Best Lesbian VR Porn Videos 2023

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#10 For your eyes only

(-> WankzVR)

Lily Love and Bamby Doll prepared an incendiary show, and you’re going to be the only witness. They’re so excited someone will watch them playing!

#9 Hands on… bad girls!

(-> SinsVR)

Veronica Leal and Zazzie Skimm enjoying each other… It’s hard to say anything more!

#8 Heaven is Big Tits

(-> Czech VR)

Big tits are what we’re all craving for. But four giant pairs playing together in a scene? Wow!

#7 Can I tell you a secret?

(-> VR Hush)

Cindy Shine and Katy Rose have a little secret to share with each other… boys became boring lately. How about some girls only fun?

#6 The Harlot’s House

(-> VR Bangers)

Anna Foxx and Demi Sutra already know what the greatest gift to humanity is: a wet pussy. They’re ready to make the best out of it!

#5 Fishing to Heaven 1

(-> Czech VR)

A day out is never what you expect it to be. It might start raining, or maybe you’ll get hungry too fast. Or a lesbian orgy might start…

#4 Pure Bliss

(-> SexBabesVR)

Two of the hottest blondes on the whole VR porn industry decided to have fun together!

#3 Sybil A and Lola

(-> SinsVR)

Sybil A and Lola Myluv are among everyone’s favorites! Imagine them both at the same time!

#2 Lesbian Couple

(-> VirtualRealPorn)

Girls can have fun together anytime, but nothing is more spectacular than watching an experienced lesbian couple fucking!

#1 Body to Body

(-> VR Bangers)

Watch Vina Sky and Milanna Ricci enjoying themselves! Wet head to toe and with a bright smile on their face, these two love each other’s bodies so much that you’ll fall for them too!

10: WankzVR – Bambi Doll and Lily Love in “For your eyes only”

its an all euro orgy feat Daisy Lee, Tera Link and Rebecca Black

This video introduces itself with a perfect title, “For your eyes only“. It makes you expect a private, unique show that’s meant just for you, your hard cock and your -> VR headset. It tells you exactly what’s gonna happen and how to enjoy it best.

You’re Lily Love‘s apartment mate (what an honor, huh?), and today she has a very special guest, so she prepared herself… head to toe. You, on the other hand, didn’t do anything all day and the whole house is a mess. You went as far as leaving your socks on the living room couch, just where these two cuties want to hang out today. What’s gonna happen next, then? Doesn’t seem to be anything good at the horizon, right?

WankzVR (-> Check out our review of them) is in top 3 on our -> best VR pornsites list, and for good reason. Their videos and their models are among the greatest in the VR industry.

What if these two were so horny and focused on one another that they simply ignore you being all lazy in the livingroom? Yeah, they’d go by with their own plans and you’d have an excellent show right in front of your eyes… and for your eyes only.

Bambi is the cutest girl in town, Lily is the only one who managed to convice her to hang out… and what win. Everything goes from a casual conversation to subtle flirting and pussy licking REAL quick. You have to watch these two beauties in action first, but to me it seems like it’s the best first date the lesbian VR porn world will ever witness. Enjoy! 

9: SinsVR – Veronica Leal and Zazie Skimm in “Hands on… bad girls!”

misha cross fucked by the door

This “Hands-on” series from the studio SinsVR (-> Check out our rating) seems to be everything we all needed when it comes to lesbian VR porn. Veronica Leal? Awesome! Veronica Leal AND Zazie Skimm? Now we’re gonna have a hard time deciding who’s pussy eating we’re gonna watch while cumming. It’s just as intense with both if you ask me. Trust me, I know. 

nancy a is your girlfriend of the nightmisha cross is a horny party girl

They’re fun, full of energy, and hornier than you, probably. The video starts as a softcore (-> best VR porn videos) experience but doesn’t last long. They’re going straight into the action exactly how we’d love to see them every time: wet, needy, and with a dirty look in their eyes.

A spicy Latina (-> best VR porn videos) beauty and an angelic blonde (-> Best blonde VR videos) who’s horny and secretly thirsty for pussy. Trust me, this is your best bet for a perfect lesbian VR porn session, so go for it. 

8: CzechVR – Blanche Bradburry, Chloe Lamour, Crystal Swift, Florane Russell in “Heaven is Big Tits”

Two hot chicks having fun together? Wonderful. Two slutty lesbians having fun with your dick? Even better! How about four hot chicks enjoying themselves? Of course, there’s always room for more!

