Best Gay VR Porn Videos 2023

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#5 I Cake You

(-> VirtualRealGay)

Manuel Scalco has a very special meal ready for you today… ready to be surprised?

#4 Dr. Mecum

(-> VRB Gay)

Dr. Mecum is here to make you feel better, and if there’s something wrong, he’ll know. It’s just that his treatment is a little… unorthodox. Can you handle it?

#3 Ibiza Gay Pride

(-> VirtualRealGay)

Gabriel Lunna is fit, hot, and seductive. This stud knows what he wants: you!

#2 Wonderful Breakfast

(-> VirtualRealGay)

Great meals seem to be recurrent in this top 5, but I think that’s because there are so many tasty asses here… enjoy!

#1 Feeding Frenzy

(-> VRB Gay)

Yep, another excellent meal! But this one is the best one you can have in VR. Ken Summers is ALL YOURS!

5: VirtualRealGay – Manuel Scalco in “I Cake You”

its an all euro orgy feat Daisy Lee, Tera Link and Rebecca Black

After watching this VirtualRealGay (-> See our rating here) video it became clear to me that every dick should come with a one-sentence instructions sheet: to be served with a generous amount of whipped cream.

Manuel Scalco loves cooking and he prepared a special, special meal for you today. It’s gonna be sweet, sticky, and messy.
It’s just a cake and it’s not the tastiest you had, probably. Manuel had something else flying through his mind while cooking it. He didn’t even use enough whipped cream for it… 

Everything becomes clear right away, though – he saved it so he can spray it on your dick while surprise-sucking it in the kitchen. And there’s plenty left for a few refills. What a sweet surprise, right? You instantly forgot about everything that had to do with a cake from the first minute in. Manuel Scalco surely does know how to get what he wants – your tight eye, in this case.

A great gay VR porn scene featuring a very hot, natural male model who’s always eager to stick his huge cock somewhere. Luckily, this time it was you. Enjoy! 

4: VRBGay – Alex Mecum in “Dr. Mecum”

misha cross fucked by the door

Alex Mecum. You probably knew there was gonna be a video from this guy here. And if you didn’t, then you’ll quickly learn why others would think he must be in any top gay VR porn videos list – he’s hot as fuck, and everyone likes him.

He’s a great model, and every scene he’s in proves to be top-level just because of his presence. VRBGay (-> Our review) is a top studio with many top gay videos!

He has the right attitude and, well, the perfect dick for this scene. Enjoy getting fucked by your newly all-time favorite doctor, Dr. Mecum. Yes, you can act sick to get to him one more time. He won’t mind.

nancy a is your girlfriend of the nightmisha cross is a horny party girl

3: VirtualRealGay – Gabriel Luna and Marc Ferrer

Gabriel Luna is one of the hottest studs the gay VR porn industry offered to us, so it was necessary to include one of his remarkable performances in our top 5 gay -> XXX VR videos ranking. He’s fit, manly, seductive and he always looks like he knows what he wants.

Lucky for you, today was no exception – while swimming on a hot summer day, he decided he wants a tight hole to fuck. And Marc Ferrer, another sexy gay legend is there to make his wish come true. It’s gonna get wild really quick because that’s just what Gabriel does.

Some needy kissing at the poolside it’s all it took for Marc to get convinced it was the perfect time to fuck, right there, right then.
Gabriel’s huge dick is already hard, Marc’s mouth is ready, the show is about to begin. A well-deserved blowjob and some warm-up pumping and Marc’s butthole is ready to start the real fuck session, the one that’s gonna take place inside.

Two sweating, hot male models, a huge dick, and some of the greatest bodies the gay VR porn (-> See our VirtualRealGay test) world has the luck to see – the perfect recipe for a scene you can’t forget. You’ll come back to it, for sure. Have fun!

2. VirtualRealGay – Leo Grin in “Wonderful Breakfast”

Have you ever had tightly squeezed hard cock for breakfast? Me neither, but these two guys are here to convince you that a cock ring it’s probably the healthiest, most consistent fun thing to use first thing in the morning. Who said breakfast means just food?

VirtualRealGay is the best gay VR porn site out there, no doubt. They post progressively better videos every week and the male models they work with are all hot as hell. -> Here’s a separate article about VirtualRealGay.

You have friends and family over? Doesn’t matter, Leo Grin finds a way to be the eye doctor no matter what. And with such a handsome boyfriend, your ass is always prepared for an intense pounding.

A top level gay scene with two sexy male models that you’ll surely remember and look for in other videos. Enjoy!

1: Best Gay VR Porn Video: VRBGay – Ken Summers in “Feeding Frenzy”

How long could you resist watching Ken Summers staring at you over his food like that? It takes just a smile and a second of eye contact from this guy to make you wish your dick was balls deep inside his mouth. Luckily, this Latino twink has about the same thing in mind today, and it doesn’t take long until your cock starts bathing into all those mouth juices he’s producing just for you.

VRBGay is another gay VR porn website -> we’ve talked about on our site. It’s a niche subsite from VRBangers, and the gay videos are just as good as those on their main website. These 8K quality scenes look amazing on the Quest 2; imagine how good they will be on -> PSVR 2! We highly recommend the content they create.

Ken Summers is one of the hottest gay VR porn stars, and he should surely receive more praise for his performances, this video being the ultimate proof. He’s hot, passionate and goddamn does he know how to treat a needy dick. Enjoy! 

There’s a lot of quality gay VR porn content out there – here’s where to find it!

The gay VR porn industry is, for the moment, far from where it should be. We know for sure that there’s enough demand for gay VR porn, but sadly there aren’t enough studios that offer quality content out there.

Still, the top-level studios that produce gay VR porn content are up there with every other VR porn studio when it comes to quality – resolutions up to 5K resolution (-> Best VR Porn), binaural sound, 180-degree FOV (-> Best VR Porn) and compatibility with the best teledildonics from -> Kiiroo and our top ranking (-> best VR sex toys). Watch them on any headset, from the HTC Vive to the new ->Meta and -> Meta Quest headsets.

More than enough for us to be able to choose the videos for our Top 5. Please don’t get fooled, and it wasn’t easy to choose! Most of these scenes are top-notch, and all the male models are… well, the greatest out there. So here they are, our Top 5 Gay VR Porn videos. Enjoy!




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