly in the Harry Potter movies.

For me, the winner of the best set so far is “Tomb Raider a -> XXX VR Parody.” Her costume, her eyes, and those perfect tits – she is Lara Croft. Alyssia Kent is awesome!
Another amazing scene is the Star Wars parody starring the stunning Stacy Cruz (-> Best VR porn videos)!

Without the best costumes, cosplay is worthless. And they are doing such a good job at VRCosplayX!

Most of the time, the costumes are handmade and look like the original – keep this up, VRCosplayX! For example, the pupils of Widowmaker from Overwatch combined with the perfect body paint and the elaborate accessories looked fascinatingly real. If you have a fetish (-> best VR porn videos) for hot costumes, this is the place for you!
And that for a 3D game character. So I hope they will keep up this level; it looks very promising!

vrcosplayx hotel transylvania

Image Quality is top notch – BaDoinkVR Level

This site uses the same cameras and settings as BaDoinkVR (-> Review) our quality winner. The clarity, the sharpness, the lighting and the colors are all top notch. This is what you get when you buy a subscription at a professional studio: Quality VR porn videos (-> Top 10’s for Every Category). What always baffles me is that people expect to find everything free on the internet and also in great quality. This is ridiculous, the only way you will get videos with high image quality, best availability, and great content is through a subscription at one of our top sites. And VRCosplayX is definitely counting to the best VR porn sites right at the release!

You only need a subscription to get quality videos like this. It is cheap and totally anonymous. Go for it!

The video quality is scaling with the file size. The resolution is one of the main factors. However, you don’t need the highest resolution if you watch with on a phone using Google Cardboard. That is why VRCosplayX is having different download options for every major device. Still, if you truly want the highest quality even on your phone, regardless the file size, then always go for the Oculus Rift (-> VR Porn Guide) or Valve Index (-> VR Porn Guide) option. The files are not bound to any device; they are just of different quality.

Zelda VR Cosplay

Pornstars doing Cosplay VR porn

There are two main things Pornstars have to know when doing Cosplay: They need to fit the role, and they need to act the role. Blondie Fesser as Peach or Stella Cox as Hermoine are perfect examples on how great some roles can be with the right pornstars. Cosplay in Virtual Reality is a close-up experience; users will notice if anything is wrong. Especially if you are a big fan of the game or movie. VRCosplayX should keep this in mind: We fans see anything that’s off.

And that is why it is so important for the pornstars to learn their roles. They need to know how the character woudl behave in a sexual encounter and that’s not an easy job. Drop the usual pornstar act! However, that is my opinion. I know plenty of people who like it the way it is but the true fans want this to be right, and then the immersion will be perfect.

Overwatch VR Cosplay

Top-notch Pornstars

This site is ran by the same company that runs BaDoinkVR, and thus you can expect the best pornstars available to fill the various roles. Many of the greatest VR pornstars can be found playing various roles. Like Blondie Fesser as Peach, Gina Gerson as Zelda or Stella Cox as Hermoine. Each of them fits their role perfectly. I have to say it was a pleasure to have sex with them. They do have some skill!

These pornstars fit their roles and they’ve chosen the best of the best for each one of them. Love it!

What to expect in the future?

I think cosplay porn in virtual reality will grow to a huge niche. It is way more intense. VRCosplayX is off to an excellent start with great content. If they keep adding one video of the usual quality every week, this site will be the leading producer of Cosplay content. They announce their next theme after releasing a VR porn video. I’m always excited for that announcement.

VRCosplayX is going to be a -> top VR porn site. I think many are looking for this exact experience they offer.

I found one of their current videos, “Grand Theft Swallow,” fascinating. The first few minutes are stripping, and it works astonishingly well. This could be another whole potential genre. VRCosplayX seems to know what they are doing, and if they keep being that innovative, I see a bright future ahead!

Jessica Rabbit VR Cosplay

The site and download speed

Such a beautiful website! As a web-developer, I like this one. You are greeted by an awesome full-screen slider, and you will be able to find everything you are looking for at one glance. That’s how it should be!

As soon as you log in, you find a well thought-through help section with everything you need to know for your headset. To download the content just click on it and choose your device (-> VR Porn Guides All Headsets). A search bar is always useful and we can find one right at the top of the homepage here.

Tipp: You can always choose even better quality than your device. Choose “Oculus” even so you have a GearVR and enjoy even better quality!

The download speed is at least 12 MB/s – that’s my internet connection. I guess they can support even more depending on yours. This is really important because the file sizes are huge so that the videos have the quality you want them to have and you really don’t want to wait forever for your scene to be ready.

Getting and managing the subscription is no problem. It is anonymous and easy over some third party. You can find the support center under help. Pretty simple. Haven’t had any trouble with my membership so far!

Check out their Twitter page!

Conclusion: VRCosplayX.com

You get what you pay for. In this case: Everything! Great VR Cosplay Site.




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