Luckily though, there doesn’t seem to be enough room for their huge tits on that filmset, and they tend to keep them on each other’s faces from the first minute in. Convenient enough, right?

CzechVR (-> Full Test) never disappoints when it comes to the overall quality of their new content, and their lesbian VR porn scenes are among the hottest we know. 

They’re right, that’s probably how the heaven looks like – Crystal Swift, Florane Russell, Chloe Lamour, and Blanche Bradburry bumping their tits on a bed that’s too small for them to not get touchy and horny. I love the playful vibe of this particular scene – it’s relaxing and it makes the girls look comfy and natural. I highly recommend this video, especially if you like big joyful boobs (-> Top Boobs videos) all over the screen. 

7: VRHush – Katy Rose and Cindy Shine in “Can I tell you a secret?”

Every girl has a secret or two. Some of them have many more, but they rarely have the same secret to share. And if they do, they don’t happen to be in the right context to talk about it.
Katy Rose and Cindy Shine have a little secret in common, too. And lucky for us, they’re in the perfect situation to share it – a boring party with a lot of lame, uninteresting guys around.

Katy stared at Cindy all night, so when they finally got to be alone together it was time for the real, actual party to begin.

VRHush has great erotic content and it’s up there in our -> Top 47+ Best VR Porn Sites. Click here for -> our full VRHush review if you want to find out more.

What’s a better start for a lesbian VR porn video than two hot chicks confessing that they actually like girls, too? And after a boring night like that, all that energy stored… we’re two steps away from a hot hardcore lesbian sex scene.

After a short kissing&licking session on the porch, it’s time for this new couple to go inside and make the best out of their new passion – wet, dripping pussies next to one another.
An intense, one of a kind scene with two unforgettable models. So, why are you still here? 

6: VRBangers – Ana Foxxx and Demi Sutra in “The Harlot’s House”

samantha rone in good housewife

Ana Foxxx and Demi Sutra are among our favorites already – they easily made into our -> Top 10 Ebony VR Porn Videos too, but with separate entries. Now they’re back with an explosive lesbian VR porn duo – a million dollars show.
A victorian set, two priceless beauties, a game of cards, and some epic hairstyles (kudos to VRBangers for that, by the way). What’s next? Yeah, you already know.


Ana Foxxx simply can’t help herself, ever. Any scene she’s in switches to some hardcore nasty stuff in a glimpse. Just give her some toys and a pair of cute tits to suck on and she’s good to go.

The great thing that this time she has the perfect playmate to get crazy with, and nothing about this whole lesbian VR porn scene turns out to be disappointing. They’re sexy, they have amazing bodies and they’re horny as hell.

The camera work on this one might be questionable for some, but I personally enjoyed it as it is. If it wasn’t for this, then this video would be higher up on our top 10. Still, one of the greatest new lesbian VR porn hits we know. Have fun watching at VRBangers (-> See our rating)! 

5: CzechVR – Alexis Crystal, Ashley Ocean, Freya Dee, Lovita Fate in “From Fishing to Heaven 1”

beautiful and voluptuous violet starr fucks teacher

If one crazy orgy wasn’t enough, we stumbled across another top level girls only party that’s meant to be in every possible lesbian VR porn toplist.

Ashey Ocean, our VR pornstar who’s… well, obviously into fishing (hehe) invited everyone for a relaxing day out. They don’t seem to have enough rods, though. Maybe they’re counting on you to get yours out for them?

Alexys Crystal, Freya Dee, Lovita Fate, and Ashley Ocean. Can you think about a contest where this line-up wouldn’t be a total favorite? Because I can’t. They win everything, and they definitely won my heart. Or my cum, whatever.

Four wet, needy girls relaxed enough to take everything to the next level with tongues, fingers, toys, and everything fun.
A picnic and a half, if I were to quote someone who enjoyed this video as much as I did. Have fun fishing!

Btw. CzechVR is pretty awesome: -> Read Review

4: SexBabesVR – Aislin and Tiffany Tatum in “Pure Bliss”

elena koshka and nina north fuck in hot threesome

Here they are, the cutest blondes on SexBabesVR. And also the touchiest and the neediest. They missed playing together and this is the first time they had the chance to do it in a very very long time, so they decided to make it up for all of it in just one intense session, right in front of your eyes.

SexBabesVR (-> See our rating) has the hottest babes out there, and they’re not shy to show them playing in their lesbian VR porn videos.

