Stripchat – Best Live VR Sex Cams?

Stripchat is the best -> VR sex cam sites you can watch right now!
They have tons of girls you can bring to your room and have fun with.

This article is a full review of the best VR sex cams site Stripchat.

Unlike in VR porn (-> Best sites), these girls will do anything you want for you. And the camera quality is excellent! Even better than some high quality VR porn videos.

How to watch Stipchat VR porn cams Live – Easy Guide for every Device

  1. Go to -> StripChat and register your new account
  2. Go to
  3. Choose your device and download the GizmoVR app for FREE
  4. Launch GizmoVR
  5. Use it to go to -> Stripchat and Sign In
  6. Pick your the hottest girl and enjoy!

Stripchat VR sex cams – what do I need to watch cam girls in virtual reality?

First, you need to create an account and log in. After that, you can download GizmoVR for free.

Once installed, you open it and go to to log in. That’s it! Pick a girl and make her rock your (VR) world!

It’s hard to believe until you try it, but boy, you can see every detail on their face and body.

And I mean every detail, from make-up to skin imperfections and their beautiful, horny eyes. My first experience was one of the best things I’ve ever done in VR, and I didn’t even have to spend a lot of tokens.

I still remember the first seconds of her without her bra on, getting closer and closer to the camera. Damn, I loved her nipples so much. And then I asked her to play with them for a while, I turned her -> sex toy on, and the fun began.

Are VR cam girls more expensive than 2D girls at Stripchat?

Stripchat hot brunetteOn live cam sites like Stripchat, you pay for your pleasure using virtual tokens. You buy as many as you want and use them as you wish.

The great news is that the VR girls don’t have higher prices than the 2D live models!

With such quality and the luxury of seeing them in 3D right there in your room masturbating, you might think that they are more costly, but no. Most VR girls ask just as much as 2D girls for a show or any other request available on their lists. One more reason to forget about 2D and start watching VR cam girls only!

Is Stripchat VR worth it?

If you like VR and cam girls, yes, it is. There’s so much model diversity, so many girls smiling at you in the highest quality you’ve ever experienced so far.

If you love authenticity and you’re the kind of guy who likes to control the situation rather than just sitting back watching, Stripchat and their live VR cams are exactly what you’re looking for!

Are Stripchat VR cams high-quality?

Stripchat Blonde hottieAll the models at Stripchat use a high-quality, low FOV 4K camera.
This means you see less of her room and more of what she has to show you ;). 4K for a small FOV like that can bring out incredible details.

Most VR girls look like some of the best VR porn videos over at ->, -> VR Bangers or -> Virtual Taboo.

It’s hard to believe until you try it, but boy, you can see every detail on their face and body.

I’m not shy to admit that it didn’t last long. That VR cam model was a goddess. Thanks, Alizarrea69! I’ll remember you forever.

Anyway, less about my own horny experiences and more about StripChat VR now!

Can you watch 2D cams in VR on Stripchat?

Stripchat Cute asianThe VR live cams must be watched with a headset. And once you have your headset, why would you still want to watch a flat video? Of course, you’re free to browse and watch every girl on Stripchat on your headset. But it would be a waste not to go straight to the VR girls! Get

The quality, the immersiveness and the 3D effect that gives volume and shape to these beautiful girls are in a league of their own. 2D is boring! Just wait until -> PSVR 2 is out with its incredible screens.

Is StripChat a scam site? Is it safe to buy tokens?

Stripchat has been around for years now. It’s one of the most, if not the most, popular video live sex cam sites.
They were well known for their 2D cameras and hot models before VR.

But they discovered that virtual reality could push this industry further and started working with VR models.

StripChat is safe; millions of people and thousands of models are using it daily.

The subscription process is easy and straightforward, and the billing is safe and anonymous. You won’t have trouble buying tokens or deciding to spend them all on the hottest girl you’ve ever met.

StripChat is a serious site that gained popularity thanks to its camera quality and model diversity. You don’t have to worry about safety. But, you have to worry you might get addicted!

Are there any token discounts at Stripchat?

Teen Stripchat modelStripchat offers bonus tokens at sign-up, with extra regular sales and discounts for their users. So if you keep an eye on them, you might get to have fun for cheap!

Alternatively, you can visit our -> VR discounts page. That’s where you can browse through the latest and greatest sales on the most popular VR porn sites!

Will StripChat VR cams run on my Quest 2?

Stripchat big tits brunetteI’ve tested the VR cams at Stripchat on multiple headsets before. However, I have to say that my -> Meta Quest 2 did the best. The quality is as good as it gets, and with the headset being so lightweight and easy to handle, it was perfect.

No cables to worry about. You put your Quest 2 on, start a session with the hottest girl you see, and you can forget about the real world.

You don’t even need to use both controllers to browse Stripchat. If you know what I mean 😉

The Stripchat VR cam experience is optimized for the -> Meta Quest and Quest 2 because they are the most popular headsets. So if you own one, you’re up for some real fun!

Are Stripchat VR sex cams better than VR porn?

Stripchat young brunetteIf you have watched VR porn before, it’s hard to imagine that the picture quality of the VR sex cams is as good as the premium content you’re used to.

But as I mentioned above – it is actually comparable and sometimes better.

If set up correctly, the 4K cams that the live models are using can do an excellent job. The small FOV allows the resolution to be focused on a smaller area – the area you care about the most.

This means the quality is almost always as good as those 6k (-> best videos) and -> 8K VR porn videos you’re used to. Sounds impossible, considering how difficult it is to make those videos in the first place, but it’s true.

The image quality differs from girl to girl, but that’s not an issue when you have hundreds of live VR models to browse through!

Are there enough VR live models at Stripchat?

Stripchat Model VarietyIf you’re a camgirl enjoyer, you’re used to thousands of girls being online simultaneously, anytime.

Thankfully, the number of live girls in VR at Stripchat is growing daily. When I first started using this site, there were just around 10 VR girls active at the same time.

Every time I jump in, I see at least 60 VR sex cam models online. Plenty to pick from!

I’m assuming the number will constantly grow until there are more VR girls than 2D girls, but that remains to be seen. VR sex cams are so much more addictive!




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