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Quick & Easy: Is VRB Gay worth it?

  • High-quality content
  • Good visual clarity
  • Nice plots and variety
  • Hot models
  • Easy, Secure, and Anonymous
  • Works on every Device
  • Exclusive Content


  • Site navigation is limited
  • No extras or freebies, other than trailers
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

One of the hottest -> VR porn sites, -> VR Bangers, recently released a new site dedicated to -> VRB Trans and now a VR gay porn site called VRB Gay. Gay porn (-> Best videos) and transsexual porn has been making headway in the VR porn industry, and major websites have been busy releasing new sites for trans and gay porn.

Today, we take a look at VRB Gay and if it’s really worth the penny.

Content of VRB Gay

The site released a few weeks back and isn’t quite realistic to expect that the site will be filled with content immediately. However, they do have 30 videos live on the site as of now. The site offers weekly video updates.

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As obvious from the name, the site covers all things gay. Like any such niche, covering a broad niche such as gay or transsexuals provides companies with a huge opportunity. Unlike smaller niches like BDSM, milf, teen or gym, such niches have a wide spectrum of plots and sub-plots to work with.

Even though, it’s hardly a few weeks old, the site covers content in sub plots such as boot camp, handymen, morning wood, happy ending massage, doctor-fucks-patient etc. Additionally, they have taken on niche-specific plots such as solo masturbation, fucking with friends, etc.

The use of set, location and costumes are good enough for the scene to seem genuine and not some poorly conceived production. The use of these locations and sets really help in making the video even more immersive and adding to the experience of the viewer.

Based on the quality of content released by the site, it stands to reason that they deserve a 5/5 for content.

Visual Quality

The site offers streaming and downloading options at 60fps. There are no options at 30fps. All videos are shot in 4K and HD. However, no information with regards to the compatibility with devices is available. Neither are there any separate files for respective devices, as found on other VR porn sites.

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The -> XXX VR videos are recorded at a 180-degree and 360-degree FOV which is not so common in the industry, especially among niche sites. There’s hardly any site that covers both 180 FOV and 360 FOV. But VRB Gay offers both.

In addition, the solo masturbation videos are shot in voyeur style (as is mostly) and the rest are shot in POV style. Like the original VRBangers site, the gay site also retains the beautiful colour treatment that gives VRBanger videos its individuality.

The sharpness in the image is decent as at par with the industry standards, whereas the distance from the camera as also been carefully crafted. The videos are immersive and there aren’t any complaints for the visual quality.

Considering, the resolution, immersion and FOV of the videos, I’d rate them a solid 4.5/5 for their visual quality.

Gay VR porn variety

Variety is usually judged based on the variety of performers and variety of plots. Let’s start with the variety displayed in their pornstar roster.

vrb gay models

If not looking for variety in your porn models and any well-built, sexy gay man would do, then you should be able to enjoy the site without any issues. Also, most models are pretty well-built, which means there’s no scope for anyone to be a twink.

Though it’s still extremely early, the site has used a variety of different plots. The plots are natural extensions and realistic situations (as much as it can be in porn) and are really erotic. The treatment of the screenplay is pretty interesting and does not directly jump into the action.

The performers take time to set up the scene and then gradually integrate a sexual angle.

I’ll rate VRB Gay a 4/5, for their good use of plots.

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Future of VRB Gay

To be fair, it’s still very early to judge its future. But the site does show promise with its production quality and use of plots. The website structure still needs a lot of improvement and the niche is budding.

So, there’s a lot of room for development and improvement. However, going by the strong signs from the initial stages, it does not seem that they’d run into trouble anytime soon.

As a result for the future, we’ll rate VRB Gay a 4.5/5.

Site and Extras

The design of the website is pretty much the same as VRBangers. The colour palette uses blue to denote that it’s a gay site instead of pink which was used on VRBangers. The landing page image convincingly declares the nature of porn available here and does a great job and conveying the purpose of the website.

vrb gay landing page video list

Once you scroll down, you’ll find info on the latest videos that have been released. A trailer is also made available in addition to sliding screenshots, video description and video duration as ancillary information about the scene. There are drop-down sections which also provide information on the various sizes of video available for download.

vrb gay video screenshots

The information shown on the inner video details page is similar, other than the additional inclusion of the larger screenshots.

One of the main issues with the site is the inability to sort or filter videos or model profiles. The listing page for the videos and models depicts a list of the items but does not offer any options to sort or filter. Additionally, there are no tags used throughout the website.

This causes major problems to access and navigate the videos. The only highlight in this regard is the availability of a search bar on the main menu bar. Also, check out their Twitter page!

With respect to extras, the site does not offer much. The trailers are pretty much the only stuff they are giving out for free. For site and extras, VRB Gay deserves a 4/5 from me.


vrb gay pricing

VRB Gay provides three different billing options – monthly, quarterly and. The monthly sub costs about $24.95 per month, while the quarterly membership (billed every three months) costs only $16.65/month.

The yearly sub costs only $14.95/month. All the subs provide access to true 360 FOV and 180 FOV videos in 3D. The videos are compatible with all major headsets including Oculus, GearVR, HTC Vive, PSVR, Daydream and all Smartphones.

Easy, safe and totally anonymous. Don’t be afraid to get a sub!


VRB Gay offers niche specific content for those with a craving for virtual reality ass-fucking and hard cocks. The site does well to position itself and provides quality content from the onset.

They can still improve with regards to navigation and value for the subscription, but overall, they are a pretty good site, if you’re into gay porn.

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