Aislin and Tiffany, what an incredible duo. You wouldn’t get bored even if you just counted how many times they came since the very beginning. They’re so passionate and excited at the start, and the way they make the transition from soft to hardcore is one of a kind. It seems that they hey really thought a lot about fucking when they were alone. Have fun with them! 

3: SinsVR – Sybil A & Lola Myluv in “Hands on… Sybil A and Lola”

elena koshka is the ultimate girlfriend

These two girls are probably the hottest chicks that have ever been naked alone in a -> XXX VR scene. They’re both cute, incredibly stunning and equally nasty.

They seem to be crazy about each other’s tongues from the very beginning.

They kiss like they’re in love and you must see the look in their eyes to understand. Sybil A’s pussy asks to be touched, licked and fingered. It’s probably the only pinkie I know that looks equally good closed and wet or wide open with two needy fingers inside it. The look in her eyes when she gets touched can get make anyone horny in an instant.

And Lola, this blonde hottie who just doesn’t stop smiling while showing her cute tits and firm ass to the camera.

SinsVR (-> Read our review) offers a variety of lesbian and solo erotic scenes meant to turn you on slowly but surely.

A show to remember, a duo that you can’t forget. You see everything that’s going on in front of your eyes and you can’t stop wishing for more. And that’s what happens – they give off more and more for our needy, grateful eyes to watch. Enjoy the precious presence of these two angelic models in one of the greatest lesbian VR porn scenes you’ll ever see. 

2: VirtualRealPorn – Heather Vahn and Vanessa Decker in “Lesbian Couple”

stella cox fucks harry pudder

Being in a couple with someone you love is probably the greatest thing ever. If you two get along in bed too, then that’s even better. But what if your lover was Heather Vahn? What if your sex life was perfect an exciting and your partner was the hottest brunette you ever got the chance to see?
Vanessa Decker has the pleasure to enjoy Heather anytime they’re in the mood. And they seem to be like that a lot. Maybe that’s why they decided to try something new for once? Could it get even more exciting? 

And of course, they chose you, just like we chose this video – it was the perfect fit. Two hot, nasty lesbians who want to try include some good ol’ cock in their sex games for once. And they seem to enjoy it a lot. Why not, after all? It’s their wish, you’re here just to fulfill it and enjoy the show. And what a show!

VirtualRealPorn has a lot of high-quality VR content and they didn’t disappoint when we looked for some worthy lesbian VR porn scenes. You can find out more about VirtualRealPorn in our review. 

1. VRBangers – Milana Ricci and Vina Sky in “Body to Body”

cherry kiss horny racer

And finally, our last and greatest pick – this incredible show Vina Sky and Milana Ricci made for VRBangers. And for you, too, of course.

From the very beginning of this scene, these two chicks seem so happy to be there together. They’re there to feel free (-> free VR porn), to have fun, and have a great, wet fuck at the same time.

They enjoy kissing, touching, fingering each other or separately – a hot tandem show of squirting, smiling, screaming, and the most beautiful pair of wet pussies you’ll ever see in a lesbian VR porn scene.

VRBangers (-> Our article here) offers a variety of scenes that can fit anyone’s tastes.

Vina Sky can get from cute and happy to nasty and slutty in a blink of an eye. Milana Ricci is simply hot from head to toe, and she never stops smiling and laughing while getting wet and dirty.

Wet bodies, a huge strap on, two absolutely gorgeous models and there’s one of the best lesbian VR porn video we’ve ever seen. It’s a joy to watch them and blow your load while these two fuck like there’s no tomorrow. Have fun, enjoy, do whatever. This is what you’re here for.

Lesbian VR Porn – can adult VR content get better than this?

If there’s one thing greater than all the others regarding what VR porn can offer, then that’s lesbian VR porn. Whether you have an old HTC Vive or a new Meta headset (-> Porn guide), you have to try these videos!

Watching two (or more) girls enjoying themselves together, witnessing their oral and fingering skills, and learning what pleasure means from pure girl to girl contact is simply amazing. Lesbian VR porn is one of my favorite genres, and I’m sure you can understand why especially when you’re getting up to -> 6k VR Porn Videos in 180 degrees (-> Best VR Porn)

After watching so many videos, though, I decided it’s time to choose my all-time 10’s – the best of the best from -> the most popular VR porn studios out there. It was a hard pick, but it was an enjoyable experience overall. Enjoy! 




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