VRB Trans – Best Transsexual VR Porn in 2024?

Great trans VR porn site. It releases regularly and good content!

Quick & Easy: Is VRB Trans worth it?

  • Hot and sexy models
  • Diverse plots
  • Good visual quality
  • Works on every device
  • Great Content
  • Anonymous and Easy Billing


  • Limited site navigation capability
  • No extras or freebies

Visual Quality
Site and Extras

-> VRBangers recently released two new niche sites (-> Best VR porn sites ranking) to target the growing demand for gay and trans porn (-> Best videos). We recently covered a review of -> VRB Gay, and in this installment, we’ll take a close look at how VRB Trans turns out. Here’s a quick view of the detailed review below to help you decide if VRB Trans cuts a subscription.

Content of VRB Trans

A must-have for Shemale Lovers. T-Girls in Virtual Reality are so life like!

The site released a couple of months back and has since then released 40 hot transsexual porn videos. They have been edging closer to trans-on-man porn than trans-on-female.

Considering the site had launched just a few months back, we can allow the content to develop to comment further.

As is the norm with broad niches like transsexual, lesbian, gay and straight porn, there are hundreds of different sub-niches that can be explored within these broad niches.

VRB Trans has looked to explore these sub-plots and sub-niches with videos in TS step mom-son, solo, shower fuck, party sex, school girl, doctor-patient fuck, massage sex etc.

ts stepmom seduces son in red swimsuit

The screenplay is similar to the content produced in VRBangers site and does not disappoint much. You can expect steamy sex scenes with filthy dirty talk after a moderate seduction segment.

The duration of the content varies between the sub-15 minute to the sub-30 minute range depending on the content. If a video is a solo scene, it’s more likely to be in the 15-minute range, while full hardcore scenes tend to be 20-30 mins in length.

The length and the quality make this site suitable for some unforgettable porn sessions, whether you’re using a -> Meta Quest 2,  -> Pico Neo Link or -> PSVR 2.

The production quality in most scenes is at par with the industry and looks genuine. The costumes and set locations have also been tended to and the videos look that much better.

While they have taken care to release well-produced content, there are other competitors who have gone the extra length to added further dimensions of immersion to transsexual VR porn.

Based on the quality of content released by the site and the available competition, I’ll rate them a 4.5/5 for content.

VRB Trans’ Visual Quality

All the -> XXX VR videos produced on the site are shot in 60fps in 3D format and lets users enjoy the video in high-definition (HD) 180-degree and 360-degree FOV. While most sites in the niche tend to produce 180-degree FOV videos, VRB Trans gets a leg up in the race, by producing 180-degree, as well as 360-degree FOVs. This gives users the freedom to choose whichever style they prefer most.

vrb trans video descriptions

The solos are shot in voyeur style, while the videos with two or more performers have used POV style. The male performer has been allocated the responsibility of handling the camera rigs in this case.

The site does not disclose resolution related information or provide any indication with regards to offering separate downloadable files for each VR headset. Instead, a Download drop down menu can be found besides all videos which have 5 versions of the same video in HQ, HD, 4K, 180 and 360.

Considering, the resolution, immersion and FOV of the videos, I’d rate them a 4/5 for their visual quality and acoustic quality.

Variety of Shemales and Plots

Variety is usually judged based on the variety of performers and variety of plots. Let’s start with the variety displayed on their pornstar roster.

The website has used 12 different models in their videos till date. Judging by the physical appearance, the models vary in ethnicity, body type and hair colour. Given that the website has started producing trans porn recently, it’s understandable that they might not have a whole lot of models signed with the site.

vrb trans pornstars

There are however a variety of models used in the videos ranging across Asian, Ebony, Caucasian, and more.

When talking about the plot of the videos, it needs to be acknowledged the VRBangers has traditionally worked with diverse plots. The same trend can be witnessed here. The site has produced 40 videos, at the time of writing this review, but has ensured that there is no overlapping of plots.

vrb trans porn videos

Currently, they have videos in various plots ranging across TS step mom-son, solo, shower fuck, party sex, school girl, doctor-patient fuck, massage sex etc.

I’ll rate the site a 4.5/5, for their good use of plots, and performers.


I see a good future ahead of VRB Trans. Because VRBangers, too, is doing great by introducing a 6k rig which will surely follow soon for their sister sites. They are releasing constantly and heading towards a bright future.

As a result for the future, we’ll rate VRB Trans a 4.5/5.

Site and Extras

The design of the website is pretty much the same as VRBangers. The colour palette uses a salmon pink hue to denote that it’s a transsexual-content site instead of pink which was used on VRBangers. The landing page image convincingly declares the nature of porn available here and does a great job and conveying the purpose of the website.

sexy trans babe bianca pleasures herself in the bathroom

Once you scroll down, you’ll find info on the latest videos that have been released. A trailer is also made available in addition to sliding screenshots, video description and video duration.

Tagging videos with name of the positions, scene type, plots etc. helps in sorting through the huge repository of information that the website accumulates. It also helps users to engage content they like easily as opposed to looking through each video description or screenshots to understand the content. The site lacks any kind of tagging facilities, which only makes it harder to navigate the content.

The only highlight in this regard is the availability of a search bar on the main menu bar.

A small but very helpful piece of info laid into the trailers hosted on the site is the recommended position to view these VR videos. This remains a speciality of VRBangers and same has been carry-forwarded here. Each video comes with a small icon that helps the user understand if the video should be viewed while lying down or in an inclined position or in a seated position.

ts venus luxx is a naughty school girl

With respect to extras, the site does not offer much. The trailers are pretty much the only stuff they are giving out for free.

Here’s their Twitter Page.

For site and extras, VRB Trans deserves a 4/5 from me.


vrb trans pricing

VRB Trans offers three different billing options – monthly, quarterly and. The monthly sub costs about $24.95 per month, while the quarterly membership (billed every three months) costs only $16.65/month.

The yearly sub costs only $14.95/month. All the subs provide access to true 360 FOV and 180 FOV videos in 3D. The videos are compatible with all major headsets including Oculus, Meta, Meta Quest, GearVR, HTC Vive, PSVR, Daydream and all Smartphones.

Getting a subscription is easy, secure, and anonymous!


The demand for transsexual porn has been growing. The added benefit is that people with different persuasions, straight, gay or trans, can enjoy VR trans porn. VRB Trans entered a market which has a crowd favourite in the form of Virtual Real Trans.

In order to match up to their content and innovation (use of integrated teledildonics and interactive 3D porn), VRB Trans will need to up their game. If you’re interested to check out their content, you can opt for a monthly sub and then decide whether to upgrade or cancel.




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