18VR – Best Teen VR Porn Site in 2023?

Damn, she’s cute! That picture pretty much shows what to expect of 18VR. Cute, hot, and innocent teens!

Quick and Easy: Is 18VR Worth it?


  • Nice range of fresh teen models
  • High production quality
  • Great visual clarity and 5K resolution
  • Works on every device
  • Easy and Secure Billing
  • On-site rating system


  • Not all 18-year-olds
Visual Quality
Site and Extras

I just love young girls! The site is perfect for me. You, too? Then what are you waiting for?

18VR.com is a recently introduced VR porn website (-> All VR porn sites ranked) that, as the name indicates, specializes in Teen VR porn (-> Top 10 VR Teen videos). This is a sister site of BaDoinkVR (-> Our Test). Teen VR has fast become the niche in VR porn with many websites choosing to narrow-down their focus in this area. Let’s take a deeper look into this entrant and get down to the brass tacks!

18VRs Content – Hot Teen VR Videos

Even though the site is newer than the “big boys” in the industry, with its first video released on June 19th, 2017, they now, in 2020 have close to 200 videos on the site. Given the topic or theme of the niche, -> teens, the site exclusively focuses on this category.

18VR Review Pic

They already have a nice number of petite, fair-skinned, blonde (-> Best blonde VR porn), redhead, and brunette (-> Best brunette VR porn) beauties performing with the site and this helps in keeping a nice rotation of models in the scenes. However, the models seem very stereotypical. There is a common theme in all the girls – the petite body type. You get your occasional Stacy Cruz (-> Best VR porn videos) scene, but nothing to completely break the rule.

The plot revolves mostly around normal daily life kinks like, friend’s girlfriend, gym, teacher, girlfriend etc. Basically, any plot where petite bodied hotties can fit in.

Since most of the models on the site are pretty new to the industry and are mostly of European descent, there’s a fair degree of freshness in their performance, which actually makes the scenes seem quite genuine.

In addition, some scenes have increased involvement from the male performers, which is quite rare in VR (since they handle the camera rig).

As a result, there is increased interaction between the pornstars and fair amount of slapping, spanking and hand movements (from the male performers), which is a welcome change in this segment of pornography.

One last factor is that the site releases only one video every week. Something, I believe they might need to change. All in all, I would like to give a 5/5 rating, to keep room for improvements. Had there been a wider variety of body type involved, the rating could have been increased.

Pretty much everything you look for in the content of a teen VR site!

18VR: High Visual Quality in 5K

The visual quality aspect of the videos has not failed to impress. Similar to VRCosplayX (-> Our Rating). All the scenes are available in 60fps and 30fps for slower connections. The scenes are shot on 180-degree FOV (-> Best Videos) and provide a stereoscopic binaural sound facility on audio. The huge majority of the videos are -> POV VR Porn scenes meant to make you the center of attention!

Since these features are kind-of industry average, there isn’t anything bad to comment about it. The visual element has clarity and does not stress too much on the eyes. Since there scenes are shot with 3D effect, there is an added element of realism in the videos.

I found the use of the camera at a decent distance ensuring, that its close enough during the scenes to be able to see everything (that needs to be seen) clearly and yet you do not have to continuously move your head up and down to get the full picture.

Perfect with 5K video quality (-> Top ranking)! I’ll give a 5/5 for the visual aspect as well.

How is their variety of teen VR scenes?

Super-specific niches work because they leverage one particular aspect – in this case ‘teens’. They, however, still need to keep the content engaging and have a certain degree of variety even with the limitation of only having teens. The models have a very similar stereotypical image of teen girls which is a thin, petite body with no hair.

On the positive end, they did try and bring a variety as much as they could with blondes, brunette, redheads, and even including anal (-> Best anal VR porn), hardcore (-> Best hardcore VR porn), and other variations.

Even with the focus on teens, it needs to be understood that not all 18-21-year-old girls have tiny tits. And sadly not all the models are real teens. As a result, for variety, I’ll rate 18VR.com a 4/5.

What’s in store for the Future?

This particular niche has started attracting quite a bit of attention from a number of players. Given the quality output from 18VR till now, I have no reason to believe that they won’t be able to compete in the future.

In addition, the 18VR team has been quite active on social media forums, responding to feedback from users and even taking suggestions on scenes. Given the responsiveness and that they address a few areas that they still lag, I find that they quite a promising future ahead of them.

The USP of 18VR is that most of their models are very fresh and that is something very few have in the industry. Let’s see how long they can keep this up.

Hopefully, the site will keep up with the latest headset releases like the new -> Meta Quest, -> Quest 2 and other Meta headsets.  

A very professional site (-> BaDoinkVR) is behind 18VR. They’re definitely here to stay! 5/5

18VR.com: Website and Extras

The website design is simple, but responsive and vibrant. It focuses on the ‘youth’ and ‘teen’ factor adds pink, blue and yellow to denote the same on the site design.

18VR Videos

There aren’t many options on the website. The navigation bar only has options for videos, girls, and login. The footer itself is quite limited as well. However, none of these are mandatorily bad, as long as it does not hinder access and experience.

In addition, there have been complains on the social media sites regarding Oculus version of a particular scene being corrupt. The team was, however, very prompt and on point. I am pretty confident that they’ll get it sorted.


Doesn’t she look like Sansa btw? That would be great for cosplay (-> Best Cosplay VR porn)

The scene pages have detailed information regarding the audio and video features and the range of devices the scenes are available on.

That in itself is a perfect sign. Besides, there are screenshots of the scene and well-detailed scene descriptions as well. A positive for the videos’ key features is that a rating out of 10 is provided based on user votes. Quite frankly, I agree with these votes most of the time. This can help you to filter and sort through the scenes for your liking.

The tagging could be better, given it does not detail every position or nature or kink-type of the scene. The options are quite limited, and again search access is hindered.

 Lastly, I’d be happier if they had included trailers on the site. Without trailers, it is quite hard actually to have a taste of what’s in-store. As a result, I’ll give a 4.5/5 for the website design and extras.

18VR Subscription Costs


The billing is available in 4 options – Trial, Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime. The trial feature provides 1 free download for $1 only. The monthly subscription costs about $24.95 currently and provides unlimited streaming (-> Best VR Porn streams), unlimited downloads, and a FREE Google Cardboard, same as the Yearly and Lifetime Sub.

For the Lifetime Subscription, you pay once for all of their videos and all their upcoming releases, which can be very convenient if you keep in mind that BaDoink, a very successful site, is behind 18VR. If they get to 1000+, or maybe 2-3000 videos, it will be more than worth it!

But the best pricing is yearly, which works out at only $7.50 per month (with FREE Google Cardboard).
That’s a steal keeping in mind all the other competitors out there.

The best part of all, which I guess you’ll appreciate as well, is that the billing is anonymous. So, no one needs to know!

You also get access to the BaDoink Network. But who cares for 2D porn? Still, great.

Conclusion: 18VR.com

In conclusion, 18VR.com focuses on a particular niche and seems to try and excel at that. If teens are your fetish (-> best VR porn)

The video content offers quality, and the visual playback is enjoyable. Site design is simplistic but works if you are not looking to engage with it actively. There is an additional pedigree since it comes from one of the best VR websites around -> BaDoinkVR.




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