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Quick and Easy: Is Virtual Taboo worth it?


  • Perfect visual quality and scaling
  • Good variety and exciting taboo niche
  • Works excellent on every headset
  • Unlimited downloads and streaming
  • Easy and secure billing


  • Lots of existing VR porn videos – but no other extras

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Explore your kinky side with Virtual Taboo! Become the most wanted daddy in ➜ 7K VR porn quality!

Virtual Taboo – How to make the best out of VR’s freedom!

Virtual Taboo is one of those companies that focus on making excellent VR porn videos only (➜ Best videos by category)! Their dedication always kept them among the ➜ best VR porn sites we know! This studio is trying to better itself rapidly, and it changes according to the wishes of its customers.

virtualtabooThey started competing with the biggest names in the industry by focusing on their strengths: the quality, variety, and length of the individual videos!

"It brings out real intimacy, closeness, emotions, and the feeling of being with another person. Which, in our case, is always a hot pornstar!"

VR Porn is just not comparable to your regular everyday porn. These fundamental differences allow for new ways to experience and produce great content. Virtual Taboo is one of the leaders in this revolution that is taking over the adult industry.

"Great site! If you love those soft taboo plots with stepsisters, stepmoms, and dads – their VR porn videos are perfect!"

Full-Length Videos by Virtual Taboo

Let us start with what Virtual Taboo does best: They offer great full-length videos (➜ Best VR Porn videos by Niche) that deserve to be called some of the best out there. They have scenes that are to the point with 15 minutes but also feature full-length 50 minutes.

The videos offer exactly what you would look for in professional content. Depending on the category, you get nice foreplay followed by passionate sex. The sex scenes come close to real-life sex and don’t seem as faked as on other sites.

"Most of Virtual Taboo’s scenes are natural with real passion. A great plus!"

virtualtabooo proxy paige

What has become so important to me when watching VR Porn is leaning back and watching it full-length. I want to watch it the whole way through without getting bored and having to skip past the scenes to find something exciting. And Virtual Taboo shines here. It is amazing how they can fill over half an hour with exciting content. Some of my absolute favorite videos are with Proxy Paige. She is truly a goddess, showing you how perfect she would please you. Just wonderful.

I want to emphasize how much thought they put into every single video. They want it to look natural but also keep it exciting. I think, in most cases, they hit the sweet spot, not all, but still worth the cheap subscription cost of Virtual Taboo.

Virtual Taboo's awesome content

"The content is different from other sites. Not just vanilla hetero sex scenes!"

Virtual Taboo tries to offer a lot of content variety, especially with various niche categories. While some other major brands focus on just vanilla hetero sex, Virtual Taboo tries to expand.

virtualtaboo contentThey offer great videos in the categories Jerk-of-Instructions (JOI), ➜ Female Point of View (POV), Masturbation, ➜ Lesbian sex, and even fetishes (➜ best fetish VR porn) Cuckolding. That is quite some variety, and some of the other main brands could take a leaf out of their book. We have too much vanilla sex; mix things up!

I have to add that Virtual Taboo is a great site for a woman looking for Virtual Reality Porn (➜ VR Porn for Women). They offer a lot of hot lesbian scenes, even from the woman’s view. An awesome experience, even for men. The masturbation scenes are just super hot, like the scenes with Blondie Fesser.

Jerk-off-Instruction (JOI) VR Videos

virtualtaboo joiI personally love the JOI genre. When done right, she can give you the time of your life. And man, some JOI videos from Virtual Taboo are just plain perfect. Virtual Reality provides you with the immersion that truly plays along with JOI. When she instructs you like she’s right there with you, doing all those nasty things in front of you and for you, that truly is an experience worth having.

The immersion makes it so that you genuinely feel for her and with her. You have the pressure to follow what she says because she is looking you right into your eyes.

Third-person voyeur videos

virtualtaboo third personVirtual Taboo offers a lot of third-person experience, especially during the ➜ lesbian scenes and during a cuckolding scene. I often think that some major companies think recording in POV is a must. But it is so not. They don’t have to be POV to have the full effect. It is about being immersed in another world. If you watch people having sex, it can even help immersion more than having a totally different body when you look down.

The scenes don’t have to be POV. The third-person view can be a great experience!

The Pornstars of Virtual Taboo

In this Virtual Taboo test, we can’t pass over the pornstars they’re working with. Virtual Taboo is a company situated in Spain, so their girls are hot Euro beauties. The girls are mostly natural, like Stacy Cruz or Emily Cutie, while some are even chubby, like Roxy Paige or Blondie Fesser.

"In Virtual Reality, the appearance of pornstars is so much more important. Everything about their presentation, like their voices, reactions, and ability to perform, is essential for a good experience."

virtual taboo karina king

While watching regular porn, I didn’t care about their fake breasts or some weird thing they said. I wouldn’t say I like anything weird in VR. I love everything that goes my way. One of the main reasons I love Virtual Taboo is that they have natural Pornstars with natural bodies. Not some fake-ass tits and lips.

The JOI comes across as natural; the lesbians have pure passion, and the masturbation is so hot and right in front of you. Feeling comfortable while watching VR porn is essential, and Virtual Taboo does it so well. So, if you find a pornstar on Virtual Taboo that you always wanted to fuck, go for it. It will be better than anything you have ever experienced.

Virtual Taboo: Scale and Visual Quality

Virtual Taboo records its newest videos at 7K and 60 FPS. Now, they have fully caught up with the rest of the industry. The scenes of the last few months all have great visual quality with an excellent 180 (➜ Best VR Porn) Field-of-View (FOV).

They have a great technical setup by now, but some older videos have clarity issues. However, all major companies have this problem. Virtual Reality is such a new tech that every company has to go through much testing and feedback to come up with great visuals. And they have done it. They listened to the users.

virtual taboo visual quality"Virtual Taboo listens to its users. This is a great thing and helps everyone."

The scale is very life-like and realistic, which is a big plus. Considering that everything that is out of the ordinary can pull you out of immersion. It is one of those sites that listen carefully to what their users have to say. Which really shows. I am sure they will fix all the problems coming up.

The camera positioning is immensely satisfying, and you get a full view of what’s going on. In some earlier videos, the camera was sometimes too far away. But all the new ones are just the right distance. I really enjoyed them.

Is virtual Taboo worth it?

At $14.99 per month, Virtual Taboo is pretty standard for a good niche site. To get a subscription, you need nothing more than an Email address (you can use any) and a username.

That’s it. It is totally secure and anonymous. If you pay with a credit card, it will go over to a third-party company with no connection to you, and it will, of course, not be under that name in your billing. I know for many, it is hard to pay for porn, but it is so worth it.

Virtual Taboo also offers great prices for three months and a whole year. You will get instant access to every new release, and you will be supporting an awesome company.

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