VR Bangers Review – The Best VR Porn Site You Can Watch in 2021 (8K)

Yes, you heard that right! Premium -> 8K VR porn, the hottest pornstars and over 499+ VR porn videos for your collection!

High-quality guaranteed!

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  • The highest resolution available: 8K!
  • Nice variety of niches and kinks
  • Hottest pornstars on the roster
  • Compatible with any VR Headset
  • Easy and secure billing
  • Technical innovative
  • PLAY’A app for video playback


  • Plots could be stronger
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

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All you need is a VR headset (-> How to watch VR porn guides), and you’re ready to go! Fuck the most stunning girls on the best VR porn site out there!

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VR Bangers is using Virtual Reality at its full potential by creating high-quality VR porn!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the most popular VR porn studio (-> All sites ranked)VR Bangers.

Ever since 2012, when -> Oculus burst onto the scene, companies and consumers have been obsessed with Virtual Reality. The possibilities were limitless!

People quickly found the best ways to use VR. VR porn has its well-deserved place among them! VR Bangers was one of the first studios to produce high-quality VR porn.

They kept on going to this day, making millions of people happy in the process! VR sex is something anyone should experience and thanks to these world-class studios, high-quality content is now available to anyone!

But what makes VR porn so special? And why is VR Bangers so good compared to every other VR porn site?

Try VRBangers

-> Virtual reality headsets started getting more and more popular, and so does VR technology in general. Using 360-degree 4K to 7K camera setups, production houses are now pumping out -> 180-degree and -> 360-degree 5K, 6K, and 7K 3D videos supported with binaural sound technology.

And VR Bangers wants to even go beyond that with their brand new 8K videos!

While 8K is way more than the industry average at 5K, binaural sound ensures an all-round surround experience that transports you into another dimension altogether. It’s awesome!

But to make the best of all these hi-tech gifts, let’s see what kind of device is necessary.

Finding the Right VR Player

The Future is here

The -> VR player helps you play the video content you are looking for on your smartphone or desktop. For Oculus (-> Porn Guides), HTC Vive (-> Porn Guide), and all the VR devices that can be connected to your PC, you can use Virtual Desktop, Whirligig, or Skybox VR to run the content.

Whirligig is cheaper than Virtual Desktop but has fewer features. Skybox VR is a great player. They’re all easy to set up, and you should be ready in no time!

In addition to these, some websites have their own VR players as well.

VR Bangers just released their own VR player: PLAY’A. Find it at the bottom of their homepage!

Reviewing and Testing VR Bangers

VR Bangers Review - The Best VR Porn Site You Can Watch in 2021 (8K) 10

VR Bangers has a very well structured website. It provides the various navigation options directly on the main headers, whereas secondary options such as contacting the website owners and terms and conditions are available in the footer.

This is pretty standard and very easy to find. We could easily locate the various categories of the videos available on the site, the pornstars who have performed for them, as well as an adult shop.

The search button to look for specific videos or pornstar is very distinctly visible and helps navigate the site effortlessly.

VRBangers Landingpage

When we searched for Dillion Harper on the site’s search box, we were glad to see that it was a custom search bar that returned all results, including videos and her pornstar profile.

The only suggestion would be to introduce video thumbnails for the videos and picture thumbnails for the pornstar profile to make it more visual.

VR Bangers Review - The Best VR Porn Site You Can Watch in 2021 (8K) 11

The call-to-action on the special offers and the variety of VR headsets supported on VR Bangers is also very distinctly visible on the landing page banner itself.

Also, the various filter options, direct download, watch online buttons, and image thumbnails for videos are excellent additions that help users get everything they need at the click of a button, directly on the home page.

What types of porn can you find on VR Bangers?

The pornstar roster at VR Bangers is one of the main reasons why I considered getting my subscription. It has one of the most diversified rosters with pornstars who can perform various scenes and across a wide spectrum of body types.

There is basically something for everyone on this site. It does not matter if you like Asian or Ebony, Teens or Milfs, Petite, Big Tits, or even -> Parody VR Porn, you can have all if you want.

VR Bangers Review - The Best VR Porn Site You Can Watch in 2021 (8K) 12

Plus, they have all the hottest pornstars – Brandi Love, Nia Nacci, Stacy Cruz, Anissa Kate, Megan Rain, Dillon Harper, Bridgette B, or Mia Malkova. All the hottest pornstars you can think of are probably already on VR Bangers.

They even provide a free high-quality photo gallery where you can find and admire many of them – one more way to get turned on while looking around the website.

In addition to that, there’s lot of fresh talent and new faces as well, which spices things up, if you’re tired of seeing the same model.

VRBanger’s Quality: 8K (Highest Resolution Available)

Now that we have had a look at how you can watch VR porn at VR Bangers and which of your favorite pornstars are on the site, time to get down to business. The main and major factor for me to choose my porn subscription is – Quality.

