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Quick & Easy: Is BaDoinkVR worth it?


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Visual Quality
Site and Extras

BaDoinkVR, the content that will get hard in seconds

BadoinkVR blonde POV-> BaDoinkVR is one of the few early-movers in the VR porn niche (-> All sites ranked). The site has been around before -> full VR porn started being a thing, and they have kept evolving ever since!

But when BaDoinkVR started, the competition wasn’t as intense. The technology wasn’t available to the masses, and the number of similar sites was almost insignificant.

In this current scenario, does BaDoinkVR still live up to its name? Yeah, it does! Let’s check it out!

The only thing I’m missing is more -> amateur pornstars. But honestly, who cares? They have the Crème de la Crème!

Imagine a virtual world where you can fuck any girl you like, anytime you want. That’s BadoinkVR!

The star-studded lineup of pornstars includes the sexiest babes in the industry, including Abella Danger, Jesse Rhodes, Reagan Foxx, Venus Afrodita, Susy Gala, Canela Skin, -> Nia Nacci, and so many more.

In fact, they even pulled off getting the quite-exclusive Mandy Muse on board to create a bootylicious video title!

Badoink Blonde vr pornYou only need to take a look at their video catalog and you’ll instantly figure out that they have some of the best performances around (-> Best VR Porn videos by category).

In addition, their featured starlets and cast of directors have done a stellar job incorporating fan feedback. This helped them deliver some of the hottest porn videos available in VR right now!

Like most other sites, they started producing smaller titles which usually ranged between 15-20 minutes. But they came a long way since then! They’re now creating full-scale feature titles, which generally range between 30-50 minutes in length

Sounds ideal to help you make the best out of a -> Meta Quest 2 or -> Pico Neo 3 Link headset!

Overall, the sex appeal in their videos, the duration of the scenes, the diversity in their catalog, and the quality, make me rate them  5/5.

BaDoinkVR’s Visual Quality

BaDoinkVR offers videos at 5K resolution (-> Best VR Porn), making it one of the business’s highest resolutions. Their videos are produced in 3D with 180 degrees (-> Best VR Porn), FOV (field of view), and the added supplement of binaural sound. If you’re wondering about the frames per second, then that is 60 FPS for all their videos. They started with a 4K resolution but adopted the sharper 5K resolution last year. Now, every new video by BaDoinkVR comes in 7K resolution.

The videos’ editing has been quite professional, while the scale and camera positioning have improved over time. BaDoinkVR has offered one of the best visual qualities in the business, and it comes with acquired expertise. Their use of production locations, sex positions, and lighting have been phenomenal.

For visuals, I’ll rate BaDoinkVR 4.5/5.

Variety of Niches and Pornstars on BaDoinkVR

I usually rate variety by considering two factors: -> niches and pornstars.

We’ll start with variety in niches. These are basically the categories or the different types of fetishes (-> best VR porn scenes) each studio revolves its videos around.

I went through long and hard hours of testing and reviewing -> dirty videos. Yeah, it wasn’t that hard!

BaDoinkVR has been able to create a wonderful catalog that includes diversity in niches. For example, in the past three years, there have been titles in -> milf, -> lesbian, -> orgy, -> teens, -> creampie, office sex, festive seasons, teacher sex, yoga sex, and a lot more. A collection of titles from such varied categories allows users to continuously appease their carnal desires without the need to look elsewhere.

Their stellar cast is another way of ensuring variety. Smaller studios struggle to get the best and most popular pornstars since their finances are limited. But established brands such as BaDoinkVR have the ability to attract big names and keep a continuous flow of hot, steaming starlets to keep their subscribers happy.

You can watch over 280 pornstars featured in their scenes.

Not only have they been successful in covering the hottest and most popular pornstars, but they have ensured diversity in their roster selection as well. So, irrespective of whether you like -> Asians, -> Ebony, Americans, British, Big Tits, Small Tits, Natural Tits, Fake Tits, -> Big Ass, -> Blondes, -> Brunettes or Redheads, you’ll find them all here.

For their variety, I’ll afford them a 5/5.

