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A great studio with content from other sites, too!

Quick and Easy: Is XSinsVR worth it?


  • Hot, erotic scenes
  • Awesome POV fucking
  • Male-on-Female + Female-on-Female action
  • Hot and popular pornstars
  • 90 FPS videos available
  • Up to 8K resolution


  • It’s not easy to find one

Table of Contents

XSinsVR offers erotic and sensual content focussing on solo performances, lesbian scenes and POV fucking. As a result, if you like seeing some well-shot, seductive masturbation and foreplay scenes but also some good old fucking, you’re in for a treat!

XsinsVR’s Content

The VR Porn Site (➜ Top Sites Ranking) XSinsVR has been in existence for a couple of years now. They released their first title called Sybil “Tease” on April 26, 2018, and have since then gone on to create a portfolio of over 300 premium VR porn videos. While their catalog isn’t as huge as some of the industry veterans, it’s still an awesome job to create that kind of content quickly.

xsins vr 1

Initially, the site used to offer erotic and sensual content focussing on solo performances and lesbian scenes (➜ Best Lesbian VR Porn). However, later, they started shooting traditional POV fucking videos (➜ Best POV VR Porn). As a result, no matter if you like seeing some well-shot, seductive masturbation and foreplay scenes or prefer watching a hot pornstar grinding on your dick, you’re in for a treat. Don’t forget those evergreen girl-on-girl hot lesbian actions, either. Unlike 2D porn, here you can get close and personal with those beautiful and sexy performers, all naked and steeped in sexual energy.

"There’s plenty of diversity in their content, and they achieve it primarily by changing the plot and by bringing in new devices for masturbation. The overall content looks premium, and the production quality seems brilliant."

xsins vr 2And not just that! At XSinsVR, you’ll find content from some of the most popular VR Porn Studios as well, such as 18VR (➜ Review), VRCosplayX (➜ Review), RealJamVR (➜ Review), BaDoinkVR (➜ Review), etc.

A plus in lesbian action is that there are much more foreplay and a variety of innovative positions that generally aren’t seen in male-female porn. For example, I love scissoring and ass-licking (which are your favorite lesbian positions?). You don’t see either of that in male-female porn. Plus, lesbian action is more drawn out, and somehow the action tends to look more realistic (happens with anyone else, or is it just me?)

Overall, I’ll rate XSinsVR 5/5 for Content and hope they keep bringing in the good stuff.

Visual Quality of XSinsVR

The visual quality was quite impressive. The resolution is at ➜ 7K, ➜ 6K, and 5K (➜ Best VR porn) for most videos, but they started to release new ➜ 8K quality scenes! Just in time for the new, higher-quality Meta headsets (➜ Porn guides)! Don’t worry, though; your ➜ Meta Quest and ➜ Quest 2 will do just fine! Especially the ➜ Quest 3!

xsins vr 3Users also get to enjoy binaural sound (something which has become a staple in VR porn) and 180-degree FOV (➜ Best 180-degree Videos). Now, while I prefer a bit more field of view, 180-degree does the job for most.

A 360-degree FOV (➜ Best 360-degree Videos) seems needless, but 220 is my sweet spot. The videos are available at 60 FPS (frames per second), ensuring a premium visual experience. Additionally, some videos are also available at 90 FPS. Now, that’s a great offering. The scale of the video seemed quite good, while production values continued to impress me. The lighting, color correction, and shoot locations looked premium and did not give away any basement-porn feel.

Overall, for visual quality, I’ll rate them 5/5!

Variety of the Scenes and Models on XsinsVR

We look for a nice variety in title plots and performers when looking to beat monotony. As with any other thing in life, engaging in the same thing over and over again can get boring. No matter how innovative and trendy the plot is, you can get used to the content if there isn’t a bit of variety thrown in. Similarly, watching the same performers can also get boring (no matter how hot they are).

xsins vr 4

Since XSinsVR’s content is based on all-around VR Porn videos (➜ Best VR Porn Videos by Category), there’s an added need for constant innovation in their plot and pornstar roster. The video plots pivot around various fetishes that can be considered erotic and sexy (also a lot more female-friendly). Some examples are massages, sauna, sitting, stripping, and masturbation with electronic devices. These niches are good enough to rouse anyone’s interest, in the least.

"A lot of scenes nowadays feature a male performer as well, though he is not an active participant. As a result, you get your solo girl action + POV fucking since VR porn is mostly shot in ➜ POV Video format." 5

When discussing the variety in the roster, there’s a nice range of ethnicities, hair colors, and body types. So, irrespective of whether you like ➜ teens, big tits, ➜ big ass, ➜ blondes, redhead, ➜ Asian, ➜ Latina, French, Czech, Italian, or even Canadian, you will have your hands full. Matched with a nice variety of plots, this roster is good enough to have anyone drooling with names like Lucy Li, Ava Black, Nathalie Cherie, Lady Dee, Tina Kay, and more. There are a ton of pornstars featured on the site.

For variety, I’ll afford them a 4.5/5.

XsinsVR's Future

We generally try to ascertain the future of investment by looking at the engagement of the site with its fans, investment in new rigs, production budgets, and a roster of featured pornstars.

xsins vr 6We have already seen that the studio has shown commitment towards providing high-value visual quality to its subscribers, courtesy of their 8K resolution (➜ Best 8K VR Porn) rig. Similarly, they have ensured a star-studded roster with the likes of Lady Dee, Lucy Li, Tina Kay, and Nathalie Cherie involved in quite a few videos.

"The investment in quality locations and props introduced in the scenes also highlights that the site takes its business seriously. However, time will tell if they can remain objective towards the product and incorporate subscriber criticism to better their product."

For the future, I’ll rate them 5/5.

Site and Extras

The site offers a standard design with the home page, Videos, Models, Categories, Studios, Forum, and Login links on the main header. The home page offers a banner representing the latest scenes that have been released.

Following that, there is a list of some of the hottest releases from the site. This section features a short card with brief trailers, the name of the video, and the performer. The duration and the popularity of the video are also mentioned.

xsinsvr 7

The Videos page lists all the videos released to date. Similarly, the Girls page lists all the performers. Clicking on the Studio tab, you’ll find all their partner studios. The website design is simple and easy to use. There’s a handy Search Bar, so it’s even easier to find what you’re looking for.

Without these, accessibility is limited. The help section is helpful and important for first-time users.

For site and extras, I’ll rate it 4.5/5.

XSinsVR’s Price and Billing

There are three pricing options for XSinsVR – Free, Standard, and Privilege.

xsinsvr 8

The Free package lets you try out their content, the Standard package costs $19.99 and is billed monthly, and the Privilege package costs $24.90 – also billed monthly.

XSinsVR: Conclusion

XSinsVR offers what people are increasingly looking for. It offers sensuality and erotica but also some cool hardcore sex in one of the best formats available today. If you want a bit of excitement and are tired of the regular stuff, try this out for a change!

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XsinsVR is one of the best Virtual Reality porn sites! I tested SinsVR if they can compete with the best. Awesome pornstars and even better scenes!…
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Site & Extras

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