WankzVR Review – Just the BEST VR Porn Site?

WankzVR has everything you need: hot girls, great variety, good visuals (-> 7K VR Porn!), and a bright future!

Quick & Easy: Is WankzVR worth it?

  • Best Content of all sites
  • High Visual Quality
  • Two releases each week
  • Compatible with every Device
  • Network of non-VR sites included
  • Billing secure and anonymous


  • Damn, can’t find a negative…
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

WankzVR: The ultimate VR Porn Experience?

Experience one of the best Virtual Reality porn (-> Best sites ranked) providers out there: WankzVR. Their platform started in early 2016 and had since then been adding content consistently.

WankzVR is already a big player in the adult industry! They lead a bunch of other sites resulting in a massive network of high-quality porn.
WankzVR is their newest addition and lets you experience high-quality, full-length premium content.

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Virtual Reality is an entirely new way to experience and live out your all sexual fantasies.  Through the use of Virtual Reality, you are being exposed to a believable replica of the recorded world and everything in it.

Highest quality providers full-length VR porn, like WankzVR, record scenes (-> Best VR porn videos) using the newest technologies available, like stereoscopic 3D. They then stitch the recordings together, resulting in a lifelike 3D world.

Just wait until you see a pair of tits! It’s like IMAX, but with porn!

Furthermore, you are the main protagonist in this world.

Believe me, once you tried it out for yourself, there is no way in hell that you would ever want to go back to the way you used to watch your dirty movies – on a flat-screen. So let me warn you: Virtual Reality might actually ruin your regular porn. But what you get is so much better.

That rating! WankzVR is currently among -> the best sites I reviewed. You can do nothing wrong with getting a sub!

The devices you need to experience WankzVR

It may sound way more complicated than it is. The easiest method of watching VR porn is through your smartphone. You need nothing more than a “Google Cardboard (-> Our porn guide),” which is cheap at 20$ and compatible with most recent smartphones. So all you need to get going is a smartphone and a cheap headset made out of cardboard or plastic with two integrated lenses.

If you want to experience Virtual Reality to the fullest, get yourself an Oculus Quest (-> Porn Guide). They’re cheap, and they have AMAZING quality!

Even so, it would help if you had a pretty good computer to support these headsets. The Quality boost you get is good and, in my opinion, does justify the price, assuming that you don’t just want to use it for your naughty hobby.

Unless, of course, you’re a Quest 2 (-> Porn guide) owner! The best headset for VR porn – no computer needed!

You can watch WankzVR using -> any VR Headset. They offer lots of video options!

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The right Player

In the case you want to watch the content on your smartphone, you need a -> good VR player. Or you won’t be able to experience the awesomeness to the fullest.

WankzVR has another option for you: It is possible to stream (-> Best VR porn stream) the content directly to your phone, which makes watching Virtual Reality sex quite easy. Of course, the stream has a lower quality. That being said, I highly recommend downloading to experience the full quality and awesomeness that comes with watching a hot girl do your bidding.

They also offer downloads specific to the device you own, like the  Oculus Rift (-> Porn guide). Having video files adapted to the headset adds to the quality. The best player for the Rift and HTC Vive (-> Porn guide) is Virtual Desktop, which can be bought on Steam. In my experience, it is best to get a large external hard drive to store and organize your content – especially if you have multiple devices or subscriptions.

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How much content does WankzVR offer?

Since the website has started, they have consistently added the finest VR porn out there – weekly. Currently, they promise two new additions to their content every week and have so far been able to keep up. The added videos are full-length with about 30 min, and the newer content is even longer at 45 min.

Having even longer content released shows that they are well on becoming the most content-rich VR porn site on the web. The list of starring pornstars is impressive as well. WankzVR features top US pornstars like Riley Reid, Naomi Woods, Dillion Harper, or Piper Perri.

When watching VR porn videos, I noticed that it’s much more important to be into the pornstars and enjoy their presence. That’s not true every time in regular porn. In regular you are distant from the actress, just watching her on-screen. In Virtual Reality Videos (-> Best VR Porn videos by category), you are suddenly intimate with the model, like you are actually sleeping with her.
So if you are totally into a pornstar you find on WankzVR, you have to sub, trust me! You’ll spend the greatest moments with them!

WankzVR Review - Just the BEST VR Porn Site? 16

The Quality of the content is just awesome

WankzVR offers the best variety in content out there. Period.

We all know that having much content isn’t all a site needs to offer. The quality of the VR sex scenes has to be superb to justify the subscription cost. The sets, the actresses, the action, and camera positions have to be diverse and exciting. Otherwise, the content is too similar and gets boring too fast. This especially is where they excel and leave their competitors behind.

They focus on a more story-driven experience, which I absolutely prefer to a “Hey, big cock, let’s fuck”-standard. Some additions, for example, carry the esteemed titles of “-> Game of Moans,” “-> Strokemon GO” or “-> Harley’s Fun House,” featuring some cosplay and an okay story.

They focus on a more story-driven experience, which I absolutely prefer to a “Hey, big cock, let’s fuck”- standard.

WankzVR Review - Just the BEST VR Porn Site? 17

Threesomes are the best.