Future of BaDoinkVR

When we talk about the future of a site, we take into consideration a number of factors – profile of pornstars, investment in the company, ability to take fan feedback, the frequency of updates, technology upgrades, etc. You wouldn’t want to have a brand new -> Meta Quest or -> Quest 2 headset for a site to not be compatible with it!

We like to think that the VR porn sites we love the most are always ready to step up the game and to adapt to any new technology that becomes mainstream – we’re talking about you, PSVR 2 (-> Porn guide)!

BaDoinkVR has been around for some time. From the beginning, they have been able to create a wide network of porn sites in VR and in non-VR environments. Their VIP network provides access to more than 10,000+ videos with a BaDoinkVR subscription. Currently, the site releases 2 new videos every week.

Their ability to take on popular pornstars shows that they only want to offer the best for their subscribers. The same sentiment is echoed by their ability to upgrade to 5K resolution from 4K. The site is also active on social media and on different forums to participate in discussions and take feedback from their fans, and we always appreciate this aspect. They have a very cool Instagram, for example, where they share amazing pics of their models.

All in all, there’s definitely a future if you invest in BaDoinkVR. I’ll rate them 5/5.

BaDoinkVR’s Site and Extras

BaDoinkVR and all their group sites maintain a simple design. The home page addresses the latest releases, achievements and a list of the top -> XXX VR videos and other offerings. 

I like the color choice and their use of white space, which makes for great aesthetics. The Videos page showcases the list of videos currently featured on the site with Titles, Duration, Post Date, and Model Name

The navigation options provided includes Videos, Interactive, Pornstars, Support and Log In. Both the Videos page and Girls page featured sorting and filtering system. The videos page allows users to filter with categories (big tits, titty fuck, voyeur, BDSM, middle eastern etc.) while sorting options include Newest, Top Rated and Most Viewed.

Similarly, Girls page allows users to filter using the first letter in the model’s name while sorting options include the same as the Videos page, and that’s not as helpful as intended. A search is desperately needed in the site since it allows easier access to their catalog and saves users a lot of time.

The Support option provides guides on watching VR porn using different types of -> VR Headsets including -> Windows Mixed Reality, -> HTC Vive, -> HTC Vive Flow, -> Oculus Rift, -> Daydream, -> PlayStationVR, -> Samsung GearVR and Meta (-> Porn guide).

The site provides access to free stills from the videos available on the Video description page. This page also allows users to stream (-> Best VR porn stream) the videos or download them according to their VR headset. As a freebie, BaDoinkVR further provides a top-rated -> free VR porn video featuring Adriana Chechik.

They even have a Wikipedia Page! Well, for sites and extras, I’ll rate BaDoinkVR 4.5/5 for their design and user experience, with points being deducted only for lack of a comprehensive search tool.

BaDoinkVR’s pricing, is it worth it?

The site offers three different subscription options – 1 Day Trial, Monthly and Yearly. The 1 Day Trial allows for mobile streaming and 1 download. It costs on $1.00 and allows a new user to test their site.

The monthly and yearly subscription offers unlimited streaming and downloads along with a free Google Cardboard headset – if you’re from the U.S. The monthly sub costs $24.95 per month, but that’s a limited offer for now – the full price is around $35.45.

Luckily, they come with new offers pretty often.

The yearly sub costs only $7.50 per month. In addition, monthly and yearly subscription allows subscribers to access over 10,000 porn videos through their VIP network. The subscription also offers -> VR sex cams to the users.

Their billing is safe and secure, offering anonymity. This is a huge bonus for this price, and it’s totally worth it for any porn addict in my opinion.

You just can’t go wrong with BaDoinkVR if you are a straight guy who loves hot pornstars. Easy!


In conclusion, BaDoinkVR offers one of the best value for the money they’re asking. They are known for their variety in content and their huge catalog. The visual quality has only increased in time, while the inclusion of the most popular starlets offers the most enticing experience for the users.

They’ve been around for long and they’re surely planning to stay, and that means that they will try to satisfy any current needs – whatever they will be in the future. BaDoinkVR will continue to offer quality content and that’s all that matters.




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