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Best VR Fuck Sites, Headsets and Videos!

A full guide!

There’s little in this world that can compare to a good VR Fuck. It’s so different than traditional porn. In VR, you get to see the entire experience from your point of view. And it’s just incredibly realistic. Just imagine Angela White’s giant tits bouncing in front of your head as she’s riding your dick. Or maybe an entirely realistic blowjob by Adriana Chechik?

In any case, VR Fucking will change the way you experience porn.

The top VR Fuck Sites you should watch right now

So, you’ve just discovered VR Fucking. Congratulations. Whether it’s your first time or just looking for your favorite niche, you’re at the right place! Make sure you check out our ➜ full VR Porn Sites ranking!


This is the ultimate destination for all your VR Fuck needs. (➜ Review) will give you the biggest and best amount of content in the entire VR industry. vr fuck

The site is impressive. It’s so popular that other VR Sex Sites upload their videos to themselves. That should tell you enough. You’re getting more than 25.000 VR Fucking Videos! And they come from a ton of different studios. From the most famous ones to the ones that are just starting out. And that means just one thing - every single category you can imagine!

Plus, you’ll get an awesome pack of VR Porn Games (➜ Best Games Ranking)! So, if you’re in the mood for some VR Fuck gaming, you’ll have a lot to choose from!

"It’s a giant library of content, and you’ll indulge in your wildest fantasies with it!"

#2: Czech VR

Do you like European girls? Even better - do you like fucking European girls without going all the way to Europe? Czech VR (➜ Review) has a solution.

czech vr vr fuck

This excellent site lets you VR Fuck a ton of incredible Euro chicks. And they’ll do anything to please you.

"Every single one of their videos is crisp and crystal clear! That’s the magic of the 8K quality!"

This studio uses an incredible technique that we all love - a moving camera.

This dynamic mode adds so much to the realism of the whole scene! Not many studios have mastered this technique, so experiencing this is a must!

#3: WankzVR

How can we make a list of VR Fuck sites without mentioning the amazing WankzVR (➜ Review)?

wankzvr vr fuck

We’re all looking for hot chicks, and WankzVR is where you’ll find them.

"Perfect bodies, cute faces, and incredible tits and asses. That’s WankzVR in a nutshell."

They carry the title of one of the Top VR Porn Sites (➜ Best Sites Ranking), and this is not an easy title to win!

It’s a studio that’s been around for a long time, and they have a lot of experience. Imagine having a VR Fuck session with chicks like Scarlett Alexis, Melody Marks, Anna Claire Clouds, etc. Or the insanely hot Jewelz Blu. WankzVR gives you that and a ton of other sexy sluts!

#4: BaDoinkVR

Where do you get a hot VR Fuck session, plus a huge network of VR Porn sites that cover almost any fetish? That’s right - the world of BaDoinkVR (➜ Review).

badoinkvr vr fuck

This is a VR Porn site that’s among the oldest ones in the industry. They have fantastic VR Porn, and their fanbase proves it. It’s a site that has built a huge success! So big that they manage to house four additional VR Porn Sites! VRCosplayX (➜ Review) for cosplay, KinkVR (➜ Review) for BDSM, 18VR (➜ Review) for Teen, and BabeVR (➜ Review) for Solo/masturbation VR Porn.

"It’s one of the best networks in the industry, and they’ll give you hundreds of hours of awesome VR Fuck experiences."

#5: Virtual Taboo

Virtual Taboo (➜ Review) is a paradise for every fan of taboo VR Fuck adventures. If your mind is kinky, you’re at the right place.

virtual taboo vr fuck

Virtual Taboo specializes in taboo VR Porn. Stepmoms, stepdads, stepbrothers and stepsisters. And all of them want just one thing - incredible steamy fucking. It’s an orgy festival for all those who like to keep things interesting and taboo.

"You won’t just watch stepbros fuck sexy sluts in their rooms. You’ll become the stepbro who fucks them."

Virtual Taboo puts you in the driving seat of these fun plots, and the only thing you need is to take your dick out and let a hot pink pussy take it in.

Are there any Gay or Trans VR Fuck Studios?

Gay (➜ Best Gay VR Porn) and Trans VR Porn (➜ Best Trans VR Porn) are getting increasingly popular. Of course, some sites cover these specific fetishes, and once you’ve experienced them in VR, you’ll only want more and more.

Trans VR Fuck sessions are the best at VRB Trans (➜ Review) and VirtualRealTrans (➜ Review). These sites are parts of the ➜ VR Bangers and ➜ VirtualRealPorn networks. And the quality you’ll get there is incredible. Next up, we have Tranz VR (➜ Review), Grooby VR (➜ Review), TSVirtualLovers (➜ Review), and TransVR (➜ Review). If you’ve got a thing for the sexiest trans sluts in the porn industry, check them out! They work with the hottest chicks with dicks!

vrb trans vr fuck

On the other hand, Gay VR Porn is gaining popularity as well. If you want to VR Fuck the hottest males in porn, the best sites for you are VRB Gay (➜ Review) and VirtualRealGay (➜ Review).

Finally, VR Fucking is not only for the guys. For all the ladies out there who want a piece of this incredible action, there is VirtualRealPassion (➜ Review) as well. They are the first Female POV VR Porn site in the world and the best one. If you prefer lesbian action only, YanksVR (➜ Review) is where you need to go!

What do I need for a VR Fuck session?

First, you need a VR headset. After that, you need to subscribe to a VR Porn Site (➜ Best VR Porn Sites Ranking). We already covered the sites, so let’s talk about headsets.

meta quest 3 secondary featured

Luckily, VR is nowadays more accessible. When the technology first appeared, it was very expensive. It’s normal - it was new. However, these days, you can find a lot of different headsets that fit your budget. If you want to have the best possible VR Fuck experience, your best bet is the ➜ Meta Quest 3. This is the headset that started the ➜ Passthrough Porn revolution! Of course, if your pockets are really deep, you can always go for the ➜ Apple Vision Pro.

Next up, we have the ➜ Quest 2 (the legend of the VR Porn world). This headset is cheap nowadays, and it’ll handle those HD Videos like a pro. ➜ Quest Pro, ➜ Pico 4, ➜ Pico Neo3 Link, ➜ Valve Index, ➜ PSVR, ➜ Oculus Rift, and ➜ HTC Vive are also very good choices.

Finally, if you want to experience VR Fuck adventures for cheap, you can go for the ➜ Google Daydream, ➜ Cardboard, or ➜ Samsung Gear VR. They are super affordable, and you use them with your Smartphone.

Are there Free VR Fuck videos?

Yes, there are. But they’re not worth it. You can find ➜ Free VR Porn online, but that would mean browsing through hundreds of pages just to find a low-quality video. And who needs that?

Badoinkvr Jumpstart me sucking I mean, imagine having a powerful VR headset and using it to watch a grainy video of a pornstar riding your dick. Plus, malware is super common with shady downloads.

Your best bet is getting a subscription to a legit VR Fuck Site. These sites invest a lot in security, so you won’t have to worry about scams or malware. The subscriptions aren’t expensive anyway. Plus, they are totally anonymous, so nobody else will know what you’re subscribed to. Not even your bank.


Starting your VR Fuck adventure has never been easier. All you need is a VR headset and a subscription to a VR Porn Site.

These experiences will change your life. And absolutely ruin your everyday 2D porn habits. They are just so much more advanced. Where else will you put your dick between the giant tits of Violet Myers?

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