VR Bangers Review - The Best VR Porn Site You Can Watch in 2021 (8K) 13

By ‘Quality’, I mean everything and anything that plays a part in getting me the end product. So, it will include the choice of sets, costumes, plot, camera angles, color treatment, casting, website speed, resolution and streaming (-> Best VR porn streams) technology.

I saw a variety of plots being played out on this site. The contents do not follow a specific pre-set theme (bondage, incest, reality etc.), like many websites do today. In addition, there is a significant amount of reel time invested in building up a plot.

VR Bangers Review - The Best VR Porn Site You Can Watch in 2021 (8K) 14

All in all, I saw a good balance in scene variety and can easily modulate between niches depending on my mood. But the plots were not enforced as well as they could have been. It seemed more superficial at times.

The use of costumes was very professional and mainstream.

They do not use any of that trashy, cheap apparel at the dollar stores. Instead, each character seems well-aligned with the costume choice. This only helps make it all the more real and adds to the authenticity of the experience.

VR Bangers Review - The Best VR Porn Site You Can Watch in 2021 (8K) 15

The resolution is well taken care of, specifically since most videos are shot in 6K technology. In comparison, their new rig already started pumping amazing scenes at 8K resolutionmaking the scenes on VR Bangers crystal-clear. Plainly speaking, there is no better!

The use of 3D technology adds a further dimension to creating your own fantasy right in front of you. The videos are all well optimized, and this makes every experience worthwhile.

The color treatment is like mainstream movies, making it a little bit kinkier for me (-> best fetish VR porn) be. Some websites usually don’t spend much on editing and post-production, but VR Bangers seems to take their job seriously.

The editing and post-production are spot on and make it seem very real and professional. Also, why not check out their Twitter: https://twitter.com/vrbangers

Does the high 8k resolution make a difference?

Combine all these aspects, and everything around you looks real and reachable, almost touchable. Stepping up to 8K is no joke because it ultimately lets you forget about what’s around your way quicker than you’d expect – something you’re probably looking for when experiencing high-quality VR porn (-> All VR Porn sites ranked).

This way, no actor looks like the other. Seeing specific traits of each girl so clearly lets you quickly pick favorites – or look for someone alike. The website helps you in both cases, quickly suggesting you girls like the one you watched or for more videos starring the same actress from the growing collection.

And if you just got yourself a brand new Quest 2 (-> Porn Guide), you’re set for these insane high-resolution videos!

VR Bangers Review - The Best VR Porn Site You Can Watch in 2021 (8K) 16
Overall, the immersion potential is like no other. The resolution, the actors, the production and the diversity add up to be the start of many intimate, fun moments for any user.

Website Speed and Bandwidth

Downloading was maxed out at 10mb/s, and streaming was no problem either. A couple of the core factors in streaming content is the speed and bandwidth of the website.

Thankfully, these guys understand the importance of having a good streaming speed. If you are using the medium to high-speed broadband, it should be no problem whatsoever. The resolution on their website video player is no less than 720p.

It’s really satisfying to see an entire sex scene without having to wait for the buffer with your pants around your ankles. Overall, an excellent job from the team and a definite go-to website for VR porn.

Can you get VR Bangers for free?

VR Bangers, being a subscription on a whole website, can’t really be obtained for free. It’s a subscription-like any other, and considering the costs of filming, paying actors, and post-production, they offer it for a reasonable price.

You might find some of the movies here and there, but you’re certainly not getting the same experience or quality the website offers.

VR Bangers also offers free downloadable samples for anyone to enjoy, and they’re often good reasons for a subscription. A great way to quickly find out what you’ll be paying for if you finally decide to do so.

VR Bangers Review - The Best VR Porn Site You Can Watch in 2021 (8K) 17

VR Bangers Discounts and Prices

It’s hard not to praise VR Bangers; they are consistently raising the quality bar for the VR Porn industry, add a lot of innovative features, work with the most popular pornstars, and their collection keeps growing every month.

Considering all that, you might think they actually charge more than other studios; well, that’s not the case. Not only do they have great prices, but they always have insanely good deals available.

VR Bangers Review - The Best VR Porn Site You Can Watch in 2021 (8K) 18

They have a fairly simple pricing model, access to hundreds of 6k/8K 360 full-length videos will cost you only $25 a month, and while that is a great deal, here is where it gets even better.

For a 3 month subscription, you will only end up paying $50, and you can also get a full-year subscription for only $100, which comes at an amazing price of $8.33 a month. You might get an even crazier deal depending on some promotions they have running.

Billing is safe, secure and discreet. That means your bank statement won’t reflect a payment to a porn website.

VR Bangers offers the following payment methods, PayPal, Credit Cards and Bitcoin.

Conclusion: 8k VR porn

VR Bangers have been working on providing premium VR sex content at reasonable prices. The quality of content, roster of Pornstars, and the spectrum of technology adopted make it competitive with all other major brands in the scene.

Being highly compatible and having its own app to do the work means a lot regarding VR Bangers. Accessibility is one of the most important things next to pricing and content, and they’re doing well all around.

There’s a lot of room for growth and we will certainly keep an eye on them. Or maybe both. On your new -> Oculus Device.

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