Due to VR recordings’ nature, the scenes are mostly shot from the man’s POV (-> Best VR porn) Because the camera needs to be steady to avoid motion sickness, the actor hasn’t much room for movement. That means that most of the time, you are being ridden or sucked. Without a doubt, this is nice but can become boring after some time.

That’s why I personally love threesomes and -> orgies. Girls kissing right in front of your face is freaking hot. The best threesome they currently offer is “Bang Delta Pi.” You have to fall in love with those girls.

I go crazy for -> threesomes. In these scenes, everywhere you look there’s a nice -> booty bouncing up and down.

After listening to the users, WankzVR realized they needed more close-ups. And they immediately followed through. Close-ups in Virtual Reality are just fascinatingly realistic, so much that you truly believe you can lick that pussy in front of you.

What I liked most during my testing periods, seeing that WankzVR listens to its users and implements their suggestions right away. WankzVR is getting better with every new release, making their new releases two highlights of the week!

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The Visual Quality of WankzVRs porn videos

In this test, we didn’t just focus on the content. There is so much more to Virtual Reality Porn (-> All sites ranking) than the fucking itself. The quality and the way it is recorded are crucial for several reasons.

Are the ratios correct? Does the movie appear clear? How good is the Field of View? Is the sound immersive? These questions must be answered by us while analyzing the overall quality of their porn.

Let’s start with the ratios, the size of the world, and the pornstars. Here they have everything right. The scale is perfect!

WankzVR Review - Just the BEST VR Porn Site? 19

Technology is key

Your brain has to believe that you are right there – fucking this hot pornstar. The immersion is also influenced by many other factors, like clarity. In this area, WankzVR shines. They just got a new Rig (Mai 2018) which finally comes up to par with the quality of other studios like BaDoinkVR (-> Our Rating).

The great visual quality allowes you to be immeresed completely!

The movies available have a Field of View of 180 (-> Best VR porn), which is quite enough for me. You can look around but are mainly focused on the action anyway. Talking about action: Sound is a significant part of the experience. Without a good directional sound, you can’t really immerse yourself into the scene.

They use high-end binaural recording, creating a complete 360-degree (-> Best VR porn) audio experience. With the right earphones, this results in a realistic copy of any sound made during the recording.

They are leading in quality due to high-tech recording techniques and an extraordinarily high interest in user experience. They have a Reddit account listening to every suggestion and complaint the users have with their content. They are constantly trying to better their recording techniques and quality.

I find this to be one of the most important traits a company has to have: Listen to us, the users!

WankzVR Review - Just the BEST VR Porn Site? 20

The website’s structure and look.

The site is using the whole browser with beautiful full-screen preview pictures of the movies. You can scroll quickly through the content and immediately know what to watch.

The site is structured into Videos, Pornstars, and “Join Now.” You’ll find all the videos in chronological order in the Videos tab, with the newest at the top. In the “pornstars” tab, all the main models are listed, and by clicking, you can see which movie they star in. Under each movie, there are tags. Through these tags, you’ll find similar videos. This grouping can help a lot, for example, if you want to watch a nice creampie or a threesome.

Currently, there is no search function which is somewhat unfortunate but forgivable. You will find what you are searching through tags.

Don’t be afraid to buy a subscription. It is anonymous, safe and fast. You will be able to download everything!

The “Join Now” page will lead you to the subscription page.
You only need to think of a username and a password, and you are ready to go. Your information is secure with WankzVR, and you can use totally anonymous paying methods like Bitcoin. But let’s be honest, Credit Cards are faster, and there never will be a link to WankzVR; it won’t show up in your billing under this name.

WankzVR Review - Just the BEST VR Porn Site? 21

How much does WankzVR cost?

Every good, full-length VR porn comes with a price tag, and sadly there’s no way around it. However, it’s cheap, easy, and totally anonymous. Their price is currently discounted to 19.95$ a month, with more affordable options for a 2 Day Trial or one-year subscriptions. At $19.95 they are in the mid-pricing range. However, they offer high-end quality and quantity.

You also get access to WankzVR’s whole network of 31 exclusive porn sites for the subscription cost. Don’t miss out! Sites like WankzVR, don’t save your information. They only use the bare minimum to get their payment. That’s why there are entirely anonymous options available, like Paysafecard or Bitcoin, for which you only need any valid E-mail address.

You don’t have to worry if you want to pay with a credit card or PayPal; the billing will be discreet 😉.

WankzVR Review - Just the BEST VR Porn Site? 22

WankzVR is currently one the best sites I reviewed, and for that price… Come on.

WankzVR.com Test conclusion

All in all, if you read through my whole Review, it is pretty obvious how excited I am about this company. I still try to be objective in my tests. It is just that WankzVR is the first provider to convince me that they are on the right track fully. They seem fully committed to delivering the best possible Virtual Reality porn.
Furthermore, WankzVR is already offering good content at a great price. If they can keep up producing high-quality content twice a week, I see a bright future ahead for this company. 

WankzVR is currently one of the best sites I reviewed (-> All sites ranking), and as long as they keep up, they deserve the rating I am giving them. You can’t go wrong with them, sign up